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D.N.A. tv Review

Story & Characters

Well, I have seen DNA^2 and this is what I intend to review on...

Story is as follows. Junta is any ordinary kid... however he has a sickness like no other person- he is nauseated upon the sight of bare skin on girls. This unique sickness has led to many funny complications: for instance, no normal guy would feel sick at looking at a girl. One could only assume he is disgusted by what he sees. Not to mention, he sicks up even at the sight of the girl he likes.

Enter the spunky aqua haired Karin from the future. In the future, there will be a population overcrowd due to a megaplayboy in Junta's time. The megaplayboy will have extreme sex appeal (hence the name, DNA^2) mesmerise and fertilise 100 different women, who will all give birth to a megaplayboy each... and hence the cycle goes on.

Karin's job is to go back to the future, shoot this megaplayboy with a DCM bullet to prevent the population overload, and return. She's not too interested in the population problem or anything really. She's just doing it so she can be paid... and so she can get her sweet home, cute pet and other superficialities with the money.

But things gets a little complicated when Karin shoots the megaplayboy which happens to be Junta... and instead of transforming him into a normal being, the DCM bullet turns him into the megaplayboy, starting the merry go round with flashing lights and carousel music.

Jealousy is also triggered in "Mr Sex Bomb" Ryuji, who is appalled that Junta has stronger attracting powers than he does- and thus goes to great limits to claim his superior DNA title back.

DNA^2 is an incredibly humourous anime. It's a love story, a comedy and for fans of futuristic animes, this one is for you

Rating: 9


The artist also drew Video Girl Ai- but the animation is very high quality.

For guys or girls, you'll find that all the characters are drawn very nicely, and the characters's apprearances in fact reflect their personality.

One of the beauties about the animation is every time when Junta transforms into a megaplayboy- the sparkles and the look of his face is completely different to when he is a grungy little ordinary guy.

The girls in it all have their own personalities- all the girls are cute, however I really disliked Ami, Junta's best friend. Although she is meant to be conservative and the only one who is immune to Junta's seduction techniques, she looks a bit too conservative for my liking and to me belongs as a young anime chick version of Judge Judy.

Apart from that, the art in this anime is very good, especially with the futuristic architecture. Classic.

Rating: 8


For J-rock fans, the opening theme is the all time favourite "Blurry Eyes" written by Tetsu of L'Arc-en-Ciel. If you have also seen their PV, you realise how incredibly well this song fits in with the whole merry go round theme park like nature of the anime--- it certainly suits the comic and romantic themes of the anime and really sets a great light hearted atomsphere.

The ending theme is "Single Bed"-- a slow, and yet sad and mourning song. You may not like it at first, but upon placing this song on top of the art at the end of each episode, the song reflects the more serious aspect of love and the implications. "Single Bed" indeed is the opposite to what a megaplayboy would have, but yet it is a great contrast to "Blurry Eyes" with the "why are you staring at the sky with your blurry eyes?" feel that belongs more to a playboy.

Rating: 10


DNA^2 is a very short anime (from memory 13-14 episodes) and it's such a great laugh. The complex love triangles, the rivalry, the mess ups and attempted love is enough to make you laugh, cry, fall in love and lose it all over again. It's not like those plastic soppy animes- it's an anime that has the ability to make you feel, in great humour as well to maintain the happy go lucky atmosphere. For this reason, it's a great anime to watch all over again and again, because you feel you discover something new each time.

One thing that really made me loathe this anime to an extent was the ending. The ending was uncalled for, unconventional and highly disappointing. Not to mention, towards the end, the last few episodes did get a little too serious into the issue of the population overhaul, the conspiracies and everything- it wasn't overwhelming, but it was somewhat random, and I felt that my attention was slowly drifting, because I wanted to know more about Junta and what would happen !

Nevertheless, it's still an excellent anime you must watch... it's a pity it's so overlooked.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

9.00 (very good)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, May 17, 2005


  1. tareren May 17, 2005

    Whew, ecchi one rite this anime ??? Is the anime drawing better than the manga one ???

  2. ramchong May 17, 2005

    Quote by tarerenWhew, ecchi one rite this anime ??? Is the anime drawing better than the manga one ???

    Nope i think is quite common for jap's anime...

    Kuro!! i luv this anime soooooo much!! and you even get to known this anime better and deeper!!! Thanks for the neat and nice review!!

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 17, 2005

    Quote by tarerenWhew, ecchi one rite this anime ??? Is the anime drawing better than the manga one ???

    No... it's not really ecchi, but the anime is drawn *heaps* better than the manga. Really, the anime looks as decent as any other mainstream anime ^_^

  4. angelrhea May 18, 2005

    havent seen it but this review is pretty interesting.it makes me wonder about it and i cant wait to see it. i guess i have to download first. nice review.

  5. melymay May 18, 2005

    ooohhh la la la. can't wait to see this anime....it'll probably be long time though...

  6. DMNY May 19, 2005

    Thanks for sharing this Kuroimisa chan, I've seen dna2 ages ago and loved the series. Thank you for bringing some good memories...Ohhh and btw, I'm told I do a very good "Blurry eyes" ;)

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