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Detective Conan tv Review

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student, is considered as the Sherlock Holmes of the 21st century. While at Tropical Island Amusement Park with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri, he witnesses a shady deal take place and is suddenly knocked unconscious and given a drug that would kill him. Instead of killing him, his appearance is changed to that of a seven year old. Now as Conan Edogawa (a combination of detective story writers from Ranpo Edogawa and Arthur Conan Doyle), he's hiding out in his childhood friend's place, which her father happens to run as a Detective Agency, solving cases in order to find those that gave him the drug.

By: joeshen

Story & Characters

The review here is for Conan 5th movie Countdown to Heaven. SO lets start... This movie is so far the best that i ever watch. So the basic story we all know is that Shinichi Kudo a famous High Sch Detective who was forced to drink a drug APTX 4809 become our famous Detective Conan. Lets skip these... On this movie Conan-tachi (Young detective groups) went for camping then they pass by a tall "Twin Tower". They stop over to have a look at the great skyscraper but there they meet Mouri-tachi (Dad n daughter) n Sonoko. So when all the characters is gather the story beings. Mouri meet his old school friend who also the owner of the building, There are other ppl like a great old artis, an architecture, a game developer n a mayor. So the first case is the mayor's death. Followed by the game developer. As conan-tachi asking around n gathering info, Ai is showing some strange behaviour. Also Gin car is also spotted near the twin tower. At nite there is an opening ceremonial for the tower so everyone invited to the top of the building which is the main event hall. The next one who die is Mouri's friend. So Conan having the inteligence solve all but before he can tell to other ppl, a bomb explodes at the main power control. Everyone evacuate but some how D young detective kids wit Ai stop somewhere in d middle of the building n they r trap. So now Conan come to rescue!! At the end they ended up at the pool. (Curious?? Please watch the movie!)

Rating: 8


Ok who dont know about Aoyama sensei when we are talking about Conan. His works is some how simple and we are more interested in his story plot really. Ya talking about his art work... On the first few manga the drawing is very stiff i think (which also found in the anime) but gradually his works is getting better. The anime can really show the great difference. I remember the first time i saw Ran in the anime she is still badly drawn with her hair sticking out like a pin point... but now she is different. Really a make over for her... she is now more mature, sweet but have a strong power (karate remember?) Ok for this movie i really like the twin tower. A great design really and also the swimming pool which is located at the 2nd tower top level. The design is made such that the roof is able to close n open like OCEAN DOME in japan. And also the scenery of MT. FUJI...

Rating: 7


Oh great this is the best part also. I love love the songs... i have the OST but i lost it ARGGGHH... ok dont talk about that. I really love the ending song which is by Kuraki Mai (also a must know for Conan fans) "Always". Its one of my fav top song until now. i wont get bored listening to it. For the OST i can say that it is also the BEST of all Conan ost. The instrumental part is really great! They even have a traditional music when they show the scenery of MT. FUJI. So this is the BeST of the BEst. Ok in this movie there are some meaningful phrase that i liked. I remembered when Ai watching a movie alone, she still cant forget about her sister. She even call her sis house to leave message just to listen to her voice. Luckly Conan knows about it and prevent Gin from tracking her down. Also near the end Genta said "my mum said that u cant leave even a small grain of rice behind" then he went to grab Ai. It shows that they really care about Ai even sometimes she gave them the cool look.

Rating: 8


I find it hard to look for the VCD or DVD of this 5th movie. I have 1 copy from my friend but i just worried that i watched it too often that i will spoil... So i was really hoping to look for a new one. Em... to tell the truth, i almost watch it for 10 times... (Crazy!) Ok but u should not missed this movie if u r a Conan fans. And for those who love detective story. Compare to the first few movie, this one is better in the case of story plot... Well for those who love KID will of cos choose 3rd movie. For the 1st movie i can say its the most romantic story and 2nd movie is more like a who's-next-to-die, the 3rd one is of cos dedicated for KID and 4th is for Ran n Shinichi! I have watch till the 8th movie. The 6th is for Conan to meet his idol (Holmes). The 7th is Kyoto plot with HEIJI yes! and 8th is for learning how to fly an airplane in case of accident (who dare to try out?) Ok ok i'm waiting for the 9th movie n hope it will be the next BEST one. Do forgive me if there's any mistake... (_ _) For CONAN-kun

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by slsfavanime, May 16, 2005


  1. tareren May 17, 2005

    It's APTX 4869 I think.... the numbers stand for the first 4 letters for 'Holmes' if I'm not wrong ^^ Nice review but I think you should make it sounds more formal :D and presentation should be more abt the movie, not comparing :)

  2. slsfavanime May 17, 2005

    Quote by tarerenIt's APTX 4869 I think.... the numbers stand for the first 4 letters for 'Holmes' if I'm not wrong ^^ Nice review but I think you should make it sounds more formal :D and presentation should be more abt the movie, not comparing :)

    Oh so sorry so sorry... Sorry to everyone who read this review.... sorry! Ok ok point taken down.... Thanks for correcting my mistake... Once again sorry n Thank you...(_ _)

  3. steffic Jun 05, 2006

    anyway i luv the review.. u did nice job ^-^ anyway is the anime from the original series or the special cases? coz the art and story line is not that good in the conan, special case thou ^^

  4. slsfavanime Jun 05, 2006

    It is from the movie... for me Conan movie's art are added with some special effects like 3D comp effects... so it is better ^^.

  5. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    I love this anime, the plot is just... waouh! :3
    thx for the review

  6. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Very short and simple, this is an interesting review for the movie, good job.

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