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Midori no Hibi tv Review

Seiji Sawamura is the toughest seventeen-year-old in town, feared by all for his fighting prowess and his deadly "devil's right hand." But at heart, Seiji is a softy, and all he wants is an end to his seventeen-year history of being a lonely single guy. Unfortunately, his tough-guy reputation only serves to decrease his popularity with the ladies.

Then one day, Seiji wakes up to discover his "devil's right hand" has turned into...a miniature gal named Midori! Strangely enough, Midori is a real girl who is just as surprised as Seiji to find out she has now become--literally--Seiji's right hand! It turns out Midori has always had a crush on Seiji, and her desperate wish to be connected with him has somehow come true...maybe all too true!

Credit: sarisasenshi

Story & Characters

Seiji's not your typical anime geek guy. He constantly gets into fights to his favour, earing him the title of "Mad Dog Sawamura" with his "Devil's Right Hand". However, all he wants is to snag a girl, but his repuation causes many to shun away from him in fear. The only who has her eyes on him is the introverted Midori Kasugano, who cannot seem to express her feelings well in any way. These two are destined to meet; when one day, without any logical expanation, Midori BECOMES Seiji's lethal right hand, evoking much panic and originality to this series. The plot and concept of Midori Days are very original, as the duo face many problems trying to keep their situation a secret. Short and to the point, the story develops well as the two interact 24 hours a day, with Seiji being VERY uninterested with his talking hand. Although this may seem to resemble a love story, it has a unique way of going about it. This series use a gimmick most unusual; illogical explanation, which draws the characters into some very novel situations. Crammed into a thirteen 'days', original creator Kazurou Inoue has ensured a peculiar interrelationship between the perception of one person and some one who was once human, a definite stand-out in the Shounen romance category.

Rating: 7


Character designing falls short in these series. Indeed the main designer Yuko Kusumoto has attempted to vary the design of the characters with different facial features and pupil size; a commendable performance by the Japanese media industry, however some characters have uncanny resemblances to characters from other programmes; the most distinctive one being Midori who looks awfully like Shinobu from Love Hina with a different hair colour and pupil size. Other than, that, the characters do make a good impact to the eye as they look fresh and normal enough to make the passing grade, since the focus lies largely on the two main characters.

Rating: 6


The music and concept is the best portion of this series. The opening theme, "Sentimental" by CooRie encompasses quick but smooth beats accompanied by flowing lyrics. The ending theme, "Mousukoshi……. Mousukoshi" by Saori Atsumi does get some attention, but the beauty of the ending theme lies in the background concept, where Midori is portrayed in the scene to attempt to confess of her love to Seiji. Extremely dramatic and the best ending theme I've seen so far. Everything and I mean everything relates and connects to one another, therefore giving this section the highest score in Midori Days.

Rating: 8


Presentation is only average as far as I can see on how the scenes are directed in the series; maybe a little above average. Director Tsuneo Kobayashi has done a good job to make sure that the scenes do not repeat themselves, a relatively time consuming effort. In the series, Seiji and Midori meet up with many interesting characters with unique agendas (Well, most of them). The pacing…… what can I say? They mention it in the starting of every episode as days written in Midori's mini-diary….. Quite a unique concept, I would say. As I have stated earlier before, the series is not your normal or typical romance story, it also discusses the need for human relationships, for example, the dilemma which Midori faces when her mother begins to worry about her. In the humour section, it sets out well. Although not exceptionally funny, the antics carried out between the characters lighten the mood to a suitable level for general viewing. There are some parts which are more solemn, which are the decisions made by Midori to return to her original body. These segments are small but insightful; put yourself in her shoes and tell me what you'll do. This series present promising results and will be one to look out for if you really like love stories.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by CopyMaster, May 10, 2005


  1. rorikon May 10, 2005

    Um... I've watched this too, and it's one of my favorites. Yeah, quite an accurate review. Great job!

  2. jaderabbit May 11, 2005

    I've read the manga; an i have to say it's one of my fav's as well.... if only they'd made a sequel T-T

  3. Sakura01 May 12, 2005

    I watched the show and it's sooo kawaii

  4. Zellie May 13, 2005

    Really good anime and manga. I like both!

    I like too the ending : mou soukoshi

  5. sirfelix May 14, 2005

    Actually I just finished watching the anime today. I would recommend the manga to everybody, because the anime is too short to do itself justice (and green hair is weird).

  6. munji May 18, 2005

    watch the anime then finished reading the manga, found that the anime was too short and not enough development of characters, was disappointed to find that the mad scienist got cut in the anime, lol
    still pretty funny though

  7. Jaymaker May 18, 2005

    Nice review and a good anime too. Not a thing missed. :)

  8. redblitzkrieg Jun 29, 2005

    Nice review, i like midori days. . . midori? shes such a sweet girl..

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