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Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew tv Review

A very kawaii anime about five girls who become infused with the DNA of endangered animals and gain special powers to fight evil. They are Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro: all are from different backgrounds and each one is likeable in her own way. Together, they protect the earth from the kirema anima that are determined to take over their planet.

Credit: Kyelor

Story & Characters

Though the "middle-schooler-go-magical-girl" plot is very common, Tokyo Mew Mew puts a interesting twist on the old stories. All girls are merged with the DNA of endangered animals.
Now, though this is an interesting idea, it does make you think. Is Tokyo Mew Mew science fiction with the merged DNA and miniature robot, R2000? Or is it fantasy with the magical weapons and transformations into colorful outfits? Mew Mew fans may not find this to be a big deal, but if you had to name the genre of Tokyo Mew Mew you'd most likely have to pick sci-fi or fantasy.
But what makes Tokyo Mew Mew similar to all other mahou shoujo anime is--yes--the romance. If you've ever flipped through a Sailor Moon manga and then a Tokyo Mew Mew volume, you'd see that the 'knight in shining armor', as I like to refer to bishounen, is common in both of them--with Tuxedo Mask and Blue Knight.
Even with the lack of originality, Tokyo Mew Mew can be an enjoyable anime/manga for any lovers of the mahou shoujo (magical girl) genre. People who like action and adventure probably won't find it interesting. But if you're searching for something new and original, it's best to leave Tokyo Mew Mew on the shelf.

Rating: 6


To me, the art of Tokyo Mew Mew is very pleasant to look at. The bright, colorful covers are very eye-catching and the inside art is very cute. Action scenes are well-drawn and emotions are done very well. The Mew Mews' outfits are designed nicely, too.
What I like about the art most, though, is how each character looks different. Not all manga lets each character have its own, different style, but Tokyo Mew Mew does.
For example. Ichigo's large eyes and wavy pink hair show her innocence and kindness.
Mint's narrowed eyes and no-nonsense outfits show her snobbiness and bossiness.
Lettuce's large eyes show her shyness, Pudding's constant wild expressions show that she loves having fun, and Zakuro's harsh eyes and hair show her dark personality.
I've gotta hand it to Mia Ikumi--Tokyo Mew Mew's art looks great.

Rating: 9


The Japanese music is pretty good. The opening theme, "My Sweet Heart", has a good melody and lyrics that match the show's atmosphere very well. The voices were chosen well and the henshin music sounds very nice--each henshin theme expresses the character's personality very well.
However, I just don't like the dub music. The "Team Up!" theme song is okay, but doesn't stand a chance against "My Sweet Heart". Voices aren't very good, and the henshin music isn't as good as the original.
Overall, the Japanese sound is pretty good, but the American version is just blah.

Rating: 7


Tokyo Mew Mew's presantation is nice. Though the show lacks originality the humor and drama is good. Pudding's mischief is funny and entertaining, and adds funny parts to the show. The dramatic fight and romance scenes can get you on the edge of your seat and make you flip the next page or get to the next episode.
The anime was adapted from the manga well, although some parts were added in or left out--but that's what you get with nearly every anime, right? Both anime and manga are good, though--I find it difficult to pick which one I like better.
Girls are the people who will be most attracted to the show (because of the bishounen, cute magical items, and the cute little robot Masha), but there are a few guys who got into Tokyo Mew Mew too. Like I said before, if you like stuff like Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Magic Knight Rayearth, or Sailor Moon, you'll probably enjoy Tokyo Mew Mew more than others. (Quote the "Tokyopop" advertisement: "If you like Sailor Moon, you'll love Tokyo Mew Mew!") If you aren't interested in that kind of stuff, then Tokyo Mew Mew may not be the anime/manga for you.
To end this review: If you're searching for an anime or manga with humor, drama, action, and romance, try out Tokyo Mew Mew. You may just become another of its many fans.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by rayearthsenshi, May 01, 2005


  1. Rai1e May 01, 2005

    Wow, finally someone wrote this about TMM, there aren't so many fans for this anime, great job!

  2. onimakura May 01, 2005

    yah the american bastards here in the u.s. killed the show, i cant believe they changed the name of the show and characters, and stripped away every other good aspect of the show however they can do that

  3. ghiroh Banned Member May 02, 2005

    what must isay?
    i think the story not to good, but the picture very nice and also with the sound. what must i say...

  4. Kiako May 03, 2005

    i like tokyo mew mew^^ the charas are cute and i like the intro too

  5. DaemonPhyreWyrm May 05, 2005

    I do believe the art is good, the story left me quite disappointed. But, then again, to each his own as I ocassionally say, eh?

  6. sylvacoer May 08, 2005

    Yaaaaaaay, a Tokyo Mew Mew review! And a good one too, though you failed to mention the best bishonen in the series - Kish! I will say that the manga art is better than the anime, but then, I almost always prefer manga to anime, no matter the series XP Guess that's just the old-fashioned purist in me!
    And "Blah!" to the 4kids dubbed version! Bad, icky, foul, depraved edit that it is!
    P.S. - do you have any idea as to where I can find TMM on DVD? And I mean the sub version, not the dub! *shudder, shudder*

  7. MewZakuro May 28, 2005

    ^_^ A very good review! Good job! I think Tokyo Mew Mew is great! (Can you tell?)

  8. starsaturn Oct 16, 2005

    Great review on Tokyo Mew Mew, love the detail you went into. Your reight, the American version just can't compare, the original is just to good.

  9. nightfire Apr 05, 2006

    I think this was a pretty good review, but I think some of the scores should've been a little higher.

  10. Asigha May 03, 2006

    This review is really good, nicely done. :)
    I love Tokyo Mew Mew :)

  11. Gallopia Jul 12, 2006

    Hi there =Ddo u have a club which is tokyo mew mew ?

  12. zoniang256 Dec 02, 2006

    I rather see Ryou and Ichigo together than any other guy

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