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Kamui Shirou has returned to Tokyo after 6 years, following the wish of his mother, and ultimately, his fate. It is 1999, and Kamui, gifted with psionic powers, has been foretold to either save the world, or to destroy it. The Seven Seals (Dragons of Heaven) wish to save humanity, while the Seven Angels (Dragons of Earth) wish to destroy humanity in order to save the physical Earth and cleanse it. Kamui must choose a side, but unbeknownst to him, his twin star awaits to serve whichever side will become his rival.

The world can only watch the destruction after the choice is made as time draws nearer to the Promised Day... and perhaps the Apocalypse.

Story & Characters

An important note: this review is based on the TV series and NOT the film.

The overall storyline is well crafted and originally played out, even if the actual idea of the end of the world coming about is not. Anyone with a liking for fantasy or dark/apocalyptic themes should love this. The great thing is that as there are so many characters, each gets their own storyline and developing time. A great deal of episodes focus around one or two separate characters - their pasts (often dark and bloody), their reasons for fighting, and their hopes and wishes for the future. Each character is well-rounded and has their own good and bad points, and because of this you find yourself rooting for different characters, each one on a different side of the field. Its not just a matter of who is a 'baddie' or a 'goodie', but rather who generally fascinates you as a character. Thus, even with the story revolving around a fantasy setting, the characters in themselves manage to be conveyed as realistic and interesting.

The one flaw I would point out is the filler episodes. Yup, everyone hates them - luckily, there are only a couple and it doesn't interrupt the flow of the story overly much. The series itself is certainly re-watchable despite the slower moments.

Rating: 8


Art style is beautifully done - its CLAMP, so the usual style is there with large eyes and thin frames for most characters. The character design is wonderful though, and each character has a different look to them.

The only flaw here is that, because of style, a few characters look a little like starving war victims - Kamui, for example, seems to have toothpick legs quite often. It is easy to overlook the few minute things like this when the art is so good; simplistic and uncomplicated yet each character has their own unique look and elegance to them which seems to suit their personality quite well.

Movement and scenery is well worth a mention here - its certainly not a let-down. The faster-paced fight scenes are executed smoothly and fluidly, and backgrounds are detailed enough that you can appreciate the varying scenery as well as the actual characters.

Rating: 8


I loved it. Although the main theme, 'Sadame' is repeated often and therefore can get perhaps a little monotonous, its a very beautiful song in itself - I had to go download it and the various other tracks from this series because I adored them so much.

The sound is mainly instrumental, so you get very dramatic sounds which fit the usual atmosphere and scenes very well indeed. Truly the sound is unforgettable, although if you are looking for catchy upbeat tunes with lyrics to boot, you're looking in the wrong place.

Rating: 8


Pacing is more or less well played out the whole way through - even though it does start off slow, it gains momentum fairly shortly.

Characters are by far the best part of this; designs, fights, interactions - wonderful! In short; I loved the anime, enough to buy all the dvd's for my own. Character development is stunning; the main character over 24 episodes is transformed from a heartless bastard to a real human being; still with faults, but a human being who cares deeply about the fate of his loved one's and the world nonetheless. This is a series not to be missed as each episode reveals more and more details and gives some information of a certain character.

The series is definitely recommended if you're into any CLAMP works or if you're a sucker for fantasy. Swords, magic and underlying occult - this story has the lot.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by crsg, Apr 27, 2005


  1. silent1134 Apr 27, 2005

    Nicely done review...X TV is one of my favorite animes and the music is absolutely beautiful and some are very soothing...good job on this review...

  2. BLKnWHT May 20, 2005

    ooooh...nice review....you should be clamppassion.....
    anyway good review

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Nice review, short but able to capture it at a pretty decent rate. There weren't many characters, but a good plot all the same.

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