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Ojamajo DoReMi tv Review

Doremi Harukaze wants nothing more than to become a witch. One day, she finds an old run down store and calls the woman who runs it a witch. But by doing so, the woman transforms into a green blob - it seems she really was a witch! And it turns out that by calling witches out and blowing their cover, they transform into green blobs and are incapable of using magic.

Doremi is blamed for it and told that the only way for the witch to return to normal is for Doremi to become a full fledged witch herself and change her back! So the witch takes Doremi on as an apprentice, hoping that she will become a witch someday, despite the fact she can't seem to do anything right. Doremi then recruits her two best friends as witch apprentices, and together they aim to pass the witch exams and become full-fledged witches.

Description: Mew1Mokuba

Story & Characters

Ojamajo Doremi...is the best mahou shoujo anime EVER. Nothing comes close to the drama, plot, angst, emotions, morals and kawaii-ness that flows out of every episode in Ojamajo Doremi. Now, after 4 seasons and +200 episodes, the Doremi series have come to an end.

(This review pertains mostly to the final season, Dokkan! but also mentions the first three. Motto, Sharp, and 1st Season)


Although most people scoff at mahou shoujo shows at having a cohesive "story", Ojamajo Doremi does this very well. Each season was about the girls and their "Maho Store", whether be an accessory shop, a bakery, a magical goods shop, or a flower shop. There`s two worlds, the Maho-land and the schoollife. The Sugoi! part about this show was how much they developed each and every of the main characters. And not only the 6 witches, they also developed their teachers, their classmates, and their family. I can name almost all of the classmates in class 6-1 and 6-2, mainly because this anime weaves a story concerning each of the +20 characters/classmates.

One episode I especially liked with Episode 17 of ~motto~ season. It was about one of the classmates (Takeshi Hasebe) in Doremi`s class and his mother. He didn`t like the fact that his mother was working so late in a shady restaurant. That episode was so emotional, so gripping that I had to shed a tear...AT A CHILDREN`S SHOW. Never have I seen such strong drama to back up such an anime.

The last episode of the series was also very emotionally gripping. Yuki-sensei brought everyone back, and Kotake (Doremi`s kareshi!) made a confession, and graduation was over. That episode had me so emotionally stunned that I`ve never felt this way since Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Ojamajo Doremi had a very fitting ending, one that closes the anime very well.

Rating: 10


Top notch. For a 200+ episode series, the character designs stayed consistent, there`s enough movement in each episode to display its story and emotion, and running animation isn`t choppy like Da Capo. Facial expressions are drawn in a very unique way, with eyes on the middle of the head rather than on the top of it. Eyebrows convey emotion, and chibiness is used sparingly when needed. For once, I wasn`t annoyed by the mahou transformations and sat through each and every of them. I liked how the animators by the 10th episode of each season combined transformations to save time (like show every transformation in cut screens).

Backgrounds are vivid and colorful, and this anime has a very bright look. Everything is clear, and although no cgs are used, traditional 2d hand drawn animation is used to great effect. No thick outlines, and
animation is very detailed in most parts.

Rating: 9


Amazing. Each season has two openings and endings. The first season`s OP, Ojamajo Carnival, is very catchy and a great start to this anime. Each of the 4 seasons used a slow soothing jpop as an ED song, and since each episode had some emotional impact, fit this anime well. The forth season`s last episode ended with the first season`s OP, and I thought that didn`t really fit quite well with the atmosphere during that episode. But other than that, Insert songs galore (Maho ABC!) and the numerous OSTs are well worth it if you can snag a copy.

Rating: 9


I value Ojamajo Doremi very very highly. This is well on my top list for one of the best anime ever. Never have I seen such drama, comedy, romance, angst in a children`s mahou shoujo show. Now if only I can find the DVD`s somewhere, I would be able to patch up some missing episodes I didn`t see in Taiwan Animax.

I enjoyed Ojamajo Doremi immensely. It had me crying, laughing, thinking, all at the same time. For a 200+ episode mahou shoujo anime to do that, I was very impressed. Even the movies weren`t standard cookie cutter mahou shoujo movies (cough cough nurse angel and sailor moon). They both TAUGHT something, and I believe that an anime should teach something to the audience to be truely enjoyable.

For a Mahou Shojo show to be this impressive, so emotionally embued, so deep, so much drama and characterization, it is only possible to do so in a children's show, for it keeps its innoncence.

Ojamajo Doremi...206 episodes and 2 movies. It is truely one classic anime, deserving of a worldwide audience and recognition. (even France, Germany, and Italy get Ojamajo Doremi) Truely freakin awesome and Sugoi!

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.6667 (excellent)

Reviewed by Maceart, Apr 27, 2005


  1. Ladholyman Apr 27, 2005

    Lordy someone actually reviewed Ojamajo Doremi. Sweet. momoko!!!!

  2. mishacat Jun 09, 2005

    Ojamajo Doremi is the cutest thing ever! It has something for every anime fan! Mahou shoujo, manga, pop idols, comedy, romance, action/adventure and yes, giant mecha.

    I have seen most of the four seasons (just need to finish the 1st and 2nd), both movies and the OAVs (without subs). I can't wait till it comes to Fox this fall!

  3. hitsu-chan Jul 20, 2011

    one of my first shoujo anime! I really liked it! :3

  4. Chikaru-chan Jun 28, 2012

    Ojamajo Doremi is my one of the favourite 'magical girls' anime's <3
    It always makes me happy :D

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