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Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya tv Review

Over 2000 years ago, the Universe was formed from the power of Gods. To protect mankind, the goddess Athena assigned the power of the stars in the bodies of chosen humans called "saints".

In Japan today, a young princess named Saori is proven to be the reincarnation of Athena. She will face her first test against evil when the world suddenly collapses, as it appears that one of her own men has planned a coup d'etat.

In her attempt to fight against the rebel, she calls upon her remaining Saints. One of those who answers is Seiya, the incarnation of Pegasus. With the help of Hyoga, the incarnation of Cygnus, Shiryu, an incarnation of Dragon, the gentle-hearted Shun -- incarnation of Andromeda, and his brother Ikki, the incarnation of Phoenix, the six of them set on a journey to Athens, Greece, to put the world back into order.

Credit: niomea

Saint Seiya character classes: Bronze Saints, Corona Saints, God Warriors, Gold Saints, Greek Gods, Mariners, Silver Saints, Specters, Steel Saints.

Story & Characters

Saint Seiya is a story from Masami Kurumada about warriors called 'Saints' whose task is to protect, and to fight against evil forces. There are also evil Saints in the story who are on the hostile side. It is said that every 200 years an evil will come back to Earth and try to rule the world, and at the same time, the Goddess Athena will be reincarnated to prevent the evil from accesion to power on Earth. The story has five main chacters: Seiya the Pegasus Saint, Shiryu the Dragon Saint, Shun the Andromeda Saint, Hyoga the Cygnus Saint, and Ikki the Phoenix Saint. The task of these Saints is to protect Athena, the Goddess of peace, and to defeat the evil forces and evil Gods who tried to take over the world. The Saints wear special armour, which each has deserved after years of hard training. Their armour not only protects them from external impacts, but also gives them special abilities. The armour represents a star constellation, from which a Saint also gains his power, called 'cosmo'. The cosmo of a Saint is like an aura. According to the story, everyone has a cosmo, which he/she is able to discover.
Now for the verdict.....
storyline is average at best......after watching a few sagas , it became horrible. Humans defeats gods?( the main character is so powerful that he can defeat a god in one blow ) oh give me a break...( they sure will defeat the Zeus ,God of the universe in the end ).....

Rating: 3


The art in the anime are nice ( consist a lot, I mean A LOT of bishounens.....thinking of it, almost every saints in the anime are cool and good looking except a few which is terribly ugly..>_< ), plus all the moves of the saints are superbly done....each saint has his own unique move and the effects are simply amazing.....
as for the background settings, they are also nicely done.( They really did some serious research on the look of ancient Greek buildings )
The verdict....
very good at best

Rating: 9


For sound, the opening and ending themes and the music in the anime is nice and interesting, especially the Hades Chapter Opening Theme, simply superb......^_^......
The character voice also fit their looks..... ( sissy-looking character have a female like voice whereas ungly looking ones have the sound that will piss you off )
As for the sound effect i would rate good at best.... nothing much impresive except explosion and crashing to walls and grounds ( this is mainly apply for the main characters....>_<..... )
overall rating...
good at best....

Rating: 7


Presentation is bad....seriously bad.....
Lack of humour in this anime ( c'mon , at least give us so humour like the ones did in Samurai X.)...... main characters get beaten into a pulp ( yeah...some even not wearing their armor for protection ) and still manage to defeat their enemies.....and what i hate most is that the characters have only one move or skill and they used it everytime to defeat their enemies ...( heck..... same skill may not work again as we already knew how to deal with it right? unless you are a brainless jackass......but they use it over and over again to defeat their moron enemies .........>_< )so no logical explanation here............
one more thing....the story is meant with a sad storyline....with some of the saints ( side characters ) died in battles ....... but after watching it.....i find that those saints who died are indeed stupid ad who cares if they die?........>_< ( sorry if i offended any saint's fans out there )......
so the verdict is bad at best

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

4.67 (moderate)

Reviewed by satan123, Apr 26, 2005


  1. BossMac Apr 26, 2005

    An overall bad rating. I was intrigued by the its art before but as you clearly defined the story is pretty much one-sided.

  2. moonbaby Apr 27, 2005

    Another piece of anime that I haven't seen!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...............curse Canada with its low anime broadcasts!!!! Thanks for the reveiw Satan!!!! *huggles satan*

  3. rukasu44 Nov 10, 2010

    I really liked this anime. I have to thanks Brazil's broadcast to give us this good anime.

  4. back07 Sep 24, 2012

    thanks for the nice review, but i disagree with you

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