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Final Fantasy VIII tv Review

Story & Characters

In the 8th installment of the Final Fantasy series (not including mystic quest etc.) Squaresoft continues its sci-fi theme instead of returning to a more fantasy like setting. This however doesnt keep squaresoft from making a great story. The story in FF8 seems geared more towards students in high school with the majority of its main characters in a "school" otherwise known as a garden. The game revolves mostly around the romance between two characters, squall and rhinoa. This may be a good thing to some while a bad thing to others. However beyond the romance aspect of the story, also lies a deep and involving story with ancient civilizations, almighty sorceresses, and the idea of time travel. However, it seems that the story only goes into depth the history of squall and rhinoa and almost disregards the rest of the history of the other characters. All we find out about their past is that they go to the same orphanage. That lack of information detracts from the overall story and it appears that squaresoft put in the rest of the cast just so the player has someone to do battle with.

Rating: 8


The visual aspect of the game is stunning in its cg movies and in game graphics. Final Fantasy vii made the jump from 2d rpgs to 3d but final fantasy viii was the one to refine that. The movies are miles ahead of any graphical achievment ever made up to that time. The backrounds are highly detailed and the design of the characters are superb. The only thing that is wrong with the visual part of this game is that it seems the graphics take a step down from final fantasy vii when your in combat. ff vii had great graphics when u were in battle but know it seems that squaresoft switched it and made the graphics in battle slightly worse while making the cg movies and backrounds better.

Rating: 9


The sound effects and music in this game fit all the situations very well. Whether it be a gf blasting a tonberry apart or a haunting score in the final area of the game, the sounds come together to fit the mood of wherever u are. However, this final fantasy lacks a single great song that other ff's seem to have. The music in this game seemed to reach its peak right at the beginning with its opening sequence. The music went superbly with a great movie. However, in the last movie Eyes on me seemed out of place and though the rest of the music is superb, one really great song might have made the music in this game better.

Rating: 8


This ff is different from the rest of the ff's with its story. Humor is rarely seen and though its story is not any more involving or dramatic than the rest, it seems more dark and serious than others. Gameplay wise squaresoft reassembled the rpgs notion of magic and decided to go with a junction system that did away with magic point (mp). This gave slightly more customability to the player but also did away with an important part of character developement. Also, ff viii emphasized the importance of summons or gfs in this case. Its system is very similar to that of ff vi. The ability to customize ur characters with gfs and junction was alright but it also produced some annoying times when u couldnt use magic in fear of damaging ur stats. Also the difficulty of the game was in my opinion a bit too easy. The junction system allowed u to overpower ur characters from the very start and once u aquired lionheart the game was basically set and u would easily blow through every boss. Overall the system was innovative but it didnt quite work. This ff seemed more to watch and enjoy the story than to actually play the game.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.17 (good)

Reviewed by Kiden4911, Apr 24, 2005


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  2. Countess-D May 29, 2006

    Surely they shouldn't have put some much weigh upen the romance but aside from that I liked this game very much, mostly b/c of two things. First of all that whole school-thing was a plus. Garden was like my dreamed school so I can't help but feel really confortable with that setting. The other reason is Squall whose anti-heroic attitude is very different from the common hero who's willing to guide everyone to salvation without question. This dude is even cold to his love interest! I like him; he's an EMO xD

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