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One Piece tv Review

One Piece, the treasure of a lifetime, is being sought by every pirate in the seven seas. One boy's dream is to find that treasure and to become King of the Pirates. That boy is Monkey D. Luffy, and with his rag-tag crew he will sail the Grand Line searching for a treasure that will make any pirate's dream come true.

Synopsis: Sargent066.

Story & Characters

One Piece boasts the most entertaining story an anime has. The story puts a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy on the quest to become the Pirate King. He seeks the illusive One Piece; treasure that is sacred to all pirates for whoever finds it, is heralded as the new Pirate King. Gold Roger, the Pirate King is Luffy's idol. He will do anything to protect his legacy. Another influence in his quest is Shanks, one of the Seven Rulers of the Sea. He gave Luffy his hat when he was young and now Luffy treasures it very much.

One problem, Luffy is a shallow person with a very childish attitude. He usually spends time eating, playing around or just doing nothing. As the story progresses. Luffy seeks out crew members in his quest. They aid him in his search for the One Piece. Along the way, each character's past is revealed and his goal is then revealed.

One Piece features an intriguing aspect as characters have powers they aqcuire from Devil Fruits. Luffy in this case has a Paramecia-type, the Devil Fruit Gomu-Gomu which allows him to become rubber-like and stretch. The powers given by this fruit enables the characters distinct abilities that are related to the Devil Fruit either Paramecia, Zoan and Logia. Bearers of such powers are unable to swim for they will sink. Luffy meets various characters that have such powers in his quest. He has two crew members that have this kinds of power.

One Piece follows a repetitive formula of the hero goes to an island then that island is ravaged by some fiend. He and his crew has to stop the bad guy and when its all over they leave. They end up in another island and its all over again. I stress that this is one of One Piece's downside but it's pretty much overlooked.

Overall, the story is very engaging and will have viewers tuning in everytime.
<b>Warning:</b> One Piece has around 300 episodes and also a manga which is longer.

Rating: 8


The character design is worth mentioning here as it is one of the strong points of this anime. The characters have varying characteristics that sets them apart from each other. They are very well-designed and is finely detailed. The creator of One Piece really loves his character. You will never find a lack creative and imaginative creatures in the anime.

The coloring tends to fall off a little bit as it may seem dull at times. But not very much that you'll notice instantaenuosly. Backgrounds are given very good detailed coloring and are very lush. Location designs are consistent and are finely tuned to match the locations real-life aspects, if it has one. You can look forward to a world of imagination in One Piece.

Overall, art is pretty much okay. Character design is defintely one to look out for. You will enjoy the tons of various characters ranging from imaginary to the down-right funny.

Rating: 7


One Piece's voice acting is incredible considering how some really match the personality of the character. The sound effects are average so don't ecpect anything wonderful. The OST is a good collection of JPop songs. The first OP, We Are (One Piece Version), done by Hiroshi Kitadani is cleverly mixed with the shows intro. The intro tells the story of Gold Roger, and as it ends the OP is then played. Much of One Piece's soundtracks are very good. Done by some very good Jpop artists. Expect a lot from the soundtrack.

One Piece's sound department is pretty much okay. You can expect the average booming sounds of cannons, ocean breeze and the likes you would expect from an action comedy.

Rating: 7


Though not original in story, the engine works great and is pleasing to know how Luffy and his mates are going to get out of a tricky situation. Humour is defintely one of the strongest aspect of this anime. The character never seem to have a lack of jokes even in serious situations especially from Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper. Overall enjoyability is pretty high because you will not get dissapointed in watching the series. It is well-thought-of and the story just makes you more and more interested in watching. A good watch for everyone including the whole family. Gore factors are minimal only having Luffy and Zoro as the main culprit for seeing blood. Action is okay and you'll expect a decent amount of fighting in this series.

Now for the bad side. One Piece is very long but mostly laiden with fillers from arc to arc. Though not bad, the fillers will make viewers who are eager to see the ending will lose their patience. For the fans of the series, the fillers mostly are about the past of a certain character thus giving you an insight to his/her past. Another worth noting is the ecchi level of this series. Yes, female characters exude the image of a modern women: the big breasts, the tiny waist and a full ass. *Pardon* Expect a lot of women here to have those especially the two crew members, Nami and Robin.

Overall, One Piece is a great watch for fans of Dragon Ball-like animes but will surely entertain everyone. Once again I remind you that this is a long series, around 300 episodes.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by BossMac, Apr 23, 2005


  1. Akaiken Apr 24, 2005

    Hey man, you passed another review huh!!! Anyways, One Piece is really a good anime even though the animation is a little bit odd but it's really great! What I really like about this anime is the comedy part... Well, it's weird???

    I guess I'm weird too!!! "lol"

  2. KyoFan368 Apr 24, 2005

    Hey it's another good review. I agree with Akaiken on te fact that it is a weird anime. It's good but its a very weird show.

  3. kensp Apr 25, 2005

  4. darkfenix Apr 26, 2005

    hmm, is one piece really that weird?? I don't think so. I read the manga and watch the anime, and I say both are hilarious. The artwork might not be all that great, but there is a reason for that. I don't think one piece would be as great as it is right now with awesome artwork. The story is great, the artwork is funny, there's lots of comedy and action. What more can you ask for?? And plus, this is the only anime series, on-going long series, in which I like all the songs (both the op and ed and all the songs inbetween)...so far

  5. vaiowega Apr 26, 2005

    I totally agree with darkfenix ;)

  6. dangersteve4 May 23, 2005

    Yeah i agree it gets the 8 out of 10 but, i still believe the manga is even better.

  7. dmonster May 26, 2005

    Yo, totaly love One Piece, it's ma fav anime XD . I would give it 9 / 10 even when I wouldn't find explanation how 'n why but if all the good and diferen't things that happen on the islands, the cool fights, the bit of ecchi on girls, the characters, the comedy, the enemy's you get a great story 'n presentation, the art may be a 0.00001 old, but it is stil drawn prity good thou, sound - seen german version only but I presume they are both alike, the sound efects are very good.

  8. rinnin1 Jun 13, 2005

    i dunno, never really grasped me or anything, not my cup of tea i spose.

  9. SupAhSusHi Aug 09, 2005

    great review, my friends think im so weird cuz i loved OP more than naruto and bleach.. oh well to each their own right? sure oda's art work isnt the best but the stories, the adventures and the comedies are more than you can imagine. idk thats just me.

  10. ishimi Feb 09, 2006

    well... ang akin lang is ang laki ng bunganaga nila..well funny effect thats for sure..
    thanks for the review..naiimagine ko na tuloy si Luffy...hay!*sigh*

  11. shadownightmare Nov 03, 2006

    Yeah I have to agree it is a good review for a good manga/anime.

  12. Warpten29 Feb 01, 2010

    great !

    merged: 03-19-2010 ~ 02:20pm
    this is great!

  13. back07 Oct 03, 2012

    nice review, thanks for sharing

  14. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    It's a weird and random anime, but due to so many characters there could have been some details there, but, over all, not bad.

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