satan123's Beyblade Tv Review

Beyblade tv Review

Beyblade is the story of the aggressive Takao, the quick-thinking Max, balanced Rei, and experienced Kai--four boys whose paths came together and eventually saw them form a team called the Bladebreakers.

Along their path towards new challenges and achievements, this team of bladers are gonna find out that there's a lot more to Beyblading than they originally thought.

Contributed by thingperson.

Story & Characters

Beyblade is an extreme sport based on Bei-goma, a traditional Japanese spinning-top game. The cutting-edge anime adventure series based on the game follows martial arts student, Tyson, as he perfects his technique. While each customized spinning-top is as unique as its owner, Tyson's is particularly powerful. He's learned to harness the mystical power of his Japanese ancestors. Tyson joins a group of international youths whose tops also possess special power derived from ancient beasts as they embark on a quest to battle their way to the World Championship while thwarting evil challengers.
The story sucks badly.Fighting evil guys with tops???( I bet bad guys will use an AK-47 instead of tops to fight...^_^ ) And the setting is an ancient tweaks combined with modern life, aaaw give me a break. nothing much can we expect from this anime except training and enter a competition and then train harder again and.......zzzzzzzz
the story will surely bored you to death......
the verdict.....
I would give a big fat zero for the story rating but there is none. oh well......

Rating: 1


Nothing is impressive about the artwork in this anime except some of the beast that emerged from the tops ( some are nicely drawn ).
Not to mention the background art which is ordinary.....of what you can see in your surrounding....nothing much impressive......
and now for the characters.......as you all know the core or you can say the most important thing of an anime is the characters. You will find cool looking and powerful main leads ( such as Kenshin )..all of the are drawn in the highest detail, but for this anime, the main characters are terrible (their faces looked very annoying and i wish i could punch them straight in the face )....and they act like an ass hole.......
the verdict....( want to give it a big fat juicy egg , but then again there's no option ..>_< )....

Rating: 1


for the sound of Beyblade...they are the worst i've seen so far......
the opening and the ending theme are not interesting....making us not want to hear it again and again and again if you compared to the OST of Rounin Keshin or Gundam Seed ( my favourite music ).
Not only that, the main characters have annoying voices but hey their voice matches their dumb and stupid looks....
the sound effect in the anime is average at best. All you can hear in the anime are clashes of the tops and screaming to their tops like madman in order to win ( wow, such high tech....i don't even know spinning tops are controlled by voices...>_< )
the verdict.....

Rating: 1


Bad, bad presentation, or the worst. Seems ridiculous to call a beast out of a spinning top ( can i just call a dragon out from my spoon???)
The premise wasn't that interesting: Hot airbag of a hero challenges bully into a Beyblade match, bully loses. Another dark, brooding guy literally jumps into the scene, hero challenges dark brooding guy, loses and kicks off the rest of the plot, which consists of a bunch of kids challenging each other to see whose top gets broken first (or at least fly off and topple!) in internationally telecasted tournaments and practically anywhere the occasion arises. Doesn't seem inviting does it? Well, it seems as if the authors thought the same thing, so they added a little twist in the form of magical animal avatars (called "Holy Beasts" or "BitBeasts" in the US version) residing in the tops, a little family and human drama, and the time-tested (but not always successful) demented organization who wants to take over the planet.
As this anime is meant for young viewers, but sadly this anime doesn't have much good values in it. For example, the mina characters are a team right? and a team must work together and help each other out whereas in this anime we've seen a lot of fighting and arguing between the dumb characters.......
This anime is a piece of crap...dont waste your money to buy this junk...
and if someone give it to you as a present....give it to someone else or throw it into the toilet and flush it ( i'm sure no one will want it )

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

1.0000 (terrible)

Reviewed by satan123, Apr 22, 2005


  1. moonbaby Apr 22, 2005

    Wow your doing alot of writing. Now personally I don't much care for beyblade, I think its it a load of *insert swear word*! Now I'm sure there are some people out there that like beyblade but I don't and this review totally suits my tastes!! Thanks for writing it!!!

  2. dope Apr 22, 2005

    *thumbs up*
    Beyblade is the worst......

  3. BossMac Apr 22, 2005

    Really nice how you dissed Beyblade a lot in this review. Hey I could make a rap out of it!!!
    Anyways at least you've taken some time and exposed the disaster that was BeyBlade.

  4. crsg Apr 22, 2005

    Yah, I would have to agree with most of this you wrote, excepting maybe for the artwork rating. A few of the designs are well drawn, and I've certain;y seen much worse character designs from other anime that have still managed to score higher ratings. Other than that, pretty spot on I think.

  5. gunman Apr 23, 2005

    couldn't agree more. Beyblade is such a crap. There are some pretty good points you have.
    such a nice and detail review.

  6. topograph Apr 25, 2005

    Thank you for taking the time to expose the true crappiness of bayblade. I believe I must show this to my little cousin.

  7. sirfelix Apr 28, 2005

    Good review. Do not watch this anime, no matter how bored you are. I found that after watching it enough my body started trying to reject it by giving me headaches.

  8. royaldarkness May 01, 2005

    man that was a great review for beyblade. one of the lamest anime i've seen. your review totally suits it.

  9. Alienated-NZ May 02, 2005

    Lol couldnt agree more ^___^ wonder how long till someone says your BSing... >_> and says it good

  10. gunman May 05, 2005

    Quote by royaldarknessman that was a great review for beyblade. one of the lamest anime i've seen. your review totally suits it.

    i felt that way too.

  11. onimakura Jun 05, 2005

    this is a great review, if i were doing it, it would be in the negatives

  12. HighAngel Jul 01, 2005

    beyblade is the worst throughout the anime history, IMHO

  13. DestinyValiantAnimeAngel Nov 14, 2005

    Know its a lil late, but I reckon your review is too harsh. I mean I expect bad things seein as how U HATE IT >_> but you never really explained the good points on it. And if ya say "there are no good points" you however are mistaken, ALL anime has something good.

    And you didn't right that, it's an anime in its relationship too sports. Kiddo style, and its a hit anyway ^^ too bad its old.

  14. dngo86 Dec 05, 2005

    Yeah, this anime wasn't too great. The characters faces are shaped like dumplings and the story is pretty cheesy. Some of the bit beasts looked pretty good though.

  15. vatican92 Dec 27, 2005

    hahaha! Must agree on most parts but I think I would've scored at least 2.
    Yeah, the anime is one of the worst I've seen.
    I think it's stupid fighting with tops while you can fight with your fist or other weapons( how stupid is that?)
    Many animes like Yugioh, Beyblade, Crush Gear and etc fight with cards, tops and whatever they have instead of punching and kicking.

  16. Rei011 Jan 24, 2006

    This anime sucks ottaly!

    merged: 01-25-2006 ~ 12:52am
    This anime sucks tottaly!

  17. MikuMasterX Feb 16, 2006

    Yeh gotta agree with everything.... I think Beyblade is just plain childish and should only be suited to an extremely young audience. Nobody really wants to watch a show about fighting using spinning tops. Wooo scary :O

  18. Breedo Mar 03, 2006

    ==Webmaster Espio of BeyUK==
    Ok MATE, you have only looked at the bad points. obviously you can't stand the the show or the game. But you have to come to understand that with everything there is always good and bad points. I can sum you up with one word, Narrow minded. YOU don't think about both sides of things. Loo a bit deeper than just the surface. The way they incorporated the beasts coming out of "spinning tops". That is pretty unqiue, some may think it is lame that that happens but it happens in other anime to e.g. B-Daman *bad example it is crap*, Dragon Ball doesn't have trapped spirits but they have battles that can go on for episode after episode; now that is lame. You need to look at the broad horizons of things instead of focusing on a few things.

    ==Media Creator Breedo of BeyUK==
    you guys who doubt that beyblade kicks ass have not really watched the show, i can personally say that there are characters and parts in the show that rox, and it wud be hard for sum "ppl" to have the iq to use the brain, to look beyond the bad lines, and silly characters, there are a lot of attitude in beyblade 2 belive me, you who laugh at that haven't watched, i had the luck to fall over the kai and black dranzer part, it's not only a story about spinning tops as everyone say it is, it is awesome evil characters you'll see dead animals in jars, it's all about the chosen ones, the owners of the sacred bit-beasts if you could just try to stop thinking it is unreal, if there are souls, and if milion of people could belive that there is a god in the sky, than could you belive there are bit-beasts for just 20minutes, i know sum have low IQ but dont worry even the dumb one wud be able to make that;) i hate all the reviews i read about that beyblade is for the youngest mind, wtf have a look at kai and tala, the final showdown between tyson and ozuma, and the brutallity of brooklyn when he uses his bit-beasts power to hurt the player, hurt him badly i wont tell the story line, but it goes pretty wild.

    there are also cutted parts, the japanease versions are more grown up as the americans cut out the best and coolest parts , for example one beyblade had knifes on it, and there are even blood at a few places if you look, sum say beyblade are non violent, but it isn't not if you look thought all tha coolest episodes. why wud there be so many people at 13-17 that likes beyblade, there are teenagers who likes it 2, you shud look at the attitude and the evil and how brooklyn goes psycho, and when kane is about to die cause he putted his whole soul in gaia dragon. you probably still doubt but when you've keept an open mind and watched one of the best episodes, you'll be stuck.

    we at http://www.beyuk.net tries to make the beyblade spirit to live on and try to prove that is isn't a child movie, just sum parts and sum a episodes, sux watch the awesome characters like, kai, tala, and ozuma and you'll love the show after it

  19. nightfire Apr 05, 2006

    I agree with Breedo, I liked the game and that's how I started watching the show, I know it's a little bad but I liked it, that's just my opinion.

  20. Claa Aug 31, 2006

    I agree in the history thing, but totally disagree abou the artwork and sound rate. Beyblade has normal graphics, very unlike Aika or Seen the movie. They're just fine.
    And some song are just TOO BEUTIFUL! *-*~~ Have you ever heard "Sign of Wish"? It's not a battle song, it's a calm romantic song. Very deep.

  21. blizzarche Dec 29, 2006

    satan123, thats the best and funniest review i've ever read in mah life....i couldn't help buh ROFL mah head off coz it cracked mi up real bad...buh i definately agree wif u in this...BEYBLADE FULL SUX! i tried to force mahself to lyk it wen i used to watch it on TV buh i couldn't help buh change the channel to morning news to stop myself from gettin pissed off b4 arriving @ skool...<THUMBS UP> on ur review....FULL SUPPORT U!

  22. Maiesta Feb 02, 2007

    Let me guess,you didn't watch the whole series. I didn't know that i was able to review an anime that i didn't finish. (should i go and write a Tenjho Tenge review now?) Are you sure you've watched all episodes?
    I agree with Breedo coz you said EVERY bad thing bout the anime....But there are good points bout it. Every anime has it's good points. Even childish ones. graphics are normal. They didn't deserve to take 1.00. It's story or characters might not seem good to you,but there are great characters,like Kai. Yeah,it's story is not something that takes too much attention,like FMA or Evangelion,but normal,not terrible. About sound rate...Beyblade's musics are very good. There isn't anything that deserves "terrible". Perhaps you didn't listen them all. Yeah,i agree there are really bad things about it,but great things too.
    (Weh,hopefully i didn't make any mistake...I often make mistakes about English.)

  23. ShadowDreamer16 Sep 15, 2007

    Wow, I'm almost too scared to write a comment...ok, well I can't say I loved it, but I didn't hate it either. There are some worthy characteristics to the show that are appealing, and NOT just to a younger generation. I will admit that at times I found myself, asking myself why I was watching this, but yet I just couldn't turn away. And that my friend is where the "worthy characteristics" come into play: #1 the music was engaging, it suited the mood of the scenes perfectly, #2 the characters ,even though they were not animated to the best of standards, were endearing and likable, #3 the story was simple yet well thought out, on the surface, yes the story's just about a bunch of kids going to these top tournaments, but underneath, the message is stronger, the moral of the story is that you always have to put your heart into anything you do. And that is not something I think should be so carelessly ignored or overlooked. Plus remember, if it was SUCH a bad show, why did it become so popular when it came out? Think about it.

  24. Breedo Dec 31, 2007

    You should also consider that beyblade is one of the most raped animes when it comes to the dub... it's totally beautiful music in it and some really cool parts that the dub just cut out and many characters been made to total jokes and use dumb childish puns like "can't we all just have a group hug" and the old man talking rap where in fact very serious in the original and mentioned in the begining of episode one that Takao/Tyson's mother died when Takao was at a very young age. The truth is they edited out so much that it's only the things from the original that they left in that makes the show good... some of the added in english songs are good too but than again not even naruto or dragon ball would have made it if they had to go through what this anime had to. Beyblade even contains death and since I last wrote here I have seen a lot more and learned a lot more, and your review is just stupid, sure beyblade is a kids show but so is naruto, both naruto and beyblade are shounen animes... And the fact that people died in the original beyblade been proved, watch episode 27 of beyblade victory(v-force) in japanese and you'll see one guy getting electrified to death, one guy get possessed and another guy get the roof falling over him causing the end of his life. Also there's more in the story than you think the are no childish puns in the original there are in fact so serious that I was shocked they talk of some battles as if they where death matches and say stuff like "only the one that survives this battle can be the winner".

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