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Haibane Renmei

Haibane Renmei tv Review

Story & Characters

A young girl.
The blue one of the sky.
A long fall in the void.
A crow that tries to stop her fall.
In the same moment a' other strange girl, with a shining aureole and two wings grey, it discovers a great cocoon.

And in that cocoon that the girl wakes up again him that dreamt to fall.
And it is so that all the Haibanes are born, and really from the dream that they do there inside, it derives their name.
Rakka, the new arrived, an a little confused is found.. an aureole is forged for her... and shortly after.. not without a "few " of pain they are born her two beautiful wings.
But Rakka as the other whole Haibanes, don't know who was before, it doesn't have memory of her past... and none of this world has memory of her.
You/they cannot use money... they wear only used suits... so the Haibane Renmei has decided, the organization that he takes care of them.
In the first episodes the world is delineated circumscribed in which the Haibanes and their different personalities live.
They live in a dormitory left them by the inhabitants of the city and called Old Home. Well yes in this them "world" they are also there people without the wings.
The city is surrounded by tall boundaries that the inhabitants neither the Haibanes can go beyond.
Nobody knows what out of the city is, who goes away cannot make return anymore.

But if this can seem a calm life to the shelter from the boundaries, a certain melancholy he does road and many they are the questions in this history a surreal po.
What beyond the boundaries will be... so dangerous for the Haibanes...
What relationship there is also between the crows and Rakka,che not remembering the crow of its dream it seems to be attracted by these animals.....
What the Haibane is Renmei...
But above all what the day of the ascent is... the day that only a Haibane feels inside of itself and that it drives him toward of the ruins in the wood?

Rating: 8


Haibane Renmei is a series TV that deserves attention considering that it is penetrated in thematic a little unusual and out of those that go for the most greater.
The staff has intelligently thought that the souls it owed, to inspire liking to the first impact, resulted first of all, gotten through the creation of a fascinating background, detailed and taken care of. Beautiful therefore the backdrops, very interesting the characters that thanks to the beautiful character design and to the gimmick of the aureole and the wings they arouse from immediately curiosity in the spectator.
The animations are well done. You can be said that it is not a great effort, sees the absence of complicated scenes, but it seems me that has had the attention that they deserved him however.
Few the CG, to me is seemed appropriate however, used only where it could serve and justly taken care of in the surrender.

Rating: 7


A vote in anymore the souls also deserves him/it for the sonorous column, perfectly purrs with the history and the animation, from a hand to transport the spectator between the lawns and the roads of Glie. Very beautiful it initials her/it of opening despite is simply musical (even if also in that he distinguishes enough) while it is initialing her/it of closing (blue flow) it is really splendid. Besides the CD of the OST (Hanenone) alone it deserves more than a listening. I immediately recommend her to everybody the passionates.

Rating: 7


They are enough therefore brief sequences to arouse the desire to see at least an episode and so much of it enough to be captured by the characters and by the questions that from immediately Haibane Renmei it is able to inspire. But the answers are given with the dropper, while a lot of attention is set on the psychological characterization of the protagonists, that episode later purchases more and more thickness. They are shown while they are interacting with the town that entertains them and while they are developing their job. Meanwhile the new-born protagonist, at first frightened and disorientated, she takes confidence with this new reality.
Although is a pleasure to know more and more details on the characters and on the small world that the authors have succeeded in creating, a further incentive is had to continue in the vision in how much it always seems that he is next to a turn that can make indeed to take off the events.

....... but nothing, the series continues with the same rhythm, without particular accelerations, but continuous however to be pleasant up to the end.

The souls it is addressed to a more demanding public and selected, excluding of fact those people who love more happy-go-lucky products and mostly directed toward the action.
Warmly recommended in short.
Only prudence: put you in the disposition of mind to devote him some time. It's an anime that invites to the reflection.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by lkjhgfdsa, Apr 10, 2005


  1. AngstSchreeuw May 12, 2005

    Great review. Haibane Renmei is a great anime indeed, and you described it well. The only complaint I have is that I think the music rating should be higher. It gives so much atmosphere to the anime, and the ending theme is simply brilliant.

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Great review, very detailed and structured well.

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