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Kite tv Review

Story & Characters

I found this movie to be highly interesting, But also very adult situated. Not suitable for young children or ones who are younger than 15. I thought the story line was quite good though, about trained assassins for weird perverted faggots. ((I must be weird to think the story line was awesome)) It was still action filled with many explosions, assassination attempts, a little bit of romance, brief nudity, blood and plenty killing & gore involved. I wouldn't exactly call it sci-fi because it is one of the only anime that did not have a giant mech in it or was stationed in future/past timelines. Characters were quite interesting as well, along with their personalities. There is the main character, Sawa, who i thought was like a whore at first but turns out to be alot better than expected. Then there is her friend/semi-lover,Oburi. Together they go against the detectives ruling them ((who turn out to be killing faggots)) The guns, weapons and blood was my fav. Part. Their guns had different combinations of bullets, from regular ones to exploding ones. They also had disks that would explode on contact. They thought of the best ways to kill these people, but also be warned that it is highly gorey. In one part a guy had lost a part of his hand, so those who are weak at heart should not watch please. I loved this movie so much though that I had to give it an 8.6 ((But an 8 on MT))

Rating: 8


The artwork in this movie was awesome. The blood looked really good and not really that fake looking like others, but i did think that blood wouldn't exactly gush out like it did. ((But of course they were exploding bullets XD )) Still this was a usual anime artwork, not real graphic like ((but of course that is what most people are looking for now)) most of the best graphics went into the most exciting parts, which in this case is a good thing, because it went really good with the sound effects. It would be best described as most of the wallpapers around Minitokyo!!! Great resolutions and most enjoyable.

Rating: 8


I can't recall much of the music, but I think it was because there either was no music or you get so caught up in the movie that you just don't notice.
((Thats all i can really say about music for the moment))
The english dubbing ((I think??)) was great too, But still not as good as Cowboy Bebop's Dubbing.

The sound effects were almost real sounding. I had my back turned for a second and a gunfire sounded, which made me jump anb hit the floor. so I think the sound effects were quite enjoyable. ^.^

Rating: 6


This movie was actually quite original. it wasn't nothing like the ganster or ususal killing movies. The ending was killer that just makes you want to ask for more and know what the hell happened in a certain part. (( Not gonna spoil )) not much humor in it but when there is, you will burst out laughing.I would say this is more of an action movie, so if you are looking for something more action and adult situated in an anime. This would be the movie for a saturday night alone. (( only because of some certain scenes XD )) Anyways, you'll love the ways that they happen to introduce characters and how most of them meet their end. I found the movie more enjoyable when you watched it a second time, because you do catch things you usually miss like in other movies ((well half the time right?)) but also it seems more exciting because you know what is coming next and what too look out for. I've read around though that certain scenes were cut because of the sexuality in it. I thank them for doing so.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.6667 (good)

Reviewed by siamesekitty, Apr 08, 2005


  1. jayk25 Nov 29, 2005

    As much as I loved Kite, I gotta say that the 15 year or older you suggest is a tad off (unless you didn't see the uncut version)
    This movie is definetely an adult feature and some adults mat not find it too pleasing as Sawa was probablty not 18 years old (though by US standards . . .they say she is)

    Like I said, I loved Kite . . . but it can be a bit too graphic for some.

  2. ghostued Mar 21, 2006


    in my personal opinion, kite has a nice story VERY POORLY explored by its staff. The creators are more worried about inserting sex scenes in the OVA than showing us more about the characters history, wishes, habilities or anithing else, what causes (at least to me) an awful sensation that something is missing.

    "Hentai with history", a friend of mine said.
    Well, maybe and i think that it explains what i said just now. Hentai creators are not particularly interested on history, for they public often are not also.

    But i really think that Kite would be better if it was "history with hentai", and not the opposite way.

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Seems to be a bit insulting, although the anime is surreal and could mess with someone's mind, you could have also done some details to character development instead of using insulting words.

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