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D.N.Angel tv Review

On Daisuke Niwa's Fourteenth birthday, he decides to confront his crush, Risa Harada, with a love letter, although backing away from doing so at the very last moment. Daisuke become depressed when Risa told him that she always treated him as a friend. Since being young enough to train, Daisuke has been training and practicing under his grandfather's observation although he not knowing himself what it was for.

Later that day, Daisuke remembers that his mother had asked him to return early. When he got home, he found that Wiz had unwrapped his portrait of Risa. Daisuke starts to imagine how Risa would react if she accepted his feelings, suddenly his body began to undergoes a strange mutation; that transforms him into Dark Mousy, the legendary Phantom Thief, who's mission is to steal precious arts. For generations, all male descendants of the Niwa family has been possessed by Dark's spirit, gaining Dark's appearance and magical abilities, the transformation occurs every time when the host thinks of romantic feelings for their true love.

Daisuke must now fight his feelings for the one he truly loves while also being confronted by the terrible dangers of being the new host of Dark. Also, at the same time of keeping his mind appon these current complications, he is also being hunted down by his very own classmate, Satoshi Hiwatari, who vows to capture Dark and lock him up for his sins. Little did Daisuke knows that Satoshi also carries a family curse similar his own...

This adventure runs across in what seems like a European type city, where action takes place with each corner you turn.

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Story & Characters

The story of DN Angel was absolutely magificent. Flowed really well throughout the entire series and was always consistent. This anime had one of the most unique stories I have ever seen and it surely added an addition touch to it that made this anime really enjoyable. Everything was explained fairly well with the exception of some very minor details that get revealed later on in the series. There were a lot of symbolism in the play with the feathers and various other object that gave this anime a different feel than any other anime I have ever watched. It made this anime ever more pleasing to watch and enjoy. The story was very interesting and had a combination of romance and action in it. The romance part of the anime was great because it was fairly realistic if you take out the wings and magic of the anime. It portrays well the romance of young adults and the problems of love. The action part of the anime was really well done too with the exciting fights between Krad and Dark. The special effects were really well done during the fights and it added to the greatness of the anime. Many can argue that the story of an anime is what defines that anime and this story definitely makes this anime a great and enjoyable one to watch.

Rating: 9


Although 10s are said to be really rare, I could not give anything less than a 10. The characters designs were the best I have ever seen and captures every person's personality really well. Satoshi for example has that look of coldness and seriousness while Daisuke looks like an innocen yet strong boy. The character designs also looked really great. Ever since I saw Krad for the first time, I knew that he was my all-time favorite character of any anime I have ever watched. His hair looks great and the irony of him wearing white was a great touch to the anime. The scenery was also great with the feathers, 3D buildings, and the place that they live in altogether.

Rating: 10


And I give yet another 10 for this anime. I have to say the sound for DNAngel was definitely the best I have ever heard. Right after I finished the anime I bought the two OST's and the Vocal Collection. I also got the opening and ending theme singles. This just shows how great the music was. Shunichi Miyammoto (The guy that sings True Light, Caged Bird, etc) is an excellent singer really fit for DNAngel. His music is so calm and smooth sounding yet feels energetic at the same time like the opening theme. Other times, it's all calm like Caged Bird one of the greatest songs I have ever heard.

The instrumental music was just a great as the vocals. The fighting music was very fitting of the anime and the peaceful ones were definitely the best I have ever heard. They all captured the feel of the anime and were placed a great parts of the anime to bring out their greaness.

Rating: 10


This anime was a really enjoyable anime to watch. I have watched it two times already and have come to appreciate it even more after the second time. The only problem is that I already know the ending and what happens so it isn't as exciting to watch a second time. There were some slow moments in the anime but they were very minor and did not bore me. For example, I dont believe the episode about Wizu and the strawberries episode had much to do with the overall story other than to give more details about Wizu and his relationship with Daisuke and Dark. Even though it's sort of like a "filler" episode, it was still very well done and wasn't totally meaningless.

The special effects in this anime was excellent. The feathers were very realistic and looked amazing. It was interesting how Dark and Krad used feathers as their weapon and could use feathers to make powerful magic either to seal an artifact or to fight against one another. One of the greatest special effect scenes was in the very beginning when the building is totally covered with white and black feathers. That was an amazing scene and immediately captured my attention.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

9.00 (very good)

Reviewed by DarkSephiroth, Apr 02, 2005


  1. sadbird Apr 05, 2005

    you are right on every single thing DarkSephiroth :) . i love DNAngel a lot and i'd do anything to watch it :( but at least i know what the story talk about :) i would give on everyone 10/10 :D :D :D

  2. shad0whunter Apr 06, 2005

    sniff sniff.. i cant find the vcd or dvd of this series anywhere... sob sob

  3. shadowsniper Apr 24, 2005

    i like the story u did there !! its great!

  4. blue-cookie Nov 10, 2005

    on the dot! D.N.Angel have really nice art, not to forget that the plot id equally nice! your review is brilliant...

  5. g-money Dec 20, 2005

    I think your review out of all reviews give this anime justice, but I was really confused by the Freedert and Second Hand of Time story arc and was semi-confused by the ending. Only for that I would lower the presentation to a 7 or 6, but bounce the story to a 10. I haven't finished the manga because they stopped scanlating it... so I haven't read about the ending.

  6. shinkie Jan 14, 2006

    this is really good review and sums everything up!

  7. midsummer May 01, 2006

    dnangel rawks!i think dasuki is cute... and dark is more cuter... but i lurve the both of them... ok... if there is anything nice[reviews,wallpapers and etc] please do tell me inuyasha_rulezz@yahoo.com

  8. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 09, 2009

    This review is cool, and it's simple :D

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