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Ayashi no Ceres

Ayashi no Ceres tv Review

Aya Mikage's world is turned upside down on her sixteenth birthday, as her family turns to kill her. The Mikages are wealthy, intelligent and elite humans, due to the introduction of Tennyo (Celestial Maiden) blood into the family. She discovers that her Tennyo ancestor (Ceres) was not only living in their hearts and souls throughout the ages; in fact, her very ancestor is living inside her, to destroy the Mikage family, and to find her feathered robe (hagoromo) in order to fly back up into the heavens.

As Aya loses her family connections and distances herself from her twin Aki and other Mikages to prevent Ceres from taking lives, she meets a mysterious man named Touya, who seems to possess superhuman attributes.
Who is he? Will Ceres return? What is inside Aki?

Credits: kuroimisa.

Story & Characters

Aya's sweet 16th is no longer so sugary when she is taken to her grandpa's house, just to be told shown as her fortune teller says, that it is bloody, violent, destructive and will reduce anyone to tears as her very own family all turn against her with one wish: for her to die.

Drawn by Watase Yuu, this is an enchanting anime exploring love, family, hate, greed and heritage.

Aya is like any normal teenager- she has a home, parents, her twin brother Aki, and goes to school every day, until her 16th birthday, where everything is turned upside down. Faced with a hostile and powerful (also, substantially wealthy) family, Aya faces death, yet is saved.... and meets Touya, the mysterious and dashing poker faced red head. Aya discovers that the reason why her parents and family are out to destroy her is that like her childhood fairtyale, there is a tennyo (fairy), Ceres, who has reincarnated inside her, and will sought revenge on the Mikage family for the shame their ancestor had done her.

The story goes on to show Aya's painful separation with Aki, and she learns to love through the people she meets- Touya, Yuuhi, Chidori, Suzumi, and through Aya's gaining of love, Ceres learns to love again- though only remotely, as her sole purpose is to regain her lost hagaromo (feathered robe) in order to return to the heavens.

Although fantastical, Ayashi no Ceres has elements of science fiction as well, as Aya's cousin, Kagami, a seemingly ruthless and intelligent young man, who strives to create the superior human through learning DNA through none but the perfect Ceres.

What's more there's a secret to Aki's existence as well...

Rating: 8


Like all Watase Yuu art, the eyes are the most prominent feature of the characters, however when she drew Ayashi no Ceres, she said that she changed the style of the eyes--- I personally think that she drew them somewhat rounder and brighter, and she presents us with a cast of all charming characters, beautiful in appearance, especially Ceres's blown up photo on Aki's wall- that was truly a work of art.

The setting is also flawless in presenting the lavish lifestyle of the Mikage family, and the beautiful island setting where Touya was from is relaxing and calming- especially when Aya sees him on the beach for the first time.

The animation is very good as well... and for those who want to read the manga, the art is just as beautiful, however the plot differs, and the manga is more violent than the anime.

Rating: 8


The opening theme, Scarlet is sung by Iwao Junko, the seiyuu of Ceres. Intriguing in lyrics, vocals and with the piano, the song reflects the longing and painful love of Aya and Touya- and it is the ideal opening theme for Ayashi no Ceres.

However, the end themes by Daybreak are more rock style. I am a big fan of rock music, and by no means am I going to say that they were bad songs, but I felt that for the choice of the music--- well, I suppose there could have been better songs to choose. I didn't really feel that those songs in particular related to any pain, suffering or the struggle the Mikage family is in--- I perhaps would have preferred maybe a slower rock song rather than an upbeat one, because the tune deceives the lyrics.

Rating: 7


Ayashi no Ceres is seriously heavy stuff. There are bits where there is light humour to kill the tension, but that is seen very rarely throughout the anime, and it is an anime to be taken quite seriously.

Ayashi no Ceres originated from the fairytale of the tennyo... so there is no surprise that there was actually a catalyst for the foundation of this anime.

With all the characters, they all have a kind of inner flaw- Ceres who is blinded by hate, Aya who is unable to cope with facing the truth that she is a tennyo and the break up of her family, Touya being unable to communicate feelings, Yuuhi who is rash and jumping to conclusions, and Aki being too innocent. However, these are the humane characteristics of these characters that make them alive~ (^_^)

Ayashi no Ceres is enjoyable to watch again and again if you wish... because you (through Aya) can love, cry, and be reborn over and over again as you learn through her experiences. It's an anime I find touching- for those who are emotional, please prepare the tissues! You'll probably need them in some instances of this anime ! (^_~)V

So break free of all barriers and be who you are; in the end you'll fly high into the heavens, with all the love you can have.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by kuroimisa, Mar 23, 2005


  1. Akaiken Jul 19, 2005

    Hey sweetie!

    I didn't saw this review for a long time. Stupid me a only noticed it just now...

    Nice review on Ayashino Ceres. ^_^

  2. WilliamKo Dec 29, 2005

    A Very Nice Review.

  3. BurnTnToasT Jan 14, 2006

    written well

  4. flitzmausi Apr 05, 2006

    I think it's very good! ^-^

  5. dianas Aug 25, 2006

    ^^ thanks for ur time kuroimisa, for writeing this review..finaly someone that apreciats Ayashi No Ceres at its right value..
    the stile of Watase Yuu is remarcable..
    must say that i`m a big fan of her work..my fav is ANC and nwo i try to fiend and then read all her manga`s

  6. cereshe22 Sep 17, 2006

    nice review! very good!

  7. oksichan Nov 15, 2008

    thanks for the review it's very good!

  8. Lohitaksh Nov 20, 2008

    well thnxx for the review it was certainly appealing in the real sense
    i will surely download it and see the anime

  9. bloomnocyl Apr 24, 2010

    I like Ayashi No Ceres the most , I watched this anime about 20 times.

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