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Great Teacher Onizuka tv Review

Onizuka, age 22 ex-biker gang leader, one day decides to become the greatest teacher in the world. There happens to be several problems with this however: One, Onziuka is a loud mouthed, crude, foul mouthed lecher; and Two, he has basically no teaching credentials. However the head of a private academy has a problem with a class causing every single home room teacher to quit and hires Onizuka to teach because of his unique style. While not being a very good teacher for regular subjects (what teacher wears a elephant head to class or paints graffiti on the walls?!), Onizuka is a great at teaching about real life and as the anime progresses he deals with different problems that the students have in comedic and interesting ways.

Story & Characters

The story is very straight foward. A gang banger wants to become the greatest teacher in the world. Sounds simple right? Not exactly. If you look deeper into the anime it's really just about a lost guy, trying to find himself, and having a fun time along the way. It's a great plot when you mix in a few interesting characters mixed and eye candy that all guys will go crazy over. It's definately for the male crowd however, there are some parts in the anime that make it undeniably shoujo. It's not a very hard story to read into, so if you miss a few episodes, it'll be easy for you to catch up to what's going on (except when there are introductions to new characters). As far as the action goes in this anime, it's more of quality than quantitiy. There isn't much, but when there is, it's definately something you want to see. Either, it effects the plot or it'll effect the way you feel. GTO is a wild ride and after each episode, you will be definately be saying "That was the the most craziest logically stupid smart anime I've ever seen". Sounds crazy? Trust me, it is!

Rating: 7


The art in GTO is very detailed. A little too detailed at times. When Onizuka is making his faces, you definately see his emotions. It isn't fluff art either. It's hardcore, bear-all art! Backgrounds are much like those of any other anime (Think Samurai Girl Real Bout High School or any other anime that has school settings). Something I didn't like is in one particular episode, they make a driving scene where it looks very similar to a scene in Initial D. Also, Unlike a lot of anime, the main character actually changes clothes!!! I don't know if that matters to you all, but it just makes me feel like the creator put more effort into the anime if they take the time to change their clothing.

Rating: 5


I think both the original and dubbed seiyuus are awesome in this anime. The first time I watched it in English, I didn't think that David Lucas would do a good job taking on Onizuka's character because I was used to him playing more serious rolls (Roger - Big O and Spike - Bebop). I soon realized that David Lucas can do anything, and he made Onizuka come to life!! And of course with David Lucas is Wendee Lee (have you noticed, she played the female counterparts of Spike and Roger) as Onizuka's co-worker and secret love interest, Azusa Fuyutsuki. The background music tends to be a bit repetitive but it's not a minor part of t he s how. The soundtrack is awesome. It features music by Laruku and Porno Graffitti. Some of the highlight songs are Poison, Driver's High and Hitori no Yoru.

Rating: 7


The humor in this is endless and the best part, It's humor you actually understand! Onizuka is your average guy and he acts like one too. He's crude, rude and has an attitude. He isn't always that way though. You can always count on him to be the good guy in the end (because Onizuka is just so damn lovable!) Just as the art isn't fluff, neither are the characters. They are crisp, sharp characters that aren't complex but you have to watch and watch to see how their character develops, like most things you watch. It'll keep you laughing for a long time, even after you finish watching it. I wouldn't reccomend it to people who are not into the whole up-skirt, slapstick, dirty joke type of anime because this is definately the definition of it all. Just so you don't get bored with straight jokes, there are always serious moments, that will sometimes make you think. GTO is awesome and you'll get to know the characters and love them all. If you're a bit younger watching this (12-13), Unless you know what you're getting into, I'd hold off on GTO. Also, there are a lot of parts in it that make parents look at you strangely (trust me, I've been there). I really enjoy GTO, and it's one of my favorite animes of all time. It isn't difficult to understand, but if you don't know about some stuff (sex education kiddies) I gurantee you won't get some of the jokes. If I were to mix any anime together to get GTO, I'd take the humor of Excel Saga, the action/scenery of Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, Character styling of Initial D and the flow and enjoyment factor of Cowboy Bebop. All of them are awesome anime and if you like any or all of these anime, you'll definately love Great Teacher Onizuka!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.00 (above average)

Reviewed by kaolla-kake, Mar 11, 2005


  1. leonheart999 Mar 17, 2005

    i like this comics so much! Aekichi Onizuka is the one teacher that i admired!

  2. levitan Mar 21, 2005

    GTO is da greatest i luv da anime 2 bad dat day don show it on animax no more

  3. TedTurtle Mar 22, 2005

    I love GTO. It's one of my favorite mangas. Lol Onizuka is so weird.

  4. KARKON Banned Member Apr 06, 2005

    gto will make laugh for long time .....i love too

    >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!! >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!! >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!! >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!! >=0000000~~~~~!!!!!!!!

  5. vaiowega Apr 26, 2005

    tha art in the manga is awesome thanks to Fujisawa-sama, but the anime isn't very detailed, I think that GTO animated serie drawings are hardly bad...

  6. Zachior Aug 10, 2005

    No doubt, GTO is a good anime. Quite funny! 9/10 (Looking forward to seeing the live action)

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