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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED tv Review

Cosmic Era 71. A war is under way between genetically enhanced Coordinators and unmodified Naturals. The Natural-dominated Earth Alliance, struggling to catch up with the Coordinators' superior technology, has secretly developed its own Gundam mobile suits at a neutral space colony. Through a twist of fate, a young Coordinator named Kira Yamato becomes the pilot of the Alliance's prototype Strike Gundam, and finds himself forced to fight his own people in order to protect his friends.

Story & Characters

I enjoy watching gundam seed, So here is a review of it! This series begins with a war between Earth and the colonies that is similar to the One Year War of the original Gundam series and is set in the alternate universe calendar Cosmic Era (C.E.) 71. On one side is the Earth Alliance or so called O.M.N.I, and on the opposite is the space colonies that form ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty). Mankind has evolved into new forms through genetic engineering, with normal humans known as 'Naturals' and the genetically altered known as 'Coordinators'. Once again, a young civilian who dislikes war finds himself being a Gundam pilot, and this time the hero is a Coordinator named Kira Yamato. At first forced by circumstance to fight his own people, Kira now finds himself in the middle of a war between two genocidal governments. How will he come across all obsticles to stop this war? Will he be able to fight his friend who is his rival? Can he manage to even survive? Stay tune for this anime. The best part of it is probably the battle scenes since this is really what the story is all about. Firepower, missles, super cannons, beam sabers, bloodsherd, you name it. They also tries to insert a morality message that war is bad and humanity will have war and stuff like that... but overall very interesting. I would recommand this to any gundam fans that loves watching gundams.
by the way there is a sequal to this anime call gundam seed destiny. So stay tune to that as well!!! And they made mangas and DVD edition of this series as well!

Rating: 8


The art of this anime is great or should I say pretty insane when compare to gundam wing and gundam turn A. since it is made in the twenty first century afterall so the graphic is outstanding especially the opening with the PLANT being on display from the outside. Totally 3D module and realistic. The METEOR and freedom gundam is design very well to make the show one of the top in japan. IT Looks very realistic. there is also alot of bloodshred and gore scenes. So beware of that if you dislike bloodshred or gore like elements. And why would an good gundam anime be without it?? But still you don't really see bloodshred everyday(every espisode) so don't worry about it.

Rating: 9


The sounds is very good, you can listen to them again and again and still doesn't get bored. Why because the rhythem is so good and the voice just draws you in... Heck I can just listen to the music all day and do nothing. but that is insane isn't it... anyways there is several opening and ending songs in the entire series. I believe there is 8. 4 opening and 4 ending. includes T.M. Revolution's Invoke, Nami's moment, believe, realize. there is Anna ni issho datta no ni, river, meteor and find the way. they are all great and I would recommand them to everyone. if you would like detail on the sound please check for anime lyric for it. They should be all there.

Rating: 9


The overall presentation of the show is good they included alot of unexpected suprises and turn of the table. "This series is truely one that has interesting twists and turns and seems to always have new things that will hit you out of no where. Character deveolpement is something that Gundam Seed seems to have plenty of... the characters are involved in various relationships and seem to not care about 'fighting' in general compared to some other series."-- gundam seed.net. Gundam seed is very original and very humorous in some ways. But it is more about battle and the concept of ethical and morality issues. What happens when clones runs wild and how will human react to those that are genetically remodeled to be more sufficient? All of these issues that well soon will face is faced in this anime which set in motion in another universe. Anyway back to the anime itself. The anime is very watchable and there should not be any difficulties in understanding it because everything is so straight foward like. There isn't like hidden undiscuss thing. All will be reveal near the end of the story. IF you still are not satisfy with the explaination, please feel free to take a look at the manga of gundam seed astray. Because the astray story explains alot of things that are not mention anywhere else.
one down side to it is that there is way too many irrelevant flash backs that takes up space.

thank you for reading my review

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by coldblood, Feb 27, 2005


  1. deathmoor1 Feb 27, 2005

    Wow your review is pretty long considering the fact that other reviews focuses more on individual espisodes and more to point. Anyway I suppose I should comment and give you credit for your hardwork :P

  2. Tannaka Feb 28, 2005

    It is a very good review, good job ! You seem to really like Gundam ^-^

  3. evinkay7 Mar 30, 2005

    it's big and well done

    say has anyone watched any other gundam series' i only watched gundam seed because it was on before inu yasha on ytv, then i got hooked

  4. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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