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Get Backers tv Review

Story & Characters

This is a story about two guys, Midou Ban and Amano Ginji, living the life as "Getbackers", retriever agents who will retrieve anything that you have lost. They helped clients to get what they had lost in exchange for money (yet they are always broke all the time, sometimes cannot even eat for days ^_^). Ban and Ginji are special in a way, Ban with his Jagan which can induce illusional pictures that look real to his opponent and he is a genius in martial arts himself, while Ginji is somewhat of an electric eel ^^ which can produce electricity from his body.
The story then unfold slowly, showing Ginji's dark past, and how he battle the Raitei (Thunder Emperor) that he tried to conceal within himself. New characters that is linked to Ginji's past were introduced, including new retriever agent and transporter agents (transport goods for the clients). The whole story would concentrate a lot on Ginji and Ban's relationships, with a lot of fighting scene in between. It would then mainly revolve around the Mugenjou (Infinite Castle) and the battles that Ginji and Ban went through inside it, trying to solve its puzzle and mystery while at the same time saving the friends Ginji had there. A lot of philosophy about existence would surface later (wow, seems so deep)

Rating: 7


The drawing of the character is good, although sometimes the composition is a bit off (Ban's shoulder seems bigger than usual, Ginji's body seems 'fatter'). I especially like the tareginji (you know tarepanda right?Sometimes Ginji looks like one in his kawaii mode) drawing, it is so cute ^^. For clothes design I really cannot give a very good comment as the characters wears almost the same clothes everytime (especially Ginji and Ban), but clothes design is okay in my opinion, and the characters looks cool ^^
Background plays big part here, especially in the fighting scenes, although normally there is no background characters in the scenes, but I think the background design is quite nice.
Other than that, the design is consistent enough throughout the whole series.

Rating: 8


Music matches the whole anime well, though I do not think that the opening and ending song quite matched the series but I like one of the theme song, Ichibuyou No Refrain, it is really nice.
About seiyuu, I think Ginji's seiyuu suits him well, showing his emotion nicely and also his mood swings (from normal Ginji, to Raitei, to tareginji). Ban seiyuu is also quite good in showing his emotions.
Other than that, other theme songs suits the anime well, I should think, especially the Mugenjou's theme and Honky Tonk one. I also like tareginji victory dance and song ^^

Rating: 6


I want to clarify that this is not a yaoi anime, though I said Ginji and Ban's relationship earlier, it is more of friendship kind of relation ^^
The presentation of the whole anime is quite nice and the story is presented nicely. The character development is good and well thought up. Sometimes it steers off a bit out of the focus, but it does not change the storyline flow much. There are a lot of flashbacks here and there in the anime that gives you idea about the focus of the story.
There is a lot of humor considering that this is actually more of a fighting anime, and the humor is good, placed nicely in between scenes and all. I like humors that involved tareginji the best ^^ I am sure that you would get a good laugh watching this anime
One thing that I am not really satisfied about is how they concluded the whole anime, other than that, I think the whole presentation is done nicely and it is highly enjoyable to watch.
I think this anime is suited for 13 years old and above (violence in fighting scenes)

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.33 (above average)

Reviewed by tareren, Feb 24, 2005


  1. Aa-chan Mar 18, 2005

    Thanks for the review. It has answered a few questions I had about the anime and has inspired me to watch it.
    Thanks again ^^ .

  2. ealpha-scorpio Mar 07, 2007

    I haven't watched "Get Backers" but I agree with you about the Art used in this anime. I already saw the character's design on scans and wallpapers and they really look cool. ^_^' I don't know about the details of the story but from what I've read so far, it's pretty much the same old story that has been repeated in this anime too. Someone with dark mysterious past! But I guess I will try to watch if I have the chance, specially the OST that you mentioned. I really like to hear it.
    Thanks for your review. :)

  3. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    I haven't watched this anime as of yet, but this review makes me curious. Good job.

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