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Yami no Matsuei

Yami no Matsuei tv Review

Even after death, life is full of paperwork and criminals.
Asato Tsuzuki is a 26-year-old, happy-go-lucky and dorky shinigami (god of death) whose job is to makes sure that those who are dead remain dead and stay in their proper realms. Even though he's had this job for over 70 years, he is in the worst division with horrible pay. He also has a knack for not keeping partners (since shinigami work in pairs), but now he seems to have one that will stick around; stubborn, smart-mouthed, serious and defensive 16 year old, Hisoka Kurosaki. With each case they investigate, they come closer to the conspiracies of the serial killer Dr. Kazutaka Muraki.

Asato's relationship with Hisoka is growing stronger and closer...but there is a dark secret to how Asato died that will not give him peace.

Story & Characters

There are beings called "Shinigami" (it means "god of death") who have the responsability to guide the souls who have been recorded into their registration of souls in the underword. Those shinigami have some king of organization, where they work at the "the Summons Division", controled by of Enma, the Ruler of the underworld.

One of the best men they have is called Tsuzuki Asato. When his new partner, Kurosaki Hisoka, arrives, they dont get along very well cause alll Tsuzuki wants to do is eat. He dont look responsable and he is always kidding.

Thats when they meet Muraki Kazutaka, a strange man who is manipulating people with a unknown reason. They start an investigation and when realize, Muraki is the one who is behind several problems.

Muraki have some kind ob obssession under Tsuzuki . What will happen when he discovers his secrets? Ill have to watch it to know ^^

Well Muraki kidnap Hisoka in orther to attract Tsuzuki to a trap, it brings Hisoka´s past memories back. Muraki was involved with his death. When Tsuzuki arrives he shows his true power and it really rulez! He can invoque the god Suzaku (Something like the Fenix) to fight for him!

Rating: 9


Well, I can see only one thing: the astist REALLY like CLAMP. I mean, he REALLY DOES. He even used an X mark on Tsuzuki !! But, as all you know, CLAMP is great so, even the artist copying their style, it is a beautifully drawed anime.

More one anime with many bishounens. Hey girls (and boys) who enjoy it: WATCH IT NOW. The shounenai-yaoi are well drawed as well, very beautiful collours, the details are very good. I like detalistic artists. If you want to understaind what I meen, see http://theria.net/yaminomatsuei/gallery/YnMcolor.html . There are some nice images from the characters. (Ill be posting high scans here too!)

Rating: 8


Oh, yes. Thats a nice part. Great original soundtrack. I just love the opening, its so romantic. Download it.

I love when they choose well the opening music. The lyrics are very harmonic with the storyline. This please me very much. The ending is also nice, both have full versions avaliable on emule. The full version is even better, believe me.

The ambiental music was great! Very harmonic with the anime itself. I have the entire OST here, its really good. The music chosen to the more tense moments is just great! Is really beautiful.

Rating: 8


Well, to enjoy this anime you must forgive some clichés :) But the ending is not foreseeable at all. To be honest, its a litlle out of sense. But its nice. I would prefer other ending, but still, its a nice anime.

Specially if you are the shounenai-yaoi type. If you enjoy the style you will become a Muraki x Tsuzuki fan or a Tsuzuki X Hisoka fan for sure XD

But there are nothing explicit in it, you wont download a hentai, dont worry. But there are some suggestions of sex and nudes. Is a very good taste scene, but it is a yaoi scene. Man almost kiss themselves in this anime. But, if you think this is sexy, go ahead and download it now! You will have fun! Its not the anime of your live, copy other animes sometimes, but its nice! I would recommend, just do not expect the best anime of your life.

This is other anime where you find the four japanese mithological gods. And some mithological demons, so who enjoys this part of culture of Japan will like it.

(sorry about any wrong spelling, english is not my primary language XD)

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by akram, Feb 24, 2005


  1. Kiku8 Sep 09, 2005

    I don't think the artist is quite copying clamp. It was being drawn around the same time, and there are differences in their styles. Yoko Matsushita (that's the artist)'s style is more gothic and visual kei themed while clamp has their own theme. but overall, your review was very good. ^^

  2. NK05 Nov 10, 2005

    A very nice(amazing in some sense) anime. Watch it already and got addited to it. >_<

  3. MarieGreentree Dec 09, 2005

    Your theories are not unfounded, but you must give Matsushita-sama credit. The artwork is rather beautiful and alluring, despite what you may think. And the plot, it is a masterpiece in my high opinion. Though, I must give some advice: read the manga. The story is so much more intriguing and distinguished than that of the anime. The entire plot give insight to an idea to which many can relate: life after death... that and some humour in between.
    Oh, and by the way, your English is acceptable for not being your first language.

  4. yamijaz Dec 18, 2005

    Quote: Well, I can see only one thing: the astist REALLY like CLAMP. I mean, he REALLY DOES. He even used an X mark on Tsuzuki ! But, as all you know, CLAMP is great so, even the artist copying their style, it is a beautifully drawed anime.

    WHAT?! How dare you to say that! >.< I can't get how you can compare Yami no Matsuei's art with CLAMP's and say that Yoko Matsushita is copying their style>.< THAT"S A BIG STUPID LIE! Yoko-sama's art is way better than CLAPMs in my opinion, well yes CLAMP is great and everything but not as great as yoko-sama, and Yoko Matsushita is a SHE and not a "he" as you mentioned above <.< obviously you don't know anything about Yami no Matsuei aside from the anime...go read the manga for God's sake! and next time you critize something do it with FACTS..geez!

    Quote: But there are some suggestions of sex and nudes. Is a very good taste scene, but it is a yaoi scene

    yaoi scene? eh wh..what yaoi scene? o_O if you're talking about the anime...well, I've re-watched the whole anime like ten times and i've never seen a "yaoi scene" there...well, yes Tsuzuki and Muraki almost kiss, but hon..that's shounen ai not yaoi *sigh* Yami no Matsuei is not even shounen ai but shoujo, by the way.

  5. SanzosSaru Feb 08, 2006

    No way the artist was copying Clamp...her style looks more like Kaori Yuki's!But I don't think she was copying her, either. Yami has its own unique style.

    This series started with no plot whatsoever, but very itneresting characters, and that's what kept it going. Tsuzuki, Muraki, Hisoka are all fascinating, and their problems are very tragic. The art staryted just strange, but ended incredibly good.
    It balances fun and tragedy in a masterful way, so it has you laughing your head off one page and the next you're crying.

    The only problem witht his series is the looooong time it's taking to finish. Where is the author? She left when it was msot interesting, the best ark in all the manga: the shikigami and Hisoka's family ark!

    My fav characters are Tsuzuki, Kurikara and Touda. Oh, and I have a soft spot for Byakko; he's so cute^^

  6. Countess-D May 29, 2006

    My first shonen ai; the first anime I ever downloaded completely...

    I must say I love how this anime was done; music, characters, true to the story...my only regret is that it ended at the Kyoto arc. It was such a good anime it was a shame it had to end u_u...

    Amd even today I still listen to EDEN, Akuma no Trill and many other tracks! =)

  7. suzoka Jul 19, 2006

    My first shounen-ai, and my most obssessed anime ever.

    Masushita-sansei copying CLAMP'S style whoever said that? That is not true. Matsushita-sensei's artwork is way better than CLAMP. And i must say her artwork is really beautiful!

    The plot is really good, and from my point of view truely one of a kind. A good balance of supernatural, drama, suspense, comedy and a little shounen-ai a really unusaul combination of genre. The characters design is unique and really matches thier personality (but i have to say the manga is really much better) also the relationship of each character is really beautiful. Each character is very unique.

    Also the OST of the anime is really amazing especially 'Boundless love' , 'Eden' and 'Love Me'. oh! and 'My All'

    And my Favorite character is Hisoka, he's soo kawaii!
    I really wish Matsushita-sensei would continue the manga soon.

  8. kabe9 Jun 29, 2010

    It was the very first Anime series I owned and still have it.

    I got the full series on two discs,The Perfect Collection edition. I think it was an import It's in English but no extras just language and subtitle settings.

    Still one of my #1 Favs ^ x ^

    PS. own manga too but not complete

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