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Kyou Kara Maou

Kyou Kara Maou tv Review

Story & Characters

Kyou Kara Maou is a story about a boy named Shibuya Yuuri, who was a normal high school boy until one day he tried to save his friend from bullies, and get bullied instead and was forced down the toilet. It was then that he found himself being drowned from head to toe by the toilet, and came out into a strange world where everybody seems to be cosplaying !! ^^
Yuuri then was saved by the Mazokus (Demons) and made into a king (Maou aka Demon King). At first he really thought that it was all a joke and that the whole world is a theme park ^^, but little by little he then accepted this fact. Yuuri, who knows nothing about the custom of the world and the country (Shin Makoku) then made many mistakes in his action, including proposing to a pretty boy ! As the story progress, Yuuri tried his best to make this other world a better world where people can experience peace and demon and human can live together side by side while at the same time going back and forth from his world to this other world. Could Yuuri make a good Maou?

Rating: 6


The drawing style is quite nice, though the clothes design is quite plain. But I like the hairstyle of each characters and how they can make Wolfram looks so cute like a girl. The characters in the background are also drawn, not only blurs so it is kind of good. Expression of character is also shown quite clearly, especially Gunter's expression when he's expressing his love for Maou (Yuuri). Another is the transform of Yuuri to be Maou, I think it is done nicely to show the change in his personality

Rating: 6


The music is okay, nothing is special and it is not bad or something like that. Personally, i like the background music when Yuuri turns into Maou, though I do not like how he keep mentioning Justice, which becomes very boring after you saw it so many times, I hope he has other catch lines too. All the seiyuu also fit the character well in my opinion. I like Wolfram's seiyuu, who brought out his character well about how stubborn he is (it's portrayed nicely). But sorry to say, I do not really like the opening or ending theme song ='(

Rating: 6


I enjoy watching this anime. It has good amount of humor in between, especially when Yuuri unknowingly propose to Wolfram and said that he is not going to take it back without knowing what he has done. Scenes between Wolfram and Yuuri is best humor scenes in this anime, seeing how Wolfram tried to keep Yuuri away from cute gals or guys as he is Yuuri's 'fiancee'. Another good humor is supplied by Gunter who constantly day dream and wrote in his diary all his feelings for Yuuri. The character development is also quite good, especially the main character, Yuuri, which changed from a cowardly to a responsible Maou. And other characters which develop likings to him and his method of governing, though they were not really happy about how he is so soft hearted and forgiving that he forgive almost everybody who has done wrong, even those who had tried to kill him.
One thing is I am quite confused to whether this is a shonen-ai anime or not...
Since I have not seen the ending I can not say anything about it, but I certainly am looking forward to it =)

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.33 (average)

Reviewed by tareren, Feb 17, 2005


  1. crsg Feb 17, 2005

    ive heard from many different people that is is a shounen-ai anime, although i myself havent seen it yet... truthfully, id have to say thats more of an incentive for me to watch it in the first place... ;)

  2. jackie-lyn Feb 19, 2005

    It's not really a shounen-ai anime to me. It's just slashable. I've only watch up to ep. 24 (where we get to see the past), waiting to get up to the last (ep.25 -39). Most of the episodes make me laugh though :D

  3. nisse Banned Member Feb 20, 2005

    thats a googd review

  4. soujiokita Mar 31, 2005

    Review is pretty good, but I never watched it so I don't how good it is.

  5. akari-chan Mar 31, 2005

    You did a great job. I'm sure this is yaoi(shounen ai).

  6. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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