tareren's Final Fantasy X-2 Tv Review

Final Fantasy X-2 tv Review

Two years after the defeat of Sin, Spira is once again in a state of disarray. Two factions are now vying for control, leaving one scantily clad Yuna in the middle. The former High Summoner has shed her old ways and is off in search of new adventure. Upon finding a video of a certain "you know who," she sets off on a journey to find more clues. With the aid of some old friends and help fom some new allies, she is off to save the world once again!

Credits: kawaiiguy

Story & Characters

Final Fantasy X-2 begins 2 years after the era of Final Fantasy X.
The main Character is Yuna, who was previously left behind by Tidus (main character of FF X). As the title suggests, this game is the sequel of Final Fantasy X. It takes place at Spira, with a lot of the familiar old views. However, here you only have three characters that you can play, Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Three of them, together with Brother and Buddy are the renowned "Gullwings", sphere hunters that hunt sphere across Spira. While Rikku and Paine joined for the fun of it, Yuna was trying to look for clues as to Tidus's wherabouts. The journey will then unfold to show Spira's condition after Sin is gone, which turns out to be not as sweet as people once imagined. Spira would need a saviour once again, and it seems that Yuna is the only one who can do it. With the disputes between Youth League and New Yevon members and the new threat to Spira's existence, Yuna and the Gullwings have to struggle to solve the puzzle that surrounds them and to decide whom to trust while at the same time calm down the people of Spira who were then divided into two sides. And aside from that, was the man that Yuna saw in the sphere Tidus? Could she meet him once again? Could she finally have her happy-ever-after?

Rating: 6


The drawing of the costumes are nice and elaborated, with lots of colour variation and interesting model. The different costumes for every character's jobs is one factor that made this game attractive. I especially like how they have different themes for Yuna's, Rikku's and Paine's costumes. Yuna's costumes are more elegant and mature, while Rikku's costumes are more innocent and childish like, whereas for Paine's costumes they give a dark, cold and gloomy feeling. From graphic aspect, X-2 are just as nice as FF X, the camera view and angle is such that you can see all the important angles in the scene, unlike some RPGs where you have to tilt and tilt the camera angle to search for treasures and stuffs. And I think the facial expressions of the characters are good.

Rating: 8


Speech quality is good. You can hear every word clearly from the characters, and even if you don't, they have the subtitles (you can also disable the subtitles, I think). Some of the background themes are not original as they are taken from Final Fantasy X. The soundtracks, Real Emotion and 1000 Words, are so so. They cannot compare to previous Final Fantasy's soundtracks like Eyes On Me and Suteki Da Ne. The other background themes are quite good, though not as good as that of Final Fantasy VIII.

Rating: 4


I do not think this game has originality seeing how it continues from Final Fantasy X, in the same place and all. I do not enjoy playing this game, especially since I feel that this game does not have the 'Final Fantasy' feel to it. I think this is the worst Final Fantasy series that I ever played. Maybe it was because of the playing style where you have to choose for spots to go in order to continue the story, or the idea that you can change jobs from warrior to white mage, to black mage, to lady luck and all. Another thing that I do not like is how Yuna seems to act cute everywhere and everytime she had the chance to. A plus point to the game is that when you have finished playing it through once you can play it again using the feature 'New Game Plus', in which all your previous costumes could be used, enabling you to finish the game with 100% completion without having to return to the previous save point everytime you missed something. The game has various ending, depending on how many percentage of the game you completed, making it quite difficult if you want to see the best ending by playing it once.

Rating: 2

Final Verdict

4.67 (moderate)

Reviewed by tareren, Feb 10, 2005


  1. SpookyFish Feb 11, 2005

    I understand that you don't like ffx-2, as can be understood from the review, but is 2/10 really fair for Presentation? I saw the dress sphere's as pretty original. Though I don't know what the "Final Fantasy" feel is suppose to be, assuming it isn't suppose to be subjective. From what you're saying (in that section) it sounds like Presentation should actually be higher. Your reasons don't appear to justify giving it a 2/10, whereas I'd undersatnd if you swapped that with Story...

  2. tareren Feb 11, 2005

    Hmm.... I think i put the dress design mark into the Art section...Therefore presentation mark is low, though I said that it is plus point, I then realised that for some people it may not be so and that they prefer to play it once through...
    And about the FF feel thingy... I really think it does not feel as if I played FF game as the quality is not as expected... Double disappointment for me since I was really really waiting for the game to came out and cannot even play it until during holiday...I admit I am biased against this game and... yeah, what can I do about it ? Guess that's it...Thanks or the comment though =)

  3. muncherman1988 Feb 11, 2005

    I am very dissapointed with you sound review.
    The sound might not be as good as FFX but it that is only by a small margin. The songs real emotion and 100 words are two of the best pieces of music on games around.

    I wouldn't class Yuna as the main character either, even though you play her both Rikku and Paine both have almost equal roles in the story.

    At a glance I can see your not a big fan of this game, or you just loved FFX, but you bust admitt this review does bring down the game down alot, it should be at least 6/10.

    (Muncherman Rules Over All!!!)

  4. Cloud-230389 Feb 11, 2005

    Dude i know it says to have a gud variety of rates
    but ...
    if you think about it
    it's a reason to give the game a happy ending
    as many final fantasy fans complained about ~~~
    also it's been rushed alot by the fans themselves

    so just be happy for actually getting the game....

    also i myself don't think it's that bad , definatly not as bad as u say

    hope ya'll gonna understand my paoint of view on the game LOL

    c ya

    -- Cloud's awake !! , nope he's just sleep walkin --

  5. XavierCrow Mar 04, 2005

    Hmm... thank you, Tareren. Too many people enjoy FFX and X-2 based on graphics and hype. They were told this game was great, and they believed it. Several things about the game annoys me. For one, pointed out by my good friend and loyal Final Fantasy fan, the series is called Final Fantasy for a reason. Every game had a unique story with a beginning, a middle and an end. ffx-2 breaks defeats the idea in two ways, 1; it's a continuation of a previous story, therefore FFX ceases to be a final fantasy and instead becomes a prelude to a final fantasy and 2; the fact that the ending can change, ruins the idea of it being a story. Yes, the graphics are nice, but since ffviii, that has been one of the main goals of Squaresoft (now known as SquareEnix) and the reality is that the graphics are only a small part of any game. Final Fantasy games can still be enjoyed today, regardless of age, because they are classics... and a game only becomes a classic by taking all factors into consideration. Personally, I'd like to believe that ffviii was the last game made, because in essence it was the last time they made a game for something other than the money (maybe ffix, but I haven't played it and know nothing about it.) Changing your job was actually from the first few Final Fantasy games and changing your job would change your clothing, unique to each character... obviously an idea they thought would work in the new game. Final Fantasy X-2 comes off as being somewhat a compilation of the different games, rather than a story and game unto itself. Personally, ffviii was the greatest game I have ever played and has stuck with me since that time... nothing else in the series has come close.

  6. tareren Mar 07, 2005

    I personally think that ffvii is the best ^^ but I quite like ffviii too

  7. belmikry Retired Moderator May 30, 2005

    that is quite harsh, especially since I found that the dresspheres were my favourite in FF so far 0_0.. i love playing the game over and over, which i've also note it has a long game play. Also, dont even try playing without the book. It goes by so quickly and you miss all of the details. I really didn't like the too-girlie j-pop scenes, especially the opening- but the graphics made it all worth while. How can you say they were so-so? o_0 did you ever stare at rikku;s skin in cinematics?? YOU |CAN SEE veins 0_o ....

    anyways, i just wanted to say the best part was actually getting to mess around with the garment grids and abilities. I thought it was specific and also gave you more room to experiment, especially only with 3 characters :)

  8. tareren May 31, 2005

    Well, really sorry to all ffx-2 lover out there >< but this is really my personal opinion, everybody is entitled to one, sigh ^^" dont be offended by this review okay XD

  9. BGHughes Banned Member Jun 04, 2005

    i agree with you on the score you gave this game, it sucks, FFX was way better than this, i dont even know how it can be called the fallow up to FFX

  10. rslgto Nov 14, 2005

    ha! FF7 fanboy, aren't you?

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