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Peacemaker Kurogane

Peacemaker Kurogane tv Review

A period piece set in Kyoto during the twilight of the Edo period, Peacemaker Kurogane tells the story of a boy, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who joins the Shinsengumi in order to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of an influential Choshu clansman, Yoshida Toshimaro.
There, he learns that if he is to taste revenge, he will have to cast aside his humanity and become a demon in spirit;
this is thus the tale of a boy forced by the circumstances of his time to grow up and embrace his destiny.

Credits: shinsengumi

Story & Characters

A period piece set in Kyoto during the twilight of the Edo period, Peacemaker Kurogane tells the tale of a boy, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, who joins the Shinsengumi in order to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of an influential Choshu clansman, Yoshida Toshimaro. Tetsunosuke is accepted into the Shinsengumi as the page of Hijikata Toshizo, one of the two vice-commanders of the Shinsengumi and the one known historically for his strict and merciless nature.

Though he works hard, Tetsu is a tad clumsy and messes up frequently in tasks from serving tea to hanging up the wash. Yet he focuses on his goal of becoming stronger such that he may have his revenge, and is able to achieve this at the culmination of the series, which (not surprisingly) is the Ikeda-ya affair of 5 June 1864, the single event that ensured a place for the Shinsengumi in the annals of human history.

With the exception of a slightly out-of-place side story approximately halfway through the series involving an insane noble, magic, and a confused plot to destroy the Shinsengumi (or at least ruin its reputation) by having an assassin impersonate Okita Souji, the captain of the first patrol of the Shinsengumi, the plot moves along smoothly, transitioning effortlessly and effectively from its the light-hearted (as is the majority of the series) to the deathly serious in a manner that (with the exception of the aforementioned side story) manages to retain the interest of the viewer.

In this manner is the comical tale of Tetsu woven together with the lives of the great personalities, the bloody battles, and the historical backdrop of the Bakamatsu in order to create the engaging plot of Peacemaker Kurogane.

Rating: 7


As can be expected from Gonzo, the artwork and character design for Peacemaker Kurogane is excellent, the animation fluid, the quality consistent. The art style used does much to enhance and complement the storytelling. For example, in particularly lighthearted moments, a more comic style is used, with bold lines and bright colors, and in more dramatic moments the palette takes on a dark and brooding tone.

While the animation in general is very good, the fight sequences are of particular note. Action and movement are very fluid and well-presented both from a pure animation standpoint and a cinematographic perspective. In these scenes, CG is often used for the backgrounds, with the camera angle in constant motion in order to present a more immersive and detailed view of the situations being presented, whether it be a rooftop duel between shinobi or the bloody swordfighting at the Ikeda-ya.

Rating: 9


If there is one aspect where Peacemaker Kurogane could be improved, it would be in its music. For one, the opening and ending themes, done by HAV, don't particularly fit the series well and are simply not either particularly good nor particularly memorable songs. The closing theme in particular (named "Hey Jimmy!") is a bit grating to the ears, as much of it is done in fairly poor Engrish.

The music does a good job to complement the storytelling, but it leaves much to be desired. At times, it's overly synthesized or simply lacks any semblence of a melodic line or direction, while at other times it can be lyrical, sweet, playful, etc. Overall, the background music is not particularly memorable, and does not enhance the story. On the other hand, it does not detract from the story either.

The original Japanese voice acting is excellent, as can be expected, with voices that match up nicely with their respective characters and that convey just the right tone or emotion at the right times.

Rating: 6


One particular thing that worked well for Peacemaker Kurogane that will perhaps help it score extra credit amongst those interested in Japanese history is the subtle inclusion of historical people and events to the background that help add to the series and tie it to history. With the exception of Tetsu, his brother Tatsu, and perhaps one or two others, all of the Shinsengumi officers portrayed were historical people. For example, at one point, Isami Kondo, the commander of the Shinsengumi, is shown absently putting his fist in his mouth, something he was historically rumored to have been able to do. People such as Matsudaira Katamori, Lord of Aizu, Katsura Kogoro, and Sakuma Shozan are mentioned in briefing, and Sakamoto Ryoma, the ronin from Tosa who united the Satsuma and Choshu clans to fight the Tokugawa and the Aizu, makes appearances throughout the series, sporting a pistol and whistling the Star Spangles Banner. The list goes on.

Some creative liberties were taken with some of the characters, however, but as long as viewers are not too fixated by how they feel characters ought to be presented (either through exposure to history or another anime), but rather accept them as mere players upon the stage of the anime, they work well in the context of the larger picture. Okita Souji, for example, is pictured as being slightly effeminate, and Saito Hajime, commander of the third patrol, is portrayed as being a tad strange and in tune with the spiritual world, though he, along with Souji, are still portrayed as two of the greatest swordsmen of the era.

With all things considered, Peacemaker Kurogane was very enjoyable to watch. With the exception of the aforementioned side story, the plot, the characters, the art, the animation, the music, and the voice acting came together very nicely in order to create a very solid series. Funny at times, dark at others, it is something that can be watched and enjoyed by viewers young and old alike.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by shinsengumi, Jan 17, 2005


  1. DragoonzDead Feb 15, 2005

    i like Peacemaker Kurogane's art than the story^^

  2. gorn Mar 15, 2005

    I love Peacemaker Kurogane.
    The story and art so good ^-^.

  3. soujiokita Mar 31, 2005

    Quote by gornI love Peacemaker Kurogane.The story and art so good ^-^.

    I can agree with you on that.

  4. limes-eye May 02, 2005

    I've just seen the anme and I think it's great! I love the story and beautiful art is the icing on a cake, it maes it even better. :)

  5. asagoro Banned Member May 08, 2005

    Quote by soujiokita

    Quote by gornI love Peacemaker Kurogane.The story and art so good ^-^.

    I can agree with you on that.

    me too. finally i have found my people! and okita rox, uhhh..."sou-chan"...! XD
    i really like the first episode where they show the iaka-ieka-however you spell that- inn, there were good graphics, action, and...OKITA!!!!

    i've spent all morning watching it, so i'm all charged up. bwahahaha!!!!! :nya:

  6. kenzuke Jun 03, 2005

    Wow ... nicely made review... ^^

    Now, I'm interested about this anime... plus it's a gonzo.. :D

    Although I don't know were I can get it... oh well... >_> .... I'll just probably wait for it to be shown on Tv....

    hmmm ......so you got your name from this anime eh... shinsengumi..... hehe ... now, I know.... xd

    ok, I'm off to leech this gallery!

  7. PwnOXz0r Aug 08, 2005

    So that's where you got your name from! Never would've thought. This is aweosme sum up of the series. I think I'll check it out.

  8. HongAnime Dec 06, 2005

    I have never seen that anime but after Your Review i think that i have to see it >< Thanks really Fantastic Review...

  9. deathduo Dec 13, 2005

    What's the ending like? i watched this but i missed the ending! =[

  10. cagalli88 Dec 16, 2005

    Hey there!

    When i read your review, the atnosphere is so serious, so tense! But its a great review! You did justification for the anime itself! I have to agree with you regarding the english of Hey Jimmy! and how it doesnt synchronise with the anime. But hey, it features the cute grumpy Saizo so i don't really mind!

    I LOVE the Peacemaker OST! Especially the song in the episode whereby Tetsu was down so Souji took Hijikata-san's poem book. The part whereby Souji asks Tetsu to run to the ends of the eaaaaaarth! Ahaha, that was hilariou and oh! also the battle theme, it ROX my socks! >.<

    I agree with you 100% regarding the seiyuu and can Susumu's voice be any cuter?! Kyaa! And yea, i love souji's voice too, reminds me of Makubex and also Tetsu, kawaii! I do love the ninja accent, always ends with nan ya?

    Oh god, im blabbering. Anyways, gr8 review, definitely far better off then mine! And once again


    merged: 12-16-2005 ~ 01:26pm
    hey death duo,

    regarding the ending...

    It starts off with Tetsu having a dream abt his father and how he wants Tetsu to be the Peacemaker.
    Souji is sick and is recovering in the bed (futon)
    The comical trio decided to drink at the rooftop to celebrate the festival and see the fireworks but was denied to go there by Hijikata-san.
    Susumu, Tetsu and his bro went to the village to visit the festival.

    Tetsu's bro is not that energetic so Testu felt guilty. He ran to meet Saya.
    Tetsu met up with Saya and told her not to worry (i guess, only remembered vividly)
    Tetsu's bro and Susumu settle their scores.
    Tetsu returned

    Watched fireworks together with Susumu saying, "Have you grown taller kid?"

    Hijikata-san, Souji and the other commander, cant remember his name but its not Sannan went to the rofftop to drink (no wonder he doesnt allow the trio to go there)

    The trio celebrates in a restaurant

    Suzu ran off with his master's head....


    If i go somewhere wrong, pls correct me cos i haven seen the anime for a long time.

  11. SanzosSaru Oct 14, 2007

    Very good review; a few points, though:
    Tetsunosuke Ichimura was a real figure, and part of the Shinsengumi; he was also the page of Hijitaka Toshizou, as portrayed in the series; the manga even adds at the beggining of the first volume three foreshadowing pages about the real destiny of Ichimura.
    Okita Souji, while obviously not so pretty and feminine, was said to be very slight built and smooth faced; he was also said to be child-like in nature and smiling all the time
    Saitou Hijme, while obviosuly not an exorcist or medium, was said to be very misterious and brooding, calm and collected.
    This series historical accurancy never ceases to amaze me ^.^

  12. kitsunesama Feb 02, 2009

    Contrary to popular belief, the Ichimura brothers are real persons who lived during the Bakumatsu. Tetsunosuke is Hijikata's page while Tatsu is working for the Shinsengumi as a bookkeeper. Kurono Nanae-san made good research about it.

    Lastly, Yamanami had a mistress named Akesato.

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