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Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge tv Review

Story & Characters

Tenjo Tenge is basically another shonen - anime/manga. You got your average fight scenes in every Episode, a whole bunch of busty girls, and most important: it takes place in a highschool :)
However, there are a few things that make Tenjo Tenge special, which are the unique caracter-development, and the adding of philosophical themes, which appears quite often troughout the anime.
The first season, which consists of 22 Episodes, covers up about six issues of the manga by mangaka Oh! great. It starts with Bob and Souichiro, two local thugs entering the
Todo - Highschool, which is well known to raise the greates martial artists in Japan.
The first thing which the two try to do is to enter the building of the upper-graders,
basically to beat up everyone who crosses their way and thus become the rulers of the campus.
However, they soon cross the way of Aya and Maya Natsume, which are members of the Budo-Club, a well known fighting - Club at Todo. Maya accidently smashes Soichirou
trough a window during their fight, just to make him crash into the girls shower - room,
where Aya is taking a shower. For some reason she instantly falls in love with Soichirou, who doesnt seem too happy about her feelings towards him.
Later on, afterwards Bobs girlfriend is raped by a member of the
Enforcement Group, which rules the school, Soichirou and Bob decide to join the budo club to train for the great Election - Tournament which is soon to take place at Todo -school.
They want to get strong enough to encounter and defeat the Enforcement group, but they only have a few months until the tournament takes place. And when Mayas Ex - boyfriend
Mitsuomi, the leader of the Enforcement Group shows up, things get extremely dangerous for the two wannabe - martial artists.
Mitsuomi and Mayas past seems to have a strong connection to things as they happen in the present, and soon the members of the Budo-club get to know about the terrible incident that lead to the creation of the Enforcment Group and Mitsuomis inhumane strength...

Rating: 8


First of all i have to say that the art of the manga is the best I've ever seen. An incredible amount of detail and beauty in both characters and backgrounds make Oh!Greats art really outstanding. Unfortunately, the anime doesnt quite have the same uniqueness. Although
the character designs pretty much match those of the manga ( some images were transfered
1-1 and then slightly animated), it fails in my opoinion to transfer the dark and violent mood of the manga.
Overall the anime seems a lot brighter and happier than the Manga, although the storyline is transfered almost one to one.
While the character design is pretty decent , animation differs from being excellent and smooth to DBZ - crappy. Sometimes there are even stills with only the mouths animated.
Backgrounds and SFX are however very nice again, furthermore I have to say that the animation gets better in the later episodes.

Rating: 7


Tenjo Tenge has one of the best openings i've heard in a while. It's like a crazy Japanese rap song, and matches the overall - coolness of the series very well. Same goes for the ending, which is just beautifull. The rest of the soundtrack consists of catchy rock themes, wich mostly occure during the fight - scnenes.
The only thing wich avoids a ranking of eight points is the fact that there are only few tracks,
that re-occure during the episodes. It doenst really matter, but a few more tracks would't have hurt either.
The Voice acting on the other hand is great, the voices match each character perfectly, and are just like i imagined them to be when i read the manga.

Rating: 7


Even though the shonen - school theme isn't new at all, Tenjo Tenge is still very enjoyable because there's great Humour now and then, and the various character realtions allways keep you interested in how the story will go on. One thing which is rather unusual for an anime of this kind is the fact that there are two story arcs, one taking place in the future and one in the past, two years before. However, that makes the viewing pleasure even higher in my opinion, since you never get bored.
Concludingly, I would suggest everyone to watch this great Anime, it´s hard to find a storyline which is as cool and mature in the shonen genre nowadays. There's a perfect ballance bewteen drama, silly humour, a bit of romance ( even including fan service
sometimes, yay!) and of course great fighting scenes! Not to mention the hot girls,
Maya and Aya are the sexiest anime sisters ever! The Onegai Twins look like crap compared to them :)
However, if you like the Anime even just a little, deffinetely make sure to check out the Manga! As I said berfore, it´s even better!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by kackschredder, Jan 06, 2005


  1. enaj Jan 30, 2005

    tenjo tenge is one of my favorite manga... well i really don't like the anime version of this. But the story is really good and the art work in the manga is superb!!! the young MItsuomi is so hot!!! o_0 o_0 o_0 o_0 >=(

  2. Jinpun Feb 01, 2005

    I agree with you enaj, the manga is soooo much better than the anime IMO.

    Hopefully the OVA will be able to pick up the quality...

  3. Integrax Apr 03, 2005

    TenTen IS THE BEST manga EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^___^ +i'll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bladerunner2005 Jul 23, 2005

    Good review. I'd add that the character design is only as liberal from the manga as absolutely required. There are some parallels with other anime, but what Tenjou Tenge really gives is the solid punch of a fighting game with the sensuality of gravity defying breasts for the fanboy in all of us. Now if they would just license more garage kits...

  5. ShrinkNerv4Eva Aug 19, 2005

    I hope you guys know that the manga is horribly edited. And not for the good of the public either, but for pure marketing's sake.

  6. ya-bezerker Dec 25, 2005

    bravo very good

  7. irperson Feb 04, 2006

    do you know where i can download this anime or manga

  8. Sanisa Feb 24, 2010

    Thanks for the review! Nice ^__^

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