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Tenkuu no Escaflowne

Tenkuu no Escaflowne tv Review

Was it only a dream? Or an illusion?

Hitomi Kanzaki was a normal high school student who occasionally told fortunes using tarot cards. One day while trying to break her own track record, a pillar of light comes down from the sky, and with it comes a dark-haired boy, and a dragon. Van Fanel was the heir to the throne of Fanelia and was transported to Earth, the Mystic Moon, from Gaea, in order to retrieve the drag energist from a dragon that he needed to become king. Running into Hitomi, their meeting will bring them to a different world...

Gaea, the world of two moons, one of which is Earth. A world that seems like the medieval ages, with both man, beast, and beast-man alike occupying the world.

Van and Hitomi arrive in Fanelia only to have it destroyed shortly after by Zaibach. Forced to flee, Van and Hitomi begin a journey across Gaea to fight Zaibach, the mysterious country who was Fanelia's destroyer.

But the Fate Alteration is approaching...

(Synopsis by: Twinklebyte)

Story & Characters

While the plot of "The Vision of Escaflowne" may be nothing extraordinary or new, the way everything is executed and the lovable characters make it one of the best anime out there. An oridinary highschool girl, Hitomi Kanzaki, has a unique power-- she can see the past and future. During a dragonslaying ritual, Van Fanel, soon to be king of Fanelia, is transported to earth for a brief period. Of course he would bump into Hitomi, and of course both of them would be transported to Van's planet, Gaea. We've all heard/seen/read magical girl stories before; all heard something like this before. But Escaflowne has a little bit of everything, and appeals to both genders. Bloody mecha fights for the guys, and gushy romance for the girls. It combines science fiction, mystery, action, adventure, romance, and oh so much more. The characters-- which vary from the perverted Moleman to the player-of-a-knight Allen Schezar-- struggle to save Gaea from destruction (again, nothing unusual). Most, if not all, the characters go through major changes in the way they think and feel. They take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Overall, Escaflowne is a wonderful masterpiece.

Rating: 9


Let's be honest-- Escaflowne doesn't have the greatest drawings in the world, but they're not bad. Sure, their noses may be incredibly long, and some scenes make Van look incredibly anorexic, but those are balanced out with fluid mecha fights and pretty background scenes. Okay, perhaps the mechas aren't the best either; at least they flow with the animation, unlike some animes where they just don't seem to fit. There are also the occational bloobers, like the one in episode eleven, when Allen is able to carry Chid even though he was behind bars. How'd he do that?! Let's not be picky, though. The animation in Escaflowne is consistant, fluid, and stunning. Perhaps not the best, but certainly up there.

Rating: 8


The music throughout the series is stunning-- in the original, anyway. In the dub, the music was butchered to death. Almost no music was left untouched. How could someone dare remove the beautiful lyrics of Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop)? That's a sin. The opening theme, "No Need To Promise", sets the music off on the right foot in the original version. And it remains constant and steady throughout all of the series, with enticing instrumental songs ("Shadow of Doubt"). It's all good-- up until the ending theme song. Then, some might stare at the screen and go... "Is my disc defective or was that the REAL theme?!" Yes, the end song was the only one NOT composed by Kanno, and it shows, TERRIBLY. Perhaps the song isn't all that bad, but compared to the rest of the music throughout the series, it falls horribly short of the standards. Besides this minor glitch in every episode, the music could not be any more perfect.

Rating: 9


As stated before- The Vision of Escaflowne is not the most original piece of work in the world. It doesn't really matter, however (eventually everything's going to have been done before anyway, right?). Humor falls a little short too. The only real comic relief character wise is the Moleman (he is referred to as nothing else), the thief and pervert and Merle (Melulu), Van's ever faithful (and ever annoying) adopted cat-girl sister. Every once in awhile you'll catch Hitomi or Van with a funny face (such as in episode three, when Hitomi see's the Moleman and claims he is a thief. Van is so confused....). Unless you think Dilandau's face may possibly always be funny, that's about all for humor. But who cares? Escaflowne is extremely enjoyable to watch; there's never a dull moment. It keeps you wanting more and more (and more). And then when it ends, it's that kind of series where you wish it hadn't. Or the one you wish they'd make a sequel to (even though a sequel would kill it, and then you'd feel sorry, now wouldn't you?). If you can stand not having much humor, Escaflowne is definately an anime worth picking up and watching over and over (and over!!!!) again.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by Spirit0, Jan 04, 2005


  1. rayearth Jan 26, 2005

    Overall I almost agreed with reviews above, the plot and storyline is quite complex, and the ending is quite done well, while the animation is good, it's a bit different from other anime at it's time, especially the nose part. The music is very good here, especially the op song which I like very much.
    However after watching the eps, there's still few thing that bothers, like Dilandau case because in some scene he's shown like a man when half naked without his shirts and flat chested, but in the end actually he's a she, and she's...ops sorry I don't want to create any spoiler here.

    I think I give it 8.5 overall.

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Not a bad review, could use some details but over all not bad.

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