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Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Shingetsutan Tsukihime tv Review

Shiki Tohno was severely injured in a large accident in his childhood. After miraculously surviving the event, he was sent away from the family to recuperate. As a result of the injury, he is now able to see "life lines" on objects and people which, when cut, will destroy them.

After years away from home, Shiki moves back following the death of the head of the Tohno family. While walking home from school, he meets a beautiful woman whom he is inexplicably drawn to kill. At firs he thinks her murder was all just a nightmare - until she reappears in front of him.

It turns out the woman is Arcueid Brunestud, and a vampire princess! She promptly recruits Shiki afterwards to help fight Roa, the antagonist vampire currently on a killing spree.

Story & Characters

Shingetsutan Tsukihime is also known as Lunar Legends Tsukihime in America. The story is about Shiki Tohno and his quest to find the answers to his lost memories. In the story he meets a mysterious woman Named Arcueid Brunestud and kills her. Though it was unexpected she somehow came back to life and pulls Shiki into her life. It happens that she is the Princess of True Ancestors, a small group of powerful vampires. She happens to be the ultimate vampire in Tsukihime and is fighting an everlasting battle between another vampire. Through her he discovers so many new things about himself and the situation he's in. He interacts with other people too like Ciel, she is an executioner sent from the church sent to battle evil in Japan. He also moves in with his younger sister Akiha who holds many answers as well as family secrets. Throughout the series all of the girls in the show fight over Shiki and his well-being. But all of these people will make an impact in his life and mark him with many powerful emotions.

Rating: 8


The art depicts many powerful feelings throughout the series, in faces, landscapes and in the way the characters are matched in their environments. The way things were positioned matched the mood of the story. The artist also draws the blood with a lot of symbol in front if Arcueid because it plays a major role. The artist even added in computer effects, like how some of the creatures disintegrate as they die and how pervious screenshots are placed in hand-drawn newspapers with that faded look.

(My opinion)
I enjoyed the art especially the way blood was spatered and how Arcueid's eye's change from red to gold and vise versa.

Rating: 8


The music in Tsukihime plays many themes. Arcueid's theme is lonely and full of angst, as Ciel's theme has the church organ playing and Akiha's with a violin solo as she plays her violin. Over all there are many solo’s, battle songs and dramatic music in Tsukihime. The series has many of the well known voice actors like Michelle Ruff who plays as Arcueid and, Wendee Lee as Ciel in the English dubbed series.

(My opinion)
I liked how Michelle Ruff played as Arcueid. I think she did a really good job in playing her. But I was unsatisfied with the music cause you can tell that they cut too many parts off and move on to another song too quickly. Especially when Akiha is playing the violin the same time her theme 'Vain' is played, her bow dosen't match the way the song is played.

Rating: 8


Shingetsutan Tsukihime originated from the producers of Type-Moon. In their version of the storyline of Tsukihime, they actually have seperate stories and multiple endings. There the story is more detailed and different from the anime. Shiki's personality is gloomy and insensitive in the anime but in the game he is bright and positive, Kohaku is suppose to be the most wicked character in the game, but in the anime she just helps out. As for the power levels of each character only Shiki and Ros were at the right level while everyone else were much weaker. The game gives you choices and each of those choices leads to a whole new senario making sense of where the story is leading whatever way you go. Overall I'd say that the anime could have been longer than twelve episodes if the story board have filled up more of the holes that they are missing in their story making it at least twenty-six like some other anime.

(My Opinion)
But my opinion is, the game is way much better than the anime. If the anime tried to put in as much information into the anime series the story would be complicated and too long, making people confused and losing some intrest. I think the producers rushed the production of Tsukihime and didn't put a lot of effort into it as some other anime. But I still enjoyed the series.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by darkfighter, Jan 01, 2005


  1. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    As I'm the first to give it some love, it needs some details, but, over all, not a bad review.

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