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Metal Gear Solid tv Review

Story & Characters

I don't know yet if someone already made a review about Metal Gear Solid 3 but if not, watch out, 'cause here I come. XD

Many were quite surprised that Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind Metal Gear, decided to make an origins story of sorts when MGS 3 was made. Though it goes on a different direction, I assure you, it won't dissapoint you or leave you hanging in confusion, as it may probably have happened with MGS 2. In 1964 during the Cold War, the world barely pulled through the Cuban Missle Crisis due to the negociations made between U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. The main demand from the Soviets was that the American government returned a scientist named Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov back to their country, and so the U.S. complied, thus averting a nuclear holocaust. However, intel has discovered that the Soviets were planning to construct a new kind of nuclear weapon with Sokolov's help. It was up to the covert operations organization named FOX to retrieve Sokolov and stop the Soviets from completing their scheme. To that end, they send a lone operative to complete the mission and prevent a new age of fear.

The many facts about the Cold War are ingeniously integrated very well in the plot as only Hideo Kojima and his team know how to do so and keep our interest very high as we learn how it unravels and we even figure out a few history facts as well. ;) The rumors about who was Snake during the making and showing of MGS 3 were all dispelled and it's now confirmed that it's indeed Big Boss, who was in his 30s during the story. It was an amazing revelation, to say the least, but it's not the only one that will surprise you, so play the game and find out for yourself.

The story by itself presents itself with lots of turns and twists, revelations and interesting elements as we saw in all Metal Gear games that have you on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out what happens next. A well thought out plot that will leave you very satisfied and you won't feel lost or confused like in MGS 2 and this will give a new understanding on how everything came into place within the entire story of Metal Gear. It'll answer many questions, so play it with an open mind and see the answers that unfold in front of your eyes.

Rating: 10


This time, the environment in the game will take place in various parts that will give you a new meaning of infiltration and survival, such as jungles, rivers, and even mountains. Of course, you'll also come across buildings and facilities as well, but everything in detail comes out exceptionally well. The various species that you will encounter and hunt look so alive, the surroundings are closer to the real thing than you might suspect, filled with vibrant greenery with the trees and tall grass, rivers that run cleanly and great views. All the characters come with great completeness as well and look as clear or even better than say Metal Gear: The Twin Snakes for the GC. There is no pixelation here and the cinematics look full of action, suspense and lots more. There is no slowdown problems in-game, except perhaps when you're making calls with the radio; but other than that, everything runs smoothly. Details such as explosions, fire and the sky have never looked so good and I personally think that many things fit so well in each environment as it add to the excitement and tension in an infiltration mission. The potential of the PS2 with games like MGS 3 have been well exploited and it shows with this game.

Rating: 10


David Hayter once again reprises into the role that made him well known in the video game industry, along with an all-new cast that does an splendid job with the characterizations of every character in the game. The crew does it with richness with some great acting with accents such as Mayor Zero's British bearing and Volgin's voice and just like in all of MGS, the characters act and talk true to type without being either stereotypical nor exaggerated. Harry Gregson-Williams returns as well and the music composition is well done in the various moments and scenarios that add more to the element of excitement in the game and the title screen song is just right. Just think of it like a James Bond-esque song minus the various shadows of women passing about, but it's a good one in my opinion (It may vary with your personal experiences). I don't think you may find such an astounding job with the music, the voices and effects in other games like you get here in MGS 3 this is the best that I heard in my time playing video games. Also, the ending song by Starsailor is touching and full of emotion, and you can hear ambient sounds from the rivers, animals, as well as footsteps and voices from the enemy soldiers and the explosions. You'll sharpen all your senses as you go about in your mission and this time it sounds so real, you'll probably be taken by surprise.

Rating: 10


This time the controls have a new element that is known as CQC (Close Quarter Combat). For those who are very familiar with the gameplay from MGS 2, you won't have problems executing the CQC actions in no time. Now you'll be able to do more than just shoot the enemy in case you're in trouble; not only will you be able to strange or hold the enemy, but you can also make a swift throw that will knock him out with one blow, disarm and hold up a soldier, use him as a human shield and you can even squeeze information out of him and maybe kill him by slitting his throat with your knife. It may take a little while getting used to the nuances of CQC, but you'll feel just right like a great combatant as soon as you master it. The camera will be at your control more than ever in this game, as you can use the right analog stick to move it around to have a better look at your surroundings when you're walking by and stay behind walls, surveying the battlefield better than before and you'll be able to stay a step ahead of the enemy before they get the jump on you. You'll now be able to use precise aiming with certain weapons as well with the L1 button to help you aim with assault rifles, bazookas and sniper rifles and this time around the suppresors will come with a durability meter, so you can change it from situations where it's not necessary, such as in some of the boss battles and you can even find it from the enemies as well.

Survival is now the name of the game, along with stealth, as you must keep Snake in top physical condition. You must hunt down animals and fruits for food in order to keep your stamina meter up (It's the one just below the life gauge) so that your performance doesn't suffer from having low pep in your actions. Everything you do can affect it in various degrees, such as when you crawl slowly, run constantly and when you have lots of weight in your backpack. You'll also suffer real wounds during your battles and that's where healing comes into mind. For each kind of wound, you must do the proper treatment in order for the wounds to heal smoothly or when you're suffering from poisoning, having a cold or just feeling sick in your stomach. I'll explain this with the gunshot wounds. First, you remove the bullet with your combat knife, then use syptic and disinfectant to clean your wound and regulate the flow of your blood and finally you use bandages to patch it up and presto, instant healing. The stamina also plays out a role too, so when you have it high, your wounds will heal quicker, even though you have at least between 60-80% of the treatment done. As long as you keep yourself in good condition, you'll be able to carry out your objectives without any problems. This adds a great deal of realism never seen on Metal Gear and one element that I find fascinating, as you may learn a few things about first aid and proper use of treatments. An even more astouding fact is that when you save your game and turn off your PS2 for at least 8 hours, your wounds and stamina will be completely recovered, adding even more realism to the game! Pretty amazing, huh?

Another new element is the camouflage you'll use in the natural environments. You'll be packed with at least 6 suits and face paints that will help you blend well with your surrondings and help you outsmart the enemy as you complete your objectives. The right set of camouflage will aid you in blending with grass, tress, rocks, mud and also in the water and rain, as well as in complete darkness. You'll be able to find many uniforms and face paint that have different uses for all environments and you'll get special camouflages as well when you've beaten the bosses by draining ther stamina with non-lethal weapons or with CQC. This will give you an additional edge in the battlefield as soon as you use the right camouflage at the right time and in the right places. There's even a crazy minigame inserted into the game itself called Snake vs. Monkey as it pits Snake against the entire pack of monkeys that star in the game from PS1 Ape Escape. Your goal is to catch a determined number of monkeys on 5 different scenes while beating the best times. Take it as a fun change of pace in case you need a break from the actual game.

I hope no one takes me as an exagerated fan or a novice when I say this is the greatest Metal Gear game ever made and it's a worthy masterpiece that Hideo Kojima delivers to all the gamers who had followed MG since its rise in the gaming industry. You may be shocked at the direction Konami took with this game, but you'll find yourself hooked and loving every minute of action, intrigue, drama and love with this game. It's a great hit, so go and buying now and enjoy the new experience. n_n

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

10.0000 (excellent)

Reviewed by chaos, Dec 28, 2004


  1. polaralex Dec 28, 2004

    Is this an anime review or a game review?? Also, I don't think it deserves 10 although

  2. dutchblitz Dec 29, 2004

    i love that game i beat it! i dunno which is the best out of the series tho

  3. DayBreak Dec 29, 2004

    Quote by polaralexIs this an anime review or a game review?? Also, I don't think it deserves 10 although

    its a game review. Metal gear solid is one of the best Espnoage/Stealth game ever made for the ps and ps2.too bad xbox doesnt get them XD

  4. Japa Feb 21, 2005

    Cool! Metal gear solid the beat game for plystation!!!

  5. gammashock Jan 01, 2006

    Quote by polaralexIs this an anime review or a game review? Also, I don't think it deserves 10 although

    It's a game review, though the story is very much anime even if the art style isn't (that's a plus for me), great game and has one of the best stories ever. I think it deserves the ten, the game play is far better than MGS 2, though I'm not sure, I might be one of the few people that prefered the MGS 2 story over the third, but Shadow Moses stands out above all else, Liquid Snake, yeah! Solidus was pretty cool too, that's why I was disappointed with Volgin, not a cool character, Ocelot was pretty entertaining in the third one as well. I disagree with the point that the characters are not stereotypical or exaggerated, The Pain, The End, The Sorrow, and the Fear were very simple characters, in the MGS 2, Fatman was the only character that was that shallow. Fortune and Vamp were great characters. Although gameplay wise, MGS 3 is far superior to its predecessors, MGS 2 I think had a superior story, but that's just my opinion.

  6. solidvanz Sep 25, 2006

    Every Metal Gear Series should get 10 for its masterpiece works from the majestic creator, Hideo Kojima. So, MGS fans, you guys must get MGS4 at the end of 2007! Not forget PS3! :)

  7. BossMac Feb 16, 2007

    That's a long review. Good review overall but you could've shortened some of the parts. It was exciting to read at the start (being an MGS fan) it kinda sounded generic near the ending of each section. Too much details goin' on. Also, a few typos and grammatical errors here and there but that's okay.

    Quote by solidvanzEvery Metal Gear Series should get 10 for its masterpiece works from the majestic creator, Hideo Kojima. So, MGS fans, you guys must get MGS4 at the end of 2007! Not forget PS3! :)


  8. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    hdsaudhuas I love the game...! xD

  9. RayEmara Aug 01, 2011

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the 10. Naked Snake n Solid Snake are just freakin awesome. Its an espionage thriller.

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