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Noir tv Review

Story & Characters

"Make a pilgrimage for the past with me."

These words are sent to the pro hitwoman, Mireille Bouquet. This leads her to Kirika Yumura, a young woman much like herslef. Kirika seems to have killing skills to match Mireille, and who's missing memory may unlock Mireille's past. So as the girls make theie journey to find the answers to their questions, they must try to trust one another, and enter the path that they know will mean their deaths. Together they make up what is called NOIR, an ancient fate. "Two madens who govern death, their black hands protect." Mireille has trained to be where she is now, a professional hitwoman with killing skills that master the best. Kirika, however, has no idea how she got this "skill" but she is focused on using it the best way she can, and that seems to be helping Mireille. Kirika shows up with something like a pocketwatch that plays music, and this seems to be a part of Mireille's past. Mireille knows that Kirika is there for a reason, but tells her that one day they will fight each other, but until that day.....
They are NOIR, and nothing will stand between them and their destiny.

Rating: 8


Good drawing on the first five epsiodes. I actually like some of the drawings, very unique, but there is nothing really specail about the drawings. The style isn't sketcky, but fine lines. The production sketches are placed on the DVD, which is a great help for anyone wanting to draw Noir. The two girls look very diffrent from one another, a good way to tell who is who. Kirika looks sweet and totally harmless, while Mireille looks beatuiful and charming. Both girls, however, are very far from being harmless, for they are drawn in action quite alot.

Rating: 7


I liked the music they played , for it really set the mood of the whole show. The characters didn't talk as much as I expected them to. Mireille seemed to talk alot more than Kirika, who usually just nodded her head. You have to pay attention, though, to make sure that you don't have to watch something twice. The opening theme song is very catchy, and the closing theme song is very quiet, which seems to match Kirika's personallity perfectly. The voices of the characters always seem to be in a low tone, so sometimes its hard to hear them. But I love the music so much, they get a 8 from me, and it would have been higher, had the character voices been really diffrent from one another.

Rating: 8


Noir isn't the best series for someone who likes sillyness or happiness in anime. Noir is very serious, at times too serious, but there is a break every now and then. Usually the girls are on some kind of "job", ready to kill anyone they are told to. The recomended age is 15+ but I think that anyone over 13 would be fine. They don't show gore like alot of anime, so its killing without all the guts. Its enjoyable to watch, but like I said earlier, you really have to pay attention to all the details. Its not the best show for someone who is impatient, the writers seem to make things occur very slowly when then girls arn't killing. Its not bad, though, and I would buy the second DVD just to see what happens next. Its not very predictable, for sometimes things happen that you don't see comming. The girls seem to show no emotion for what they do, even though Kirika wants to know why. Not much is revealed in the start of the show, but more is to come as you contiue to watch.
Overall, the mood of the show isn't one to be seen often, but it isn't one to be forgotten!

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.83 (good)

Reviewed by winxfairykay, Dec 26, 2004


  1. rukasu44 Nov 12, 2010

    Good anime. Good story. I think it should not be censored, just it.

  2. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    As the review could have used some attention to details, I find this review rating is solid.

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