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Corpse Demon

Corpse Demon manga Review

Story & Playability

The story begins in a small village of Sotoba, isolated from the rest of the world. The first character we get to meet is Megumi Shimizu, a dreamy highschooler whom hates the village and wants to live in a city where everyone would accept her interest in fashion dearly. She also has a crush on the main character Natsuno Yuuki whom also hates the village just as much but her love is unrequited as he actually dislikes Megumi. We also meet characters Toshio Ozaki and Seishin Muroi, the only doctor in the village and a monk! Seishin finds out that all the residents of Yamairi have died. Yamairi is a small part of Sotoba. A new family moves into the village and Megumi is intrigued considering the family moved into a big mansion on top of a hill. She decides to visit them hoping they'd be different from other villagers but never returns home. A search-party gets organized for her and she is found deep in the mountain woods near the Temple where Seishin works. Doctor Ozaki visits Megumi's home and diagnoses her with anemia but says she should be fine however unfortunately 4 days later, Megumi dies. Soon more and more people die. Natsuno starts to feel Megumi's presence at night causing him to be unable to sleep. He goes over to his best friend Tohru Mutou's place and decides to sleep over. Megumi then enters the house and says how much she hates Tohru for being closer to Natsuno than she ever was and shows her fangs, biting his neck. Yuuki watches the whole scene but is unable to move or say anything. He wakes up covered in sweat and thinks it was just a bad dream, or was it? Tohru dies the next day as well and Yuuki realises it at last, Megumi had come back from death. He also gets a late summer greeting postcard the same day that was from Megumi, his mom is shocked considering she had died a month ago. Natsuno then tears up the letter and throws the pieces out through his bedroom window with the plan to see if Megumi will come back and he is right, most of the pieces were gone. He then gathers a friend of Megumi, Kaori and Kaori's little brother Akira to dig up Megumi's grave. While doing so, a servant of the family called Tatsumi spies on them. After they open her coffin they find it empty and want to inform the village that vampires (Shikis) are the cause of deaths. Doctor Ozaki and Seishin also start to suspect that something supernatural was going on. A group of Shikis attacks Ozaki's clinic and then later a chase after Yuuki is organized because he was aware of their existance. The newly risen Tohru gets ordered to kill him to which Megumi gets upset and goes for it herself. In the end Tohru is the one to bite Yuuki and he dies several days later. Tatsumi then also orders Megumi to kill Kaori and Akira's father for digging up her grave, to which she is hesitant at first considering Kaori was her friend but then Tatsumi tells her that Kaori is getting close to Yuuki, immediately changing Megumi's mind. After Megumi kills Kaori's father she also taunts Kaori at night causing her to slowly go insane. Akira gets sick of the whole situation and tries to hunt down the Shikis but fails and gets caught by Tatsumi but Yuuki whom had also risen saves him. Kaori think that Megumi had killed her entire family and that she is next and starts to hide around her house. Doctor Ozaki's wife. Kyouko, whom doesn't live in the village cause of bussines, decides to visit her husband. Tatsumi targets her and she soon also dies. Toshio decides to keep his wife's dead body in the clinic before revealing her death to everyone in case she rises up as well so he could test their weaknesses. She rises up and he mercilessly experiments on her. He tries everything but nothing seems to kill her and then he does the last thing that came to his mind and stakes her, completely killing her. He then reveals her death without telling the villagers about her rising up or about him staking her because the villagers wouldn't believe him. Seishin finds out about this and visits the new family, the Kirishikis. He becomes friends with the daughter of the family, Sunako, whom is a big fan of his novels with deep meanings. He stops talking with Toshio because he saw the humanity in the vampires. Yuuki bites Toshio and tells him to resist the attacks of the vampires and to keep trying to save the village. The wife of the Kirishiki family, Chizuru, tries to seduce Toshio and convince him to keep silent about their existance to which he tricks her, making her think he was under her control. He takes her out to a festival that was organized in the village and exposes her in front of all the villagers. Megumi's father stakes her because she was the one who killed his daughter and realised the same scent of Chizuru's perfume was in Megumi's room when she died. Toshio organizes a hunt on the vampires and the villagers plan to throw the corpses into the hell hole that was deep in the woods. The Kirishiki family orders all the vampires to fight back and a war breaks out in the village between the humans and the supernatural. The vampires begin to greatly lose and then all the vampires retreat and hide. Most of the vampires get killed. Seishin stays at the Kirishiki's mansion and hides with Sunako with the help of Tatsumi whom offered his help by distracting the villagers so Sunako and Seishin could escape. Seishin and Sunako get in a car and drive off while Tatsumi is distracting all the villagers. Tohru stays in the hiding spot with the rest of the vampires and gets staked while holding hands with his crush, Ritsuko Kunihiro who was one of the nurses in Toshio's clinic. She also rose up, though she decided not to abandon her humanity and starved herself instead of killing humans to survive. Yuuki takes Kaori and Akira to a hospital that was out of Sotoba, in Mizobe town. Yuuki then decides to eliminate Tatsumi and also bites the husband of the Kirishiki family, Seishirou. Tatsumi is driving a car and hitting the villagers trying to escape but gets caught. He gets shot a few times and falls into a river, not to show up again. Motoko, a housewife of a house in the mountains, gets a mental breakdown and sets her whole house and herself on fire that spreads further into the village. While most vampires were getting staked during the day when they were weak, Megumi hid her coffin in the woods for the day and then goes for her escape once the night had come. She wants to go to the city where she could finally live a fancy life that she had always wanted. While running down the roads she carried a big suitcase. When she had come to the final road that she had to cross before being free, she gets distracted by a nostalgic flashback of Natsuno waiting for the schoolbus and gets hit by a car. She then gets ambushed by a group of villagers that had recognized her for her flashy looks. She tells them how much she hates the village and that she wants to go to the city but then she gets chased after and staked. While dying, she thinks she finally made it to the city but in reality it was just a picture of Tokyo from the cover of one of her magazines that was near her head while she was getting transported to the hell hole. Tatsumi is actually still alive trying to eliminate the villagers and lower their numbers but gets found by Yuuki. They have a fight and end up falling into the hellhole where they both get stabbed by sharp rocks. They have a chat about life and death before they both die. While escaping from the village, Seishin's car crashes into the woods where he faints. Sunako is still trying to escape and gets spotted by a villager, Tomio Ookawa. He tries to kill her but gets stabbed by Seishin who is also one of the Shikis now. The villagers notice the fire in the woods. The fire starts burning down the houses and the villagers begin trying to end it though they fail and begin retreating out of the village. Seishin and Sunako also escape, being the only Shikis to survive. Seishin publishes his last novel called "Shiki" and fakes his own suicide, never to be seen again.

Rating: 10


The artstyle was a bit weird but unique, the eyes were cool but the chins were very sharp and the hair was also very spiky and stiff-looking.

Rating: 7


The sounds in the anime were amazing, the Ost was beautiful. One of the best out there.

Rating: 10


The presentation was good in the manga however it was not the best in the anime adaptation.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by MegumiShimizu, Apr 24, 2019

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