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Chaos Head

Chaos Head tv Review

Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day while chatting on the internet, a man suddenly contacts Takumi and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case... On the next day, it really happens...

Takumi suffers from intense delusions as a result of his apparent schizophrenia and the extremely secluded lifestyle he lives as a hikkikomori. One day he accidentally stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene, a part of a chain of events called "New Generation." After this, his life gets caught up in these events, and he meets a bunch of increasingly insane girls with swords.

Story & Characters

Chaos;Head is a visual novel from Nitroplus, that have now become famous mostly famous for Steins;Gate. The anime adaptation for C;H was done by Madhouse, a studio well known for hit anime series such as Trigun. However, this series certainly isn't on par with Madhouse's strongest work.

The story revolves around Takumi Nishij┼Ź, a high schooler shut-in and otaku nerd. A bunch of murders around Shibuya have been happening recently, called the "New Gen Murders". After Takumi sees a photo of a murder online one day before it happens. He starts going into all these delusions, and eventually through a series of events, catches interest of the police. It would take too long to explain the rest of the story, which is so convoluted, and it just makes no sense. I tried wrapping my head around many of the concepts this show tried to introduce to me, and it just hurt thinking about them. The show's story has potential to be really interesting, but it is just too complex and the show is trying to do too much in only 12 episodes. Not to mention they shoehorn in a villain with only like 5 episodes left in the show. Chaos;Head should have been twice as long if they wanted to fit everything in.

The characters had tons of potential. The main character is rather unlikable and irritating. The girls, on the other hand, are actually pretty cool characters. I feel like they could have been tons more developed, because I liked what I saw of them, but I don't think we ended up knowing enough about them, except for Sena, who was, by far, the best character in this show. She was well developed, had an interesting back story, and she was in general, a dynamic and interesting character. If you ask me, they did an awful job at explaining Kozue's backstory, as it ends up making no sense and just being plain stupid. The villain of this show is just a stock villain. Nothing more, nothing less. But what could one expect when he wasn't really given enough time to introduce himself. I will call the characters decent, but I have a feeling that if the show had better direction this could have easily been a 4.5, because there were so many characters I thought had lots of potential.

Rating: 3


The animation is rather standard for shows at the time. Nice HD look, not too unappealing. The attention to detail on the girls' school uniform is actually quite impressive, though the patterns just cannot be pulled off on the boys' school uniform. It just looks like they are wearing pajama pants. I still don't get the anime cliche of always having your school uniform on wherever you go, but that's a minor complaint. Overall, the animation is good, but is not unique (outside of the school uniforms).

Rating: 7


I like the music in the show. The opening and ending are nice. I do not have too much to say, nothing was particularly memorable outside of the opening and ending. The voices are fine, I have no complaints there.

Rating: 6


I feel like this show was hard to root for. I really wanted to like it, because it had such great and interesting concepts, but I think the director failed to make the concepts work. It was all dumped on you, and rushed. I also feel that the show lacked an identity of what exactly it wanted to be. Was it a horror show? A harem? An action show? A psychological show? A show can be all of those and still be great, but here they just didn't connect them very well. Most of the show just seems like a plot dump, followed by school filler, then Takumi going from girl to girl just to talk about more concepts. The worst part is that there are only like 2 episodes left, and they are still introducing new concepts. I have yet to actually play the visual novel, though I have a feeling it is far better than this series after looking up a couple of parts of a walkthrough. To this show's credit, it did make me want to play the VN, but for the wrong reason. If this show was given a reboot, then it might be on the levels of Steins;Gate.

To put it in the show's terms, while it may not be a "Filthy, Defiler, Disgrace" it is far from "Super Special".

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

4.1667 (below average)

Reviewed by RogerSmith2004, Dec 05, 2016


  1. Angi Retired Moderator Dec 06, 2016

    Wow, haven't seen a new review in ages here.
    And well, as you depict it is just one more anime.

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