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Princess Lover tv Review

Story & Characters

The Story is very enjoyable and has a very unique sense of humor. It is all about how you make your way out of a sticky situation and how to surpass difficulties thrown at you with a little plots and twists in every turns comes an anime you'll love to watch. It centers in romance, friendship,teamwork,camaraderie, and life lessons with a little bit of ecchi contents inside.

The story revolves a plot where-in rich people dominate the poor people and they enjoy their wealth and power compared to the poor people that lives in the streets and pick-pocketing. Later they will know that the higher the social status comes a greater price of carrying/bearing it with full might and protecting it to ensure stability and progress.

Its Story has its own twists as the protagonist comes in a situation where-in he must fit-in in an environment he is not familiar with.. but with the help of his friends he learned to act and deal with whatever problems he encounters so long as he stays truth with himself and learn to be compassionate towards his surroundings.

Main characters:

Arima Teppei - a hardworking/resourceful person who grew up from a noodle shop owner into a heir of a great big corporation. Later he finally learned that his parents died in an accident and swear to find revenge for his parents but 4 girls changed his opinions and beliefs in a good way of finding romance, camaraderie, teamwork , life lessons. He excels in swordsmanship of quick drawing techniques.

Charlotte Hazelrink - Princess of the Hazelrink Principality, has a very cheerful nature and a very optimistic girl she has quite a sense of humour in many things and you'll find her very attractive because of her sexy body. Often the damsel in distress and the one who's more like a morale of the group.

Sylvia van Hossen - Represents the Principality of Firmish , grew up in a discipline of knighthood so expect her to be always in a well mannered aura, has a very strong sense of justice especially when it comes to most dangerous situation, and can be dependable in a group. She excels in fencing and she is very good with it.

Seika Hōjōin - A normal high school student and a representative of the social club, She has a very straightforward nature especially when it comes to her feeling, She has a strict personality and has a good sense of leadership. She often likes her surroundings to be perfect in every way she can and a very popular fashion designer outside the school.

Yū Fujikura - the Headmaid of Arima household. She has a very calm personality of the 4 girls and has a very caring nature, she has quite intelligence when it comes to personal affairs and has often asks for advice of Teppei on how to be well in sort of things. She is the backbone of the group for being the most dependable when it comes to intelligence and has recognized for her efforts because of that. As by far the most content and happy person in the series even though shes just a maid.

Supporting characters:

Arima Isshin - Teppei's Grandfather and the head of Arima Financial Combine. He is very rich and influential in the industries and a very popular in Japan. So a lot of businessman want to talk to him and managed to get to business with him. A very knowledgeable person and full of wisdom in life, he has a good sense of virtue in picking/meeting people so hes very good in judging and selecting people.

Vincent van Hossen - father of Sylvia Van Hossen, a very calm and collective person and a supporter of Arima group. Isshin trusts him in the business and a very influential person as well

Alfred Jiiya - the butler/protector of Charlotte Hazelrink , He will do almost everything to save her milady in danger and a very funny person in the anime, quite dependable and despite his old age he is very good in fist fighting ,very tenacious and hardworking person


Hartmann Bezelheim- Fiancee of Charlotte Hazelrink and a very popular person in the industries. He is recognized by Arima Isshin as his talents and work are splendid and very intelligent/dedicated in everything he does.

Haruhiko Nezu - classmate of Arima Teppei, A nice person indeed and has a charming personality he often thinks himself as a knight in a story and is 2nd in command of Seika Hojouin. He has a charmer personality.

Josephine - Assistant of Hartmann Bezelheim , she is quite jealous of Charlotte Hazelrink because she is Hartmann's Fiancee.

Rating: 7


In comparing to art on Animes I've seen i can say that this has a remarkable sense of art because of its content: the school cafeteria, the social club building , the knights in uniform all compliment to each other. And the making of the characters balances the anime itself for its interesting features built on each character. Now there is quite a seen you'll see where-in bodies have been shown but anyways that's anime so i guess its fine.

I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing but hmm I guess the distinct features of the characters and the places in the anime comes to my attention. And I love their art in making each and every effort in putting details to their work as well as its value and content in the anime.

Rating: 6


Its Sounds: Their opening song has a very enjoyable feeling and has quite pleasant feeling listening to it I like it very much because its soft to the ears and not really loud instead has a soothing music score and can made you feel happy about it listening to it and has a bright feeling.

When it comes to special effects the sword-clashing, the explosion, the crash, and visual effects all comes to mind is quite interesting I can say that they pulled it off, and has a vivid feeling on its aspects

The ending song has quite a nice feeling as well the song reminds of walking in the bright lights of Vegas full of twists and turns.
Anyways the song is quite nice and very soothing in the ears although its contents where like circles and clock ticking I guess it serve its purpose for being there its concept is very likable and I quite enjoy it.

Rating: 6


Their presentation is very good the plot is nice and well made. And they are adding sense of humor in every way they can add as much as possible. I really enjoyed watching it from the start till the end because its full of surprises and plots and twist in every turns. Its a very exciting thing to watch cause its really hilarious and a romantic kind of a genre. A knight saving a damsel in distress just like in a Disney movie hmm its concepts is also well made because its not just an anime of romance but it can be very appealing also when it was watched by the public, furthermore if you tend to watch it be open-minded cause there were scenes in there that is not for underage kids to watch and I think as much as public is concern just have fun watching it. Its a nice piece of work and a very entertaining anime to watch. KUDOS ^_^

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

6.6667 (above average)

Reviewed by dragonknight2000, Mar 21, 2015


  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Mar 21, 2015

    good and easy to undestand review for first time!
    Keep up this good work, friend! :D

  2. dragonknight2000 Mar 21, 2015

    Tnx! bro Monu-chan ^_^

  3. ghazalkashani Mar 25, 2015

    this was the first review I ever read in here xD
    but made me to watch the anime thanks for the review DragonKnight

  4. dragonknight2000 Mar 25, 2015

    Its a really good anime to watch I'm glad you liked it ^-^ Thank you shannon :))

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