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Dragon Ball is a 42 volume manga by Akira Toriyama that ran from 1984 to 1995.
The story follows Son Goku in a tale reminiscent of the 16th-century Chinese legend Journey to the West.
Beginning with Goku as a child, the story traces his life all the way to him becoming a grandfather.

Dragon Ball is about the warrior Saiyan race, the defense of Earth, and the search for the Dragon Balls that will allow
any wish to be granted for the person who can gather all seven.

Dragon Ball Z is the second portion of the anime and follows Goku's adult life, later edited and remastered into Dragon Ball Kai.
Dragon Ball GT follows Dragon Ball Z and is not based on the manga.

Note: The characters' Super Saiyan transformations are listed under their respective character's tag.

Description by DokiDokiChan.

Story & Characters

I really enjoyed DBZ! i think it's awsome - ofcourse its not one of those DEEP animes... but it sure is GREAT

for those of you who look for amazing action and a simple plot :)

My rating-by-numbers refers to the JAP version (yes, i have downloaded all 291 eps, subbed - and yes, it
was HARD).
and just because i HATE what the americans did to this show - i will refer to the ENG version as well.

well, the story is well knowned..
a bunch of good guys trying to save the world form the bad guys :P

but even though the story is so well knowned - it's never boring! :)
the story itself devides into Sagas.
each Saga has it's own story - and ofcourse there's always a connection between them :)
my favourite peroid of DBZ is starting from Trunks Saga (when Trunks arrives) and ends in the Cell Games Saga (when Gohan becomes SSJ2 and beats cell) - these eps are simply AMAZING from all points of view - Story (yes! there IS a story! :P ), Animation (it get's better and better), Character Development (LOTS OF IT!), Sound (New BGM's, and ofcourse the most amazing scene in the show - Gohan becoming SSJ2 and there's this BEAUTIFUL song in the background...)- EVERYTHING is simply perfect, and the enjoyment is sky-high :)
after these eps - the series is dropping a few levels down, but still -continues to be your daily drug :)

good characters... though quite stereotipical.. and the most important - lots of character development :)
Gohan is my favourite ;P~

ENG sotryline:
the americans simply RUINED it..
they have cut and changed lots of scences - and that's why the nature of the characters had changed,
that's why nobody is really "dead", but only "going to the next world",
that's why there isn't really hell (neither heaven) .... there is only "The Realm Of Losers"!,
that's why a violent series, where people & monsters are killing each other, is becoming a series where nobdy really wants to kill - but only to "send to the other world!"

with all of these plot & character changes, it's really hard to like DBZ - those of you who watched/still watching DBZ in english - get NOW the Jap version of DBZ!

Rating: 6


ok.. all of you who said that the animation is crappy - U JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND.
this anime was published on 1989 - the animation there is AMAZING! (regarding the year, got it?)
most of the battles and fights are FULL WITH BEAUTIFUL ANIMATIONS!
the only reason i gave it 8 and not 10 is beacuse not all the episodes are with that kind of beautiful animations... actually some of them are even crappy.
If I remember right, the animation only gets better and better as the show goes on, and in the Majin saga, you can see the outstanding improvement.
About the art - i really loved it,
even though they all kinda look alike (when they're Super Saiya-Jin).
Yet again, people must remember that this show is really old, Akira Toriyama is a great character designer, and I really think he did a great job in Dragin Ball Z ( if you liked his designs you can play Chrono Cross/Trigger, he is the character designer there as well. )
Gohan, Goku and Goten look pretty cute.. Yamucha,Ten Shin Han and Kuririn are pretty special, and I’m not gonna mention the wacky design of all of the villians (such as Cell, Freeza, and Buu – which looked great in all of his forms).

Rating: 8


it is so god damn GOOD it gives u the creeps.
Goku's Voice actress (yes, she's a girl, and she's doing a GODAMN good job) is simply amazing, i don't think there's someone better than her - too bad she died :P

The english dubing..... in one word..... HOLOCAUST!
why the fuck they all sound so horrible? it's like they're DUBBING BAD ON PURPOSE...
- when they fight - it sounds like they're puking
- the dubbers are nothing but a buch of bushleagues.
- the thing which bugs me the most is that they dubed ALL the characters in such a stereotypical way..
Take Goku for an example -the thing with him is that he's naive, cute ,friendly and DOESN'T ACT LIKE A SUPERHERO - Goku's Jap Voice is refering exactly to those details, he sounds so cute and peaceful.
While Goku's ENG voice is refering exactly to the opposite - they made him a superhero, giving him this superman voice and making such a macho out of him.
they just made him a typical heroic good guy -while actually he's not.

Piccolo for example - sounds like a typical bad guy... while actually he changes thorugh the whole series - and becoming Goku's friend and Gohan's father-like!

I just hate the way they dub, theoreticly AND practicly!

Rating: 10


This anime is great, really enjoyable, easy-going, funny, emotional, and not as bas as it might seem.
The Humor in Dragon Ball Z is quite sassy yet cute, now you might be thinking “what the hell is she talking about?� well, I find this kind of humor really elegant… they joke around about the character themselves, their prominet nature, and even their clothes, while actually in the bottom line – they are criticizing themselves and their surrondings.

yet again - it's only for those of you who look for a non-heavy & lots of action anime :)
and if YOU ARE considering of watching it- just take my advice and watch it in JAP... yes, it will take more time finding it (in case ur downloading it) - but it's worth it!.. and if you're going to buy all of it on DVD in Jap - U R A GOD - Contact me now :D

if you also liked Dragon Ball Z and don’t really wanna say goodbye to the characters (you can watch Dragon Ball GT, nah, just kidding, it sucks :P ) you can play with a variety of Dragon Ball Z Console games, it goes from GameBoy till Playstation2, the games are quite bad, but I think they’re for fans only, so that explains why :P

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by Pikachuit, Dec 24, 2004


  1. descrode Dec 24, 2004

    I only watched the dubbed dbz and i still found it quite appealing and enjoyable. If you like great artwork with your action animes watch Dragon Ball Grand Tour.

  2. gkff Dec 28, 2004

    hey i read this one on animenfo, nice. :)

  3. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Quote by gkffhey i read this one on animenfo, nice. :)

    yeah i write in animenfo aswell, even though i edited this one and added more description.
    how did u like my review?

  4. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Quote by gkffhey i read this one on animenfo, nice. :)

    yeah i write in animenfo aswell, even though i edited this one and added more description.
    how did u like my review?

  5. gkff Dec 28, 2004

    it's a good review but i never saw DBZ!!
    could be that if i'd watched it my opinion was the same.

  6. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Quote by gkffit's a good review but i never saw DBZ!!
    could be that if i'd watched it my opinion was the same.

    i'm glad u think it's good.

    thanks :)

  7. gkff Dec 28, 2004

    what more animes do you like?

  8. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Quote by gkffwhat more animes do you like?

    Kannaduki No Miko, Now and Then Here and There and Princess Tutu.
    what about u?

  9. gkff Dec 28, 2004

    princess TUTU???????
    it's my favorite!!!!!!
    watch utena.

  10. Pikachuit Banned Member Dec 28, 2004

    Quote by gkffprincess TUTU???????it's my favorite!!!!!!watch utena.

    that's nice to know ^_^

    and i have watched utena!
    i can't belive i forgot mentioning it ! it's my FAVOURITE!
    a true masterpiece.... and what do u know - here's my review (which i have just finished writing) about it!

  11. gkff Dec 28, 2004

    goodie! *goes to read*

  12. X-Raze Feb 23, 2005

    I Don't Agree At All With "Pikachuit" When He Says The ENG Dubbs Sound Bad....
    If Anything The JAP Versions Voices Sound Like Chipmunks Getting Their Nuts Stomped On....
    "Excuse The Pun....LOL"
    But I Thought The American Voice Dubbs Were Very Well Done....
    Especially In The Case Of Vegeta's And Piccalo's....
    Goku's Was Done Well Too....
    As Well As Gohan And Pretty Much All The Rest Of The Characters....
    Its Probably Just When You See The JAP Version 1st And Then The ENG One Its Weird....
    And Vise Versa....

    But Anyways....
    A Good Reveiw....
    Well Done And Quite Thorough....

    And By The Way....
    It Was Amazing When Gohan Kills Cell....
    One Of The Most Memorable Episodes Of The Series....
    Anyone Who Hasn't Seen DBZ....
    Definately Check It Out....
    Its Addictive...

  13. Bura Apr 20, 2005

    You rule, I agree with you a 100%. The americans completely butchered this amazing anime.You go.

  14. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 29, 2007

    I have to admit that I was a DB/Z/GT fan when it first came out...but I just wished that it hadn't been so boring...it had plots when it mattered but for some odd reason it should have been dropped by a few episodes it might not appeared to have lost interest with me, but that is just my opinion...since it was one of the first anime that I saw, I was impressed that it's still the longest running anime on TV in general...I think they still play it on toonami but the dates/times are always changing though...I can't remember

  15. rukasu44 Nov 12, 2010

    Dragon Ball Z or Saint Seiya? What's the best one? It's really hard to say, your review makes me remember something, but I still can't say. Thanks

  16. UberDog Mar 23, 2015

    Decent review, however there is plenty to this review that is lacking, but it's a good and solid start however.

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