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Carnival Phantasm

Carnival Phantasm tv Review

Story & Characters

Story Introduction
This Anime doesn't exactly have a storyline but it is a cross-over comedy which features both Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night , both of them were series made by Type-Moon and were based in the same universe setting.
Essentially , this is a comedy which features these series as the characters are entwined in the Carnival Phantasm - an event which allows the people of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime to meet each other.

Story Overview
Well , as what you could expect from a full-blown comedy - there is no story involved.
Unless you are taking into account that the viewer would require some basic knowledge of the story of Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night to understand the jokes in this Anime then yes , there is absolutely no story involved.

However , there ARE occasional scenes which are quite emotional - such as Caster's episode for instance , though it is quite questionable whether such elements ought to exist in an Anime meant for comedy.

Rating: 3


Art Review
The Artwork of the characters would prove to be fairly disconcerting for those whom were used to the typical art style of Type-Moon works and they seem to be drawn in a way to emphasize the "non-serious" atmosphere of the Anime.
Rounder and bigger eyes , fruity colors and a general brighter lighting effect , the artwork does certainly help the viewer from thinking about the darker aspects of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime so they could enjoy this cross-over comedy without being - or at least , somewhat help them in NOT remembering the darker events of the series.

The Animations were relatively smooth and there were no awkward limb movements unless you are counting certain situations which were used for a comedic effect.

Rating: 8


Sound / Music Review
Considering that the voice-cast is widely composed of that from the Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime series , the audience doesn't need to worry about the voice quality.
As for the Opening Music , it seems to be one of the "cute" types but it wasn't overbearing and places a smooth contrast with the relatively different Ending Theme.

There were also - naturally for a comedy - a wide diversity of sound effects used and the occasional background music for certain scenes.
Naturally , since this isn't supposed to be an "emotional" product as usual with Type-Moon's standards , you can't really expect a memorable instrumental piece to exist in the series as usual with their previous works.

Rating: 8


This is a Review of Carnival Phantasm
Whilst being a comedy and all , it is heavily recommended that the audience have a base knowledge of both Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime to fully enjoy the comedy potential of this series.
Not that story elements play a progressive role in the plot - which is almost non-existent to begin with but the fact that some jokes requires the audience's knowledge from their respective series to even understand such jokes in question.
Consider this Anime a "dream come true" for any Type-Moon fan.

Overall ( Others )

- A great fan-service ( Not the Ecchi kind ) for the fans of Type-Moon
- Was able to - mostly - remove darker memories of the series from one's head
- Made use of the characters' original personalities for a comedic effect , thus allowing them to stay in character for the show

- Occasional dry humor
- Sakura's episode was more depressing than amusing
- People whom had not played the Visual Novels or base knowledge of the series would not get most of the jokes

Genre : Comedy

"Dry Humor"
There were occasional cases of "bad humor" in the Anime - some of the were scattered across the series whilst others occurs at a repetitive pace such as the Sacchin's corner in the earlier episodes.
Whilst those were simply cases of dry humor , there was a single episode which forcibly reminds the audience of Sakura's route in the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel and it causes immediate depression for the viewers , eliminating the Anime's role as a comedy as a whole.

With all said and done , the Anime is still impressive in the way which it removes the thought about Hisui and Kohaku's dark past from one's head - along with the dark fates of the various other characters in the crew and slap them into a generally fun and bright comedy setting.

Whilst there are themes within the Anime which would forcibly remind the audience of the original story of the respective series , it is still quite enjoyable as a whole though the developers should take into account that they ought to avoid certain elements of the plot which would remind the audience of the depressing aspect of their original work.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

6.33 (average)

Reviewed by z827, Nov 18, 2012

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