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Hidan no Aria tv Review

Story & Characters

The story revolves around the Butei which is known as the armed detective who are an elite police fighting force made to combat the rising crime rate in Japan. This job is a dangerous one and many are trained in combat and detective work in a special Butei training school which has its own island for the Butei. Tohyama Kinji is one of the Butei who has a unique condition in which his body goes into hysteria mode when he get aroused. It is basically a super mode that allows him to have awesome abilities such as increase in intelligence and thinking and combat. the character regarded it as an ailment due to the fact that he turns into a different self which seduces and entice women which is the opposite to his real personality.

Kinji is a lowly Butei and a C rank who cannot compare to Aria and others who are S rank. He does not really stand out as a Butei but due to his unique condition it makes him overpowered, he is actually just like any other ordinary guy. When he is in hysteria mode he can beat Aria and others who are of elite rank or status, so many people comes to admire him but they don't know his hysteria mode and he does not want to let people know because he think it is embarrassing.

He is also the kind of person who want to live a peaceful life and don't want to be involved in anything. The reason he joined the Butei is unclear other than the fact that his brother was a famous Butei who was killed by the Butei Killer. Maybe he wanted to avenge his brother but we see in the first episode he was about to give up Butei status and live a normal life so I don't think he is motivated by that.

In a twist of fate, while Kinji was heading to school and missed the bus, he became an unwilling victim of the Butei killer who set a bomb device on his bike which will explode when he slows down or stops. sort of reminds me about the movie, Speed. Aria comes in and rescues Kinji, Aria is hot headed and bratty girl beside her cute appearance. In an ecchi scene Aria was infuriated when they got into a peculiar position in which Kinji accidentally touched Aria's breast and were surrounded by killer bot. Aria having witnessed Kinji's skills (when he is in hysteria mode) wanted him to be her slave or simply just join the assault squad. Kinji, of course, refuse at first and telling Aria to leave him alone as he was about to quit the Butei.

I think the storyline is pretty good, it is very popular due to the style. The story is considered a bit random and weak but that because it is anime. :P

You expect plenty of actions and drama mixed with harem and lolicon style and some cosplay because of perverted Riko. I think it adds a nice touch to the series

Rating: 7


The art is very appealing, very stylish. I love it alot. the characters are well drawn and very cute and inspiring. Like all the latest anime, this anime is well polished and has good quality. Ecchi parts is kind of like what you see in eroge game. The actions plus the art makes it stylish and good.

Rating: 9


The music is great. It really brings out the mood and the feeling. It doesn't sound annoying like many animes I watched. It brings out style and cuteness. The opening is eye catching just like the character. The females pistol whipping plus the music really lightens the mood and make you feel like it is fun.

Rating: 8


I particularly like Aria, she reminds me of the palmtop Taiga in Toradora which I think is very cute. Sometimes I feel sorry for Shirayuki because she is like a devoted wife to Kinji, always so caring and obsessed over him but get snatched away by the awesomeness of Aria Holmes. In one of the episode I started to fall for her when she wanted Kinji to do her or something and she look so innocent and that gave me a blood rush. Reki, the sniper, is one of my fav, her cool style combined with her awesome sniping which I think is just awesome. Riko is a perverted Otaku and she is a very interesting character, very good at gathering information for Kinji and always into seducing and teasing him.

This anime is eye-catching and got style. Everything is pretty light hearted and not serious, that what I like in an anime. Lot of cuteness and ecchi part for those who like this sort of thing.

I think this anime is not really fresh material but more like recycled but still I like this anime because it fit within my taste

Overall it is a great anime to watch but just don't expect anything deep in storyline or development

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by shoemaster, Mar 18, 2012


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Mar 18, 2012

    the review is decent, could have used some more stuff in the art and sound section, like which version you watched, the voices and so forth. for your third review you have improved some, but there's always room for improvement to most anything. let's remember not to state other characters/anime in reviews, unless providing links due to it could confuse people which might not have seen such things. just my opinions on the matter at hand, best of luck and can't wait to encounter your next review.

    p.s. I see what style of anime you're into based upon your past reviews, so I can't really mention the high rating for things since you considered it "recycled" in material of some stuff.

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