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Dog Days tv Review

Story & Characters

So there's a fantasy world known as Flonyard which is resided by people with animal ears and tails, and in this world there are two countries continually warring each other: the Republic of Biscotti and the Kingdom of Galette. After suffering from many defeats, Princess Millhiore of Biscotti decides to summon a hero from the modern world, and luck was on their side, some super athletic British kid living in Japan named Cinque is transported to this magical wormhole and quickly proves to be a even match to the Galette Army. One thing they aren't aware is that once having been summoned, the hero will be unable to return to his home world. Not the most auspicious start, and it only gets more dysfunctional from there.

There are thousand of shows about a-hero-summoned-from-Earth-to-save-an alternate-world, but how many are there as bland and as generic as Dog Days? Okay, with its bland fantasy conceit, Dog Days seems initially show sign of ruin. "Wars" aren't just war, there's no bloody battles, massacre or whatsoever, the cute little doggy and kitty people just run through playground while energetic commentator describe the ongoing battle, and nobody gets injured or killed, they revert back into some cute blob things that look certainly came out from claw crane dolls. There's no great casualty on both sides, just a mindless competition. IT'S A LITTLE CREEPY!

As it barrels forward, scattering a certain majesty to the speed and thoroughness with which Dog Days self-destructs, it opens with every advantage an anime could hope for and then over the course of thirteen episodes squanders it all, leaving itself barren of all but the occasional withered remnant of interest. It's a collapse worthy of the old RPGs, the resultant series is a flailing mess.

That the series is marketed to fanatical anime fans isn't an inherently bad thing, after all that's why it manages to crawl into existence, but it doesn't stop there, in fact it's just priming the pump. The series may begin as a generically heroic tale, but before the end it delves into monster-hunting, military adventure, and ultimately dark drama. Geeky details, Cinque and Millhiore's relationship is pure puppy love, which seems appropriate enough. And the latter is given background story with old friend Leo that paint them in shades of teen-oriented shoujo, and their burgeoning friendship is ramped up to irritating levels of adaptations of visual romances. More's the pity; they might've helped but couldn't wrestle this outrageous amount of overused ideas.

Rating: 2


Even its production is steeped in otaku trivia, and its very animation is aimed at fanatics. The series' utter devotion to fan-pandering can be less impressive in its thoroughness, but in a bizarre world where everyone has a pair of mammalian ears and a bushy tail, furry-fetish prosthetics are clearly not as much of an issue as national defense. No great effort was sensed here, the dog theme is taken to a magical level of extreme cute, there are floating islands and giant ostrichs that seem pretty cool, but overall, everything looks like a cheap production of something that would definitely be on the top list of diehard anime fans with a fixation on cute. And the character designs are hardly worth mentioning either: the main protagonist is yet again another spiky hair blondie (Yes, gotta give him blond hair so he can look like...... Cloud Strife), princess Milhiore's appearance is likely borrowed from Nitendo Mario series, even footsoldiers look the same, down to their silly hat. It's hard to think of a more unimaginative piece of junk than this, which uses bland designs from one otaku fetish to the next and doesn't even try to add fresh ideas to the premise.

Rating: 5


The series' voice acting is faithful to a fault, preserving the original dialogue in all its illogical, lifeless glory. The acting is very flat — particularly where everyone has a cheesy voice to match their cute faces — but it, and even the uninspired dialogue are ultimately of little consequence in the face of fatal flaws such as the series' painfully conventional score and unpleasant undertones. Naturally, seiyuu Mizuki Nana and Horie Yui supply the soundtrack with simple theme songs comprised mostly of one- and two-instrument compositions.They are used with similar simplicity — loud, higgledy-piggledy, and without much in the way of imagination. They won't sell many CDs, but they get the job done.

Rating: 5


A lot of Dog Days is pure insipid, you've seen this kind of story and thousand times, and furthermore, you've seen it in better-animated and better-written. The series looks and acts exactly like every other empty fantasy romance out there. Sure it's cute, but not remarkably so. Sure its optimism and simplicity may make you want to gag, but with a little effort. You know how they say that you can't look away from a train wreck? Dog Days is very similar to a train wreck, both in its speed and the totality of its ultimate destruction, but unlike the wreck, it's all too easy to look away from. And that's death for a television series.
Story: 2
Characters: 2
Art: 4
Animation: 5
Voice: 2
Music: 5
Overall: 4.5

+While it's not entirely bad, it's fatally not good.

(Here watch this, way better.)

Rating: 4

Final Verdict

3.67 (below average)

Reviewed by Weskalia, Dec 31, 2011


  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2011

    Despite the fact that Dog Days is marketed to the lowest common denominator, I was slightly intrigued by the concept.

    What will happen to the hero now? Will he have to start fighting in battles just in order to maintain money so that he can live, and purchase a place to live? Will he slowly start to become hateful and bitter to the fact that he was summoned without a proper reason why and therefore create strife between himself and the princess?

    So many questions like these came up when I watched the show, and to be honest I found that the more questions I begin to ponder about when they were talking about the currency and the market, the more I realized in later episodes that I wish the show had tried to do something with that.

    A show that starts off with a very heavy RPG like concept could of easily branched out. It could of still kept it silly and cute, but offer a bit more of a contrast to the show by making us worry about the hero. There's no suspense, because we know he'll get back. He's not worried about it, nor does anyone really seems to care a great deal of feeling regretful that they just might of ruined someones life and made his family and loved ones worry endlessly about him, possibly to the point of suicide or just simply ruining their lives. Speaking of that, what was the point of Becky? This show ended up leaving more questions than answers and the story became so vapid that I actually stopped watching this show after awhile.

    While nothing truly terrible, the show never attempts to rise above being below average nor ever has any desire to. Maybe that's why the VAs just decided to phone it in.

    Great review, Wes! It reminded me very much as to why I decided to drop this show like a rock.

  2. MisaSasekage Moderator Jan 01, 2012

    It was cute in its own way and while I thought this series didn't feel very interesting, I was happy to see this anime decided to stick to the fact that it was a fantasy series and not try; at least plot wise, to become something it wasn't. I felt like the series was made just for those who may want to watch 13 episodes worth of cute character designs. Even the music was, for me, expected yet unenjoyable. This series reminded me a lot of Seiken no Blacksmith in terms that the series brought up a lot of questions for the viewers that the series will never answer. By the end of it all the series just disappointed me.

    Great review Weskalia^^

  3. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jan 04, 2012

    A princess that shares the name of a type of biscuit and giant ostriches? How sad that with two such amazing elements apparently couldn't live up to the high expectations it set up for itself with those two same ideas. ;_; I will not watch a show that shows such dishonor to an ostrich.

    In all seriousness, I always like reading your reviews, but this one has to be one of my favorites of yours. You were honest and to the point, and some of the humor made me actually laugh out loud, such as the train wreck analogy and exclamation at the battles. And my goodness, that link. xD Great job writing in a way that was informative and fun to read, and excellent job on the review Weskalia! :)

  4. Wilfriback Feb 28, 2012

    Story: Sorry but since the beginning the premise was kind of sports and its olympic wars.

    Art: Its the same as Nanoha's.

    Sound: Nana Mizuki's single Scarlet Knight sweeped the floor with the others at Oricon ranking charts including moeblob series K-on! who lacks... musicality not a hard feat I guess.

    Before watching a series at least you can look at its "tags" you know it makes me feel I'm reading a rabid fanboy at your review? Nah, just your opinion. Even that mess that was Blood C had better revies.

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