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Story & Characters

There is possibly no other way to explain this one other than an anime movie with the diversity of a little bit of everything, from romance, to slight slice of life, some dark situations, some comedy, scifi and above all else cuteness to the max ! Summer Wars is pretty much a film about a timid 11th grade math genius taken to a beautiful home in Ueda by a 12th grade girl to celebrate her great-grandmother's 90th birthday. The timid math genius also works part-time on a virtual site by the name of Oz, pretty much a virtual world that links the entire world together. In the end the young boy must work on a way to stop the hacking of an Artificial Intelligence against Oz, he teams up with the 12th grade girl's family in the hopes of defeating such a heartless AI creation of one man and used by the government for some unknown reason. As the battles continue the young boy becomes linked into quite a unique family that he didn't have with his own family. He works on saving the world with a major wager with a simple playing of Koi-Koi.


Kenji Koiso is a timid and mild manner young man in 11th grade. He is runner up to attend the mathematics olympics, for he is pretty much a mathematical genius. He is also a part-time admin of the world famous virtual networking site of Oz along with his friend of the same grade by the name of Takashi Sakuma.

Natsuki Shinohara is 12th grade young girl who is greatly into the game of Koi-Koi it holds a deep founding roots in the family. She has Kenji come along to visit for three days so that she can have him there to celebrate her great-grandmother's 90th birthday. She also sneaks in a secret the real reason as to why she wanted Kenji to come along for the visit in Ueda.

There Kenji encounters many of the relatives: Wabisuke Jinnouchi, a half-uncle of Natsuki who has been abroad in America for ten years and a computer expert. Shota Jinnouchi who is part of the police force that really doesn't care much for Kenji at first and is very suspicious of him from the very beginning wanting only the best for Natsuki. The rest of the family, a rather large family, is centered around the great-grandmother and honor her greatly. Even the spoiled children knew when to behave when things got too rough, by simple words or looks by the older ones of the family.

As the AI, known simply as Love Machine, takes over Oz and starts to absorb people's avatars and using them to his own deeds, the great-grandmother Sakae calls her family to give them positive words to encourage them not to give up and keep on fighting in their war against the AI. By this time King Kazma faces Love Machine who was created by, Kazuma Ikezawa, who practices, when not in his own room, in Shaolin Kung Fu. Each one playing a part, rather it small or large, in ridding the world's threat of Love Machine, who happens to hold control over what most of the world used and stored their things on, not thinking that this could ever happen sort of attitude.

Rating: 7


The artwork in this anime was literally outstanding. A film directed by Mamoru Hosoda and animated by Madhouse and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures from Japan. I have to admit they did a wonderful artwork on this one. There was no cloud out of place, there was no ray that was out of place in the sunrise and I have to admit the detail they had of the morning glory opening each and every morning was outstandingly beautiful. There was no detail that was left out of this one dedicated to the art section. Even the comedy section wasn't too far over the top, as it was very little. I have to admit there was slight ecchi, but not enough to be concerned about, it was probably more along the lines of mild ecchi than anything else of a family living, than really forcing it along or bringing a lot of attention to it.

Rating: 8


I watched the dubbed Funimation version and I have to admit it was nice and refreshing to take notice that Funimation isn't afraid to use different voices these days instead of the typical voices over and over again like they often did in their past/first things. The soundtrack was trivial, it was mostly scores throughout the film and which was still beautifully done, the sounds of things dedicated to background noises, such as cheering on someone when they are playing a baseball game, and other TV noises were not neglected. I cannot find any noise that was not placed probably in the film and it wasn't over the top either.

Rating: 8


Over all I was very impressed with this one. I was hearing great reviews from other people so I found this and watched it and I have to agree this was of no exception to not liking it either. The themes mingled so well with the anime that I was greatly impressed as to how they blended. I'm not really into romance style, but it was trivial but just enough. I was very liking of the cute and adorable atmosphere of the virtual reality, it reminded me a lot of Playstation network or possibly facebook with it's social networking section. Within this anime you'll find yourself laughing at the moment of first love, cheering on the fight scenes and crying with both happy and sad tears as those moments approach. Without a doubt this anime is one of those that possibly most age group could watch (however I would suggest this to a pre-teen (11/12) and older due to the mild ecchi and family moments), it has it's moments as any family might when encountering a stressful 90 year old birthday to make it perfect. I was never bored while watching this anime, I felt that it had the right atmosphere that could be enjoyed generations to come and I wouldn't have a bit of problem watching this one again and again either.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.67 (good)

Reviewed by angelxxuan, Nov 04, 2011


  1. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Nov 06, 2011

    Yaaaay for links! :) Once again, your review is short and sweet and to the point. I think it's great that you chose to experiment with your style a bit this time around, though I do feel that having the story section be so strictly a plot summary without any analysis clashed a bit with the other sections, where you switched to first person pronouns and talked about how you felt about it. Since you gave us your view of all the other sections, it would have been really nice to see that on the story section as well. Overall, nice organization and readablilty this time around! I'm curious to check this one out. :)

  2. Nalataia Nov 07, 2011

    Mmmmmh... I've been thinking about watching it. I have to say that thanks to you, I will ^^

  3. z827 Nov 08, 2011

    Well , personally , I think a description of it's theme , music genre , voice actors , vibrancy , plot-type and stuff like that may add on to the review. Still , I guess including all that would make the review as long-winded as an old man's lecture. *Looks away uncomfortably*

    Lol , anyways , the story section needs to have more personal opinion into the mix and slightly less summary and the other sectors needs to... ehh... branch out a little.
    But otherwise , this is a short but fairly informative review :D

  4. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    could have done better, but I am more than certain to improve with movie reviews, once the mood strikes again.

  5. UberDog Mar 08, 2015

    Kicking review there Bunny, as I've seen this, I cannot argue against the review, it was interesting and fun, especially when she brought out the card dueling mode.

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