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Beyblade tv Review

Beyblade is the story of the aggressive Takao, the quick-thinking Max, balanced Rei, and experienced Kai--four boys whose paths came together and eventually saw them form a team called the Bladebreakers.

Along their path towards new challenges and achievements, this team of bladers are gonna find out that there's a lot more to Beyblading than they originally thought.

Contributed by thingperson.

Story & Characters


The story begins with the main protagonist Tyson Granger living in Bey-City, Japan at his grandfathers dojo. In Bey-City "Beyblading" is a very popular sport: A metal spinner, called Beyblade fighting against another one. This is Tysons passion. He's dreaming about becoming the world's best Beyblader.
One day he meets Kai, a mysterious Beyblader with unbelievable power: In his Beyblade hides an old soul called Dranzer. A bit beast only obaying Kai.
Later Tayson gets a bit Beast, too: Dragoon, an very old dragon that lived in the familys sword.
Later he makes a friend in Max, a good beyblader using "Draciel" as also in Ray with using "Drigger".
After Tyson beats Kai in a finally Match during the regional Champion Chips the organizer of this champion chip Mr. Dickenson sends Tyson as also Max, Ray and Kai to the world champion chips, known as the newcomer-team: The Blade Breakers.


After the four guys builded the new team "Blade Breakers" they first have to win the asian champion chips. In China they meet the "white tigers", chinas best beyblade team and also the team Ray has grown up with. They feel betrayed of Rays leaving and want to make him loose against them. But Ray is strong enough to win the matches and to make friends with them again.
After they won the china champion chips they're traveling to amerika fighting against the all starz. Max is very shocked about meeting his mother in an Beyblade reserch center as a department head. At the beginning he doesn't feel able to fight against his own mothers team but in the end he's able to show his mother that he's a good blader and beats the all starz.
After that they're traveling to russia for taking part at the world champion chips. But after a little accident planned by Mr.Dickenson they're traveling through whole Europa meeting Robert, Oliver, Enrico and Jonny. At first they seem to be very weak but then Robert makes a deal with Tyson to take part over joining the world champion chips if they would beat the blade breakers. The four european bladers build the team "Majestics" but in the end they arent able to win against the blade breakers.
After that "Training" contrived by Mr. Dickenson they feel able to win the champion chips. Before the champion chips start they're visiting a beyblade school to learn about the russians beyblade style. Kai seems to be shocked about that beyblading school though he doesn't know why. At night his thoughts are still full of it so he leaves. As he makes his way deeper into that school he meets Boris, the leader of that school. At that moment Kai reminds his dark past he never wanted to remind again anymore...
What will happen with Kai?
What will happen to the Blade Breakers?
Who's that mysterios team stealing others Bit Beasts?
And at least: Who will win the World Champion Chip?

Beyblade is splitted into 3 Seasons but I only wrote a detailed review about the first season 'cause to make you having a little foretaste about the main characters.


Kinomya Takao (also known as Tyson Granger)
He's the main protagonis of the series. At the beginning he's 12 years old, during the season he becoms 13 years old. He's japanese and known as an very ham-fisted guy. Though he seems to be very childish some times he's a very reliable character. He would do everything to know his friends in safety.
His Bit Beast is Dragoon, a Dragon using the element air.

Mizuhara Makkusu (also known as Max Tate)
He's known as the little sunshine of the team. He looks very cute especially because of his hamster-like mouth. His nationality is amerikan and his beyblade uses defense tactics. His Bit Beast "Draciel" is a turtle using the element water.
He's ofter mistaken as the youngest team mate but he's older than Tyson.

Kon Rei (also known as Ray Kon)
He's a very adult person being very polite and knowing how to stop Tyson and Max when they screw up. He's a very good blader and he seems to be the only one who's able to act on his own.
His Beat Beast is called drigger, a giant white tiger.
He has grow up in china in a small village behind the mountains.

Hiwatari Kai
Kai is a very silent Character who avoids the friendship of his team mates. He only joined the blade breakers because of not losing his master title in Beyblading. He's the oldest team mate (14 Years) of the team and he blades with his bit beat "Dranzer" a very powerful Phoenix.
During the first season he learns to make friends with Tyson, Ray and Max.
Also Kai had a very dark past that made him act and being that way he is.
Kai was born in russia but lives in Japan. So he has both nationalities.

I really love the storyline because in that series EVERY character has his own story told during the seasons. It's very enthralling to learn about the charakters and how they begin to become a good team. Also in that series we learn much about friendship not because of a 08/15 cliché. (That means a "nothing special-storyline")
I would tell too much, you need to watch it by yourself ;3
The character designs are wonderful! In fact of their clothes, their apearence and their look. (They even have got different skin colours) Beyblade has really many charakters and each of them are different. Most of them have an own background story told in the anime. So you're not focussed on some special characters.
The only critic I have to say is that I'm missing some details out of the manga. For example some characters background storys aren't so well known than in the manga.

Rating: 9


The art of Beyblade switches from season to season:

Season 1: At beginning you might think it looks a bit hard and also the main characters look older than they really are.
For example Kai looks like he would be 16 years old (or so) because of his muscular body. (...)
Sometimes the colours are very flashy for example in Max clothes (Orange and Green). The whole anime is made with strong colours. Only the bad scenes loose some color what makes the difference between the situations.
The art of the characters is absolutely okay, there are no terrible mistakes. The backgrounds are very detailed and made with love! Just watch the locations like France, Russia, America and also even great forests and lakes!

Season 2: Well...the second season had a great change: The main charakters really look like little childs. Also Ray and Kai look like little boys in opposite of the first season where Kai for example had a very muscular arms.
The outfits are really strange: Max looks like he woud've fallen into a paint-pot and Kai just looks kinda gay in his clothes.
I really don't understand why they look that childish in that season. Very bad...
The backgrounds are mady with the same love as in the first seaon. For example you can watch a whole island with its wonderful plants and the giant meer.

Season 3: In that season the art of the charakters change again. Now they look much more their age alike. There are finally some more details again. Max wears better clothes, Ray has grown in muscles, Tysons looks manly and Kai has also grown extremely in muscles as also his outfit looks much better than in season 2. The colours arent that strong anymore. In that season they finally made to use them right.
The art of that season is known at the best art of our beloved characters. The background art didn't change.

Rating: 7



Well I can only tell about the sound in the german anime.
The intro starts with rock'n'roll. It sound's very different to many other animes openings because the song really makes fun and it's not that long than other intros.
Also in the episodes: Rock'n'Roll-music goes along with many beyblade fights. It makes fun to listen and raises the spirit. Also the music emphasises the different situations like mad/sad scenes or funny screnes.
I really don't know what to tell about Beyblades music anymore, I absolutely love it!


Now I can only tell about the german synchronisation, too. I'm sorry.
Well...Germany is well known for their bad synchronisation of animes. (Of course we are not very proud of it...)
Beyblade is one of the less animes with an awesome synchronisation. The voices of the characters deal perfect with them. So Max has a more cute voice and Kai is the guy with the darker voice.
The voices are spoken very naturally, not that contrived than today's german synchronisation.
Maybe you might just listen to the german voices. I really love them (and not only me, I promise!)

Rating: 10


I absolutely love that anime! It's a wonderful storyline, not only watching beyblade matches! Every character has an own story and every season is diefferent form the other. This is an anime that should be send in TV everyday, I'm really missing it...
The music makes really fun and its not that romantic or 08/15 cliché like in many other animes.
Beyblade has a very big target group. Even in high age it's still amusing to watch the anime.
Also it's fun to blade on your own! (I wish I would have such a blade...)

To all who still don't know the anime: Don't hestitate! One of the best animes ever is waiting to be watched by you!

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.83 (very good)

Reviewed by reikurosawa, Oct 19, 2011


  1. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2011

    I once tried to watch Beyblade, but unfortunately it didn't come on at the right times so I've only been able to see a handful of episodes.

    As for your review, I think you really touched on some good things. However, I think it would take your review up a notch and be a bit more helpful to the reader if you lightened up some on the very specific details of the first season and focused more on the "My opinion" section, and then elaborate a bit more on certain points- for instance it's great to know that the characters are wonderful and different, but it also helps to know why the characters are so likable. Also, for sound, you can also talk about voice acting and such as well. That said, your enthuisasm for the show came through nicely and you brought up some good points in the story section and went in to an admirable amount of detail on the art section. Hope to see more from you! :)

    Oh, and this is just a question, but what does 8/15 cliche mean? I'm not quite familiar with the phrase.

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member Oct 20, 2011

    I remember beyblade, I don't see it much on tv any more, but I do see the toys still being released. it wasn't all that bad actually, the pretty colors were quite distracting for me and I didn't have much trouble in watching it and playing with a few of the beyblades. it might still come on but I typically only watch a few channels I rarely visit other channels because I forget ;) I really liked this review, I like how you broke it down and didn't jumble up the whole mess, it was easy to follow. I'm with doodle I don't understand the 8/15 cliche either, I have seen the anime in question, quite a lot of it actually and this term is new to me. this is very good for your first review and I hope to see more from you in the future, it's always good and cool to see new "faces" appearing in this area.

  3. CheshireMe Oct 21, 2011

    I love Beyblade! I guess i have sentmental attachments to it since it was one of my very first animes (^u^)~* Love all the characters and the story plot, well atleast in the first seasons anyway. Thanks for the review. It made me all nostalgic and happy. By the way, I think Ray's bit beast is a white TIGER instead of a wolf.
    For a first timer, job well done *Thumbs up*

  4. z827 Oct 25, 2011

    Mnn... An introduction helps is a useful element in a review but your "intro" goes too far into the Season and may - more or less - turn into a summary of the initial episodes.
    Something short and sweet to introduce a read into the series would work out fine.

    As for the "Your Opinion" sector in the story sector , try to limit it to the plot itself and not the character design.
    As difficult as it may be you might want to elaborate on the plot and why one would enjoy the story of the Anime :P
    Is it the concept? Is it the flow of the plot? Or is it , perhaps , the atmosphere it generates?

    As for the art sector , I actually do like the art review but more details and it being less subjective could help as a whole.
    You might want to throw in the design of the Beyblades themselves or the atmosphere of the artwork.
    Not to mention , please remove the words "gay" as it may prove offensive to some readers. :P

    As for the Music and Sound review... ehh ... like I said , try to branch things out a little and elaborate on the details in question.
    Try not to say "I love it and it's not only me" sort of thing , it's going to kill off the effect of the review in a way.

    Well , overall , try to make the review less... "personal" and try to broaden things a little.

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