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Lucky Star

Lucky Star tv Review

Follow the every day lives of Konata, Miyuki, Kagami and Tsukasa as they go through high highschool, homework, video games, and everything in between.

Credit: joeshen

Story & Characters

At first glance it may not look like it, but believe me when I say that this anime has much more to offer.
Seems like that it is made for elementary school students, but it is not. The content and all the jokes are made for those that go in high school and even higher. Story and how it is presented are like that. Characters itself go in high school and to begin with, they take you into their lives. Quite literally, you will become a part of it while watching and quite dreaming to be in a school like that.

So, how to start? Like I said, the story is set about several characters that go in Japanese high school. Story spawns their second and third year and everything that they go through. Well almost everything, you would expect that it would be boring just watching their normal lives, which by the way are. But no, it actually shows that otaku side of the life, at least for the main character and it adds all other characters that are not students to it as well.

So now that I mentioned the characters there, let’s talk about the main ones. What I want to say is that every character has own personality and while they may share common things, they still are special on their own. Quite literally, everyone has some traits.
We have Miyuki, which is the beautiful, smart, but clumsy student who is very gentle and kind. Then there are two twin sisters, one being not so smart, but clumsy and cute, while the other one is smart, intelligent and has a thing with temper.
Aside from them, there is the perverted otaku father, a teacher who is actually a hard core gamer, and a cousin who is always silly and does her job awkwardly as a policeman, but still meaning that she behaves that she is younger, also is an otaku. She is also has a sister, but then again she has some other friends with different personalities as well, so without making this go too long, let’s just cut it here… There are a lot of characters, each being different!

Now these last three four characters are related to the main character and star of this show and that is Konata. Yup, some would say the symbol of anime, she is actually just so funny and random, that you just can’t but not to like her. It also goes that she is an otaku as well and her situations and jokes all well describe all the happenings there. She stays how she is and is always there to be in her role.

This anime is a parody and comedy. Parody on some other animes and otakus in general, but as it makes you laugh it also makes you feel proud to be one. It also shows all the good sides of the life and how we actually should take the life that we live with.
Parody mixed with reality, this is what it is.

Pros: huge variety of characters, comedy and yet a lecture from this anime, relaxing
Cons: it might take several episodes for some to adjust to it, while others will from the very start.

Rating: 9


Oh yeah, the design and art of this anime… Quite cartoonish and different, I know. But then again it looks like it is in classic style. So what it actually is? It is an anime with so unique art that it just add to its comedic purpose and overall view.

Let’s see, we have that traditional anime art there, with the big eyes, long and colorful hairs and just awkward and interesting movements which are covered with their standard personalities. So even if it looks a little bit childish and maybe even blank compared to some other animes, it actually isn’t. It comes from that this art is best suited for this type of anime and the developers knew it! What they also knew is how to set animations here. They are just so fluent and all the colors are… Well colorful. And what happens when you combine these two things? Exactly, you get a big load of fun for the eyes. Weird term, but believe me it is so enjoyable to watch these fluent animations and all that colorfulness even if it looks different.

What I also must mention is that Lucky Star has some pretty nice animation and drawing effects. It comes that at some moments if just changes the look of the anime, giving it more abstract look and the one better to describe the situation.
Not to be confusing, let’s give an example. When Konata enters the shop to by herself some manga and anime DVDs, the shop clerics turn into some kind of super people and all the transformation, their reactions, animations that follow them, is just… exploding!! There is also a situation when Konata goes with her cousin to the beach. There her cousin turns into some kind of rally driving sequence with all the effects that it gives the intensity and actual look to it like it is real. So good!

Pros: Good animations and effects, cute drawing style.
Cons: Some might give stereotypes to the drawing style and give up from it without even watching it.

Rating: 8


Oh how do we like music in Lucky star. What music? All the music! In fact after every episode you will hear a random famous anime opening or ending from some other anime of course, performed by one of the Lucky star voice actors in so called karaoke room.
That is however till the 11th episode or so. Later that is replaced with the, I think actual producer, singing some random songs in some weird places. They are either just plain boring… or plain hilarious, your choice!

Opening of this anime deservers all the prizes, because that song is not just catchy, but good as well. Everyone is familiar with that song and dance that follows it.
Talking about much, I have even listened to it several times with only watching like one episode at first.
All other OST is there and adds to the effect. It might feel repetitive and somewhat small, but it is there and neat on its own way. I especially like how the songs know when to being and stop giving the better explanation of the situations, which are usually comedic ones.

Voice acting is good (I am talking about Japanese one, not sure about English) and for some reason, even though I say this a lot, but this time they really hit the point of giving the right voices to the right characters and their personalities. Voices are still not that spectacular and can feel a little high pitched sometimes, but they get their job oh so well done.

Pros: Interesting and hilarious endings, voice acting.
Cons: soundtrack is quite simple as well as some sound effects.

Rating: 8


This is where the things are starting to get really interesting. Let’s talk how the anime is actually shown, because it is very unique and different among any other there. There are similar anime and styles, but this one actually has a quality to it.

This anime catches on slowly. It doesn’t hurry with anything. You have to accept it like that and while it might be slow to some, to others and me personally I think that it means that it is quite relaxing and also how some anime should be. Watching this you will not want to finish it fast. No, you will actually want to that it goes as much as possible.
Now here is one thing that you all have to remember. Lucky Star really is funny and by that no doubt it will take you in it. What it also offers is not only comedy, but knowledge as well. You will learn much about Japan, their culture, system and other things in general too. Now here is the catchy part. You will need to have some pre-knowledge to understand some of the jokes, maybe even half of them.
While the anime does a great job with music, animations and everything to show you the best way these situations, it still can leave you confused.
That is bad for some, because it might let them to give up on this anime early on. Though if you give it a try, you might understand more as it goes and actually make up for it later.
Like I said, you need to have some pre-knowledge, but then again this anime gives you one with time.

And yes, it actually goes from being boring, to be totally amazing! I like that, because as it progresses it only gets better and better. There are even some emotional parts, won’t you believe it. But this anime is not made for that, it is made for it randomness and that’s what we like about it. Being completely random might be boring after a while, but they did a good job with putting other elements as well, like I mentioned before.

Almost forgot to mention here, the ending scenes. Now this is called unique and so different, because this has to be the most random ending scenes that I have ever seen. Not only that there is like a show at the end of it, which might either be plain hilarious or boring to you but that’s another story, it gives you a huge impression at the end and even might want you to watch it. It is so random that it is hard to explain it, you will have to see it for yourself.

For anyone loving animes, video games, or just pure randomness in general, do not miss this, not even for one a bit of a chance. This is one of those that need to be watched. Even if you will not like it, at least give it a try for that is what this is made of. Lucky Star? Try to find the true meaning…

Pros[/b]: unique anime filled with a lot of randomness and funny otaku scenes
: might require some pre-knowledge in certain things to understand some situations and keep you on watching it.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.33 (good)

Reviewed by LightFykki, Oct 04, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Oct 05, 2011

    wasn't really a lucky star fan, it was alright, random and comedy like. the first episode alone was talking about cooking and food. I watched the anime and didn't drift into spoiler reading too much, but it sort of drug too much in places. your review was decent, I rather liked how you touched on the major characters but you could have ventured more into the whole "otaku, parody, etc" I mean I don't know anything about a typical otaku, what do you mean by a parody?

  2. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Oct 05, 2011

    I've been curious about Lucky Star, but now I'm REALLY curious. After all, I love anime, video games, and randomness. And parodies. Those are always fun too. :)

    As for the review, you seem to have done a great job! You brought up some of the cons and were very descriptive in all four sections. Personally, I think this is your best review yet. Though I would recommend rereading it to fix some grammar mistakes that made it harder to read, great job overall!

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 05, 2011

    I have to definitely say I really like what you did with this review.

    Lucky Star just wasn't my cup of tea. I've tried getting into it twice before and neither time worked, but I think you did a very nice job covering the elements. It seems to be a much stronger composition of pros and cons this time around, which really gives it that amount of balance it seemed to be lacking previously.

    Great work, Light!

  4. Dancerinthedark Oct 12, 2011

    sounds good I think I will watch it XD
    thanks for the review :3

  5. Blue-Latte May 29, 2013

    Wait, I didn't even know they're high schoolers, they look too cute and small, LOL! XD Hm, I must say this review is very well written, after reading this, I realized that I judged too quickly. I'm not a fan of daily life anime, I've only watched several episodes and I wasn't impressed and bored, but I guess I'll give it a try again. =D

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