z827's Metal Gear Solid Game Review

Metal Gear Solid game Review

Story & Playability

Story Introduction
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker is the story of the Big Boss - several years after the incident of the mission "Snake Eater" and after the legendary hero Snake was recognized for his efforts in the mission.
However , Snake left and he started his own organization in a landmark - dubbed as Outer Heaven and the player would follow his story as he slowly builds an army of his own as he stops the project "Peace Walker"

Character Introduction

Naked Snake / Big Boss
Codenamed Naked Snake and the hero of the events of Snake Eater.
He is entitled Big Boss and is referred to as that in his own organization.
Whilst not the perfect leader , he have the charisma to draw the respect and loyalty of his men and the ability to draw capable men to his side , building up the foundations of his organization.

Story Overview
Peace Walker has generated the same amount of storyline the console versions have to offer.
The political struggles , nuclear deterrence , the thin line between peace and war. Soldiers fighting for their tomorrow and cutting the strings tied to them for the freedom they seek.
Everything is revealed in a straightforward manner - but the answer is deep. Peace Walker is essentially a project made for peace - but ironically , it also can bring about conflict and wars.

This Metal Gear series has proven to be logical and politically sensible. Bringing in the ideas of actual war theories and the theory of "Nuclear Deterrence" - the act of having nukes to COUNTER nukes - and the creation of mobile nuke launchers to counter the loophole of this protection in question - which results in further conflict and troubled political issues.

Everything in Peace Walker has a link to the future ( Solid Snake's timeline ) and the past. It has , once again , done up a plotline not revolving around something unnatural , particularly romantic or fantasy-like , but a story involving a man known as a hero , a true soldier and the man whom fights for the freedom of tomorrow.
How peace stands next to war - how easily it is to be toppled over , destroyed and shattered.

That is what Peace Walker is about - the thin line between war and peace. The price of peace and the efforts of the people whom tries to attain it. Actual thinking is required to see how great the entire plot since there is a deep meaning behind everything.

As for the characters , it is pretty interesting to see how Naked Snake built up the foundations of what Solid Snake would later overthrow. The foundations of an organization and how Snake have this ability to draw talents despite his lack of leadership skills - and how he earns the respect of those around him.

As usual , the characters have their own assortment of weird interests - which may ironically end up helping Snake or provide trivia knowledge for the players. Such as Choco's interest for monsters and Huey's scientific knowledge.
Their traits , appearances and personalities had given them a very distinct impression on the player's memories - though that doesn't change the fact that their names can be ridiculously hard to remember at times XD

Peace Walker's plotline gets even better if you had been a fan of the MTGS series as coincidences of the past links to the connections in the future. Such as the relation between Huey and Big Boss - as well as the future relation between Otacon and Solid Snake. So the nostalgia , irony and coincidences does make things a lot better and interesting , making it an excellent prequel to the excellent tale of the MTGS series.

Rating: 8


Artwork and Graphics Review
Like most Portable MTGS games , Peace Walker features comic-book styled cutscenes.
Whilst it may sound "boring" , the depth of the artwork , the artistically sketchy outlines and the shading - as a whole , the unusual artwork scheme and the "aged" textures - as well as the actual movement of these figures makes the cutscenes as great , if not better , as compared to the 3D CGI graphics of the Metal Gear games on console.

As for the actual graphics of the game - I daresay it can be more or less be compared to that of a PS2 game. Whilst it is notable that not everything is smooth and detailed , the graphics , lightning , effects , shadows , ground texture and every single thing is detailed to the finest within the limits of a PSP game.
The curves , linings and physiques of the characters were well-made , making it realistic and less boxy as compared to some other PSP games.

Not to mention the slight shaking of the camera as the player's character runs across the field has greatly enchanced the cinematic value of the game , making it a theatre experience not only in the cutscenes but in game itself.

What more can I say? It's fully deserving of a 9 for this one.

Rating: 9


Sound Effects Review
This game have some pretty awesome Sound Effects.
For example , when you run across the forest floor , you could hear the slight grinding echoing to your ears - or perhaps the grainy texture of a concrete floor?
Sound effects were clearly taken into consideration here as knocking onto a thin sheet of metal would indeed , cause the same hollow vibration as one would expect of a metal wall.

From the soft "spurt" of the bullet when shot from a pistol equipped with a suppressor to the explosion of an RPG - this game pretty much have high-quality sound effects for just about EVERYTHING.
This is also one of the reasons why the cutscenes are excellent for every thud , bang and rustle could be heard.

Voice Acting Review
Accent , accent , accent.
Lots of the characters in this game have a pretty heavy accent - and that is actually a major plus since most people whom are supposedly "of a specific country" doesn't have their "specific accent"
Generally , the voice acting is unique and yet , realistic. But as it is a game , the characters speak with more conviction and emotions as compared to people in real-life to truly bring out their roles and their personalities.

The voice acting , again , is another factor which had brought out the depth of the cutscenes. Their voices , their conversations and their words truly have this ability to make the player think about the situation as a whole and immerse the player into the world of Metal Gear Solid.

Rating: 9


This is a Review of Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker have lived up to it's SOLID name.
Fascinating plotline which makes the player think about the war , the fine line between peace and war - as well as the price of peace in itself. The political struggles , actual theories of war brought into place and nuclear deterrence - that in itself had made this tale an invaluable experience.
Oh , did I mention that this game - too - bears plenty of humor and Easter Eggs? The side-missions and some of the documents can really bring a smile to the player's face - both new and old fans alike.
It's like eating something heavy for lunch and having something light for dinner - the balance of the seriousness of the plot and the humor of side-missions can be unusual but it can also boost the experience of the game as a whole.

Overall : Others

Age Rating : Mature

Console : PSP

Metal Gear Solid features the same system like in other MTGS games. Essentially , you sneak up to your enemies , knock them out and run for your goal.
However , what is different about it is the way you select your items.
This is pretty annoying as you can't choose your items as quickly as before as items and weapons alike are linked to a single button.
Not to mention the game doesn't freeze as usual when your picking your weapons or items.
The camera can also be a pain at times since it can be pretty stiff at times.

So one way or the other , some MTGS fans may find themselves struggling to the format of the game. Though this issue would only last for a few missions. Once you get used to it , you would find yourself swapping weapons and playing the game like a pro. Well , you should anyway.

This game also features an "auto-aim" feature. It doesn't really help you aim all the way , but bringing the cursor close to a body part of the enemy will allow the game to automatically adjust the angle of the gun for you to take a shot to that part in question.
It is also possible to turn it off - which is advisable for more advanced players.

It is also notable that it is no longer possible to crawl on the ground. You can bend over and run , yes , but you can no longer crawl.
This had taken out a few possible tactical advantages to the game but it is still possible to lie flat on the floor like in MTGS4.
It is also to be noted that it is no longer possible to shift along the wall as you press your back onto it.
It is ALSO to be noted that you can no longer drag your enemies around - which is a bother as you have to leave them on the ground - exposed to enemy's eyes.

Whilst this game have certainly removed some of the tactical advantages of previous MTGS games , it have one prominent improvement. The CQC system.
The new CQC system is awesome because you can slam your enemies from the front and the back , as well as slamming them into walls for a quick takeout and it is generally more refined compared to some of the other MTGS games.
It is also possible to grab them the instant they get up from the floor so you wouldn't risk getting an Alert as usual with other MTGS games.

In exchange for the discomfort of the controls and the lacking of the features of some other MTGS games , Peace Walker have a new CQC system of which you may enjoy - particularly so as the player can also perform several CQC takeouts in a row if there are enemies nearby.

Not to mention , Peace Walker have an excellent cooperative system which allows you to play efficiently alongside your friends.
For example , the cardboard box can now store two people! YES , AMAZING ISN'T IT!?
Seriously though , as a result of that , sneaking in teams can be far more efficient at times.
Not to mention that Cardboard box can also serve as a platform to reach a higher platform - so the game does offer some tactical and strategical advantages unseen in other MTGS games.

This game also features some elements from Portable Ops as you can play as a regular soldier in side-missions and kidnap soldiers to join your side. But the thing is , you do not need to drag a soldier all the way to a truck , all you have to do is use the Fulton system to send them to the helicopter of your organization.
Likewise , you can use the same method to save prisoners under the surveillance of enemy troops.

There are also plenty of new features like the creation of your OWN METAL GEAR and the capture of armored vehicles. Not to mention side-missions ranging from dating to... well , killing monsters from Monster Hunter?

Fortunately , this game bears elements similar to Monster Hunter , so it isn't all that difficult. Except that your not wearing your favourite armor and your using a rifle.
.... Sounds horrible , isn't it?

This game can prove to be extremely difficult when you play through it alone. It is possible , yes , but very difficult. If you have friends ( Up to three ) , you can easily conquer some of the missions as a friendly pat on the back is always welcomed in the difficult missions Snake have to face.

As a footnote , Peace Walker utilises the same Camo system as in Snake Eater. But what you wear also effects your speed and the amount of items you can carry. In that sense , some thinking is required prior to an operation.
Also , you can send your men to perform Extra Ops mission and assign them to teams to help you develop weapons , supply food for your army or heal the sick.

Either way , MTGS : Peace Walker is a deviation from the other series. Do not expect the same of it as of the other MTGS games - and expect the boss missions to be a lot harder than usual - and a lot more thinking is required to be honest.

- Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker is coming in HD with the other SOLID GAMES IN ONE SOLID PACKAGE!
- Seriously , don't bring a weapon out in dating missions - why on Earth would anyone do that?

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.67 (very good)

Reviewed by z827, Sep 27, 2011


  1. fallenkaze Sep 27, 2011

    Wow, it seems that with every review I read they just keep getting better and better, and I think that its fair to say the you've done Big Boss proud, Z. I really loved your description of the more, say sophisticated themes like Nuclear Deterrence, and I liked how the game aknowledged that it is a flawed theory. Nice work Z!

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member Sep 27, 2011

    I've played other Metal Gear Solid in the past but this one sounds right up my alley. I don't like games that are easy, I prefer games that give me a challenge. the ability to select weapons, stealth and possibly a good supply of ammo all sounds like a good and touch challenge for me without a doubt. I really like how you do reviews, you break it down in pros and cons and then in the final point you give the rating, what you thought of it and so forth, trying to keep unbiased throughout the other part of the review :)

  3. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Sep 28, 2011

    I'm thinking that I should play some MGS games at some point. I feel like I'm missing out on something epic, seriously.

    As for your review, I thought it was great! The frequent use of examples, balanced look at the good and the bad, and clean organization all make your review helpful and easy to read. Not to mention the humor in the fun section really made me smile. +5 points in my book for Solid puns (Ugh, my comment on puns almost sounds like a pun! Wah!) and the cardboard box statement.

  4. LightFykki Sep 28, 2011

    Pretty good review I must say. From how you explained everything, but mostly how you organized it. I like all the parts there and also all the extra that you included in this review.

    And yup, this game definitely deserves this rating. All MGS games are a piece of art.

  5. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 29, 2011

    I can't wait for the HD version of Peace Walker to be released.

    As for the review, there isn't much else I can say that others haven't mentioned. There's a reason why MGS has been one of my favorite series and I absolutely love the direction the handhelds have taken and this one was no exception.

    By far one of your strongest reviews too, Z!

  6. soulsguardian Oct 14, 2011

    dude very detailed review almost got all the info about the game lol knowing all this about a game makes me want to buy it already but you should shorten it a little bit because when it comes to reading a review about games people want all the good info in one short paragraph...lol just saying

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