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Blood+ tv Review

Saya Otonashi is an ordinary high school student, but that soon changes when a chiropteran, a bat-like animal created by the main antagonist, Diva, attacks Saya. Saya then reunites with her chevalier, Hagi, and begins to fight again. Though she can fight again, she must recover her memories. Now she goes out on her journey, along with the Red Shield (an organization that is working alongside Saya), her family, and Hagi to recover her memories, and kill her sister (Diva) to rid the world of the chiropterans.

By: simplex33

Story & Characters

Blood+ is about a girl named Saya Otonashi, who has been living with her adoptive family dealing with amnesia for a better part of the year. She does not know who she is, where she came from, or if she has a family or not. George Miyagusuku, her adopted father, who takes care of her, and also takes care of Riku Miyagusuku, the youngest of the adopted children of his, along with Kai Miyagusuku the "oldest", who often tells Saya nankurunasia. Saya is your typical teenager at a local high school, where she is a great athlete and enjoys life. All of that changes the moment her chevalier appears. A chevalier is typically a bodyguard, a protector and tends to be by the side of the one that created them until the chiropteran (which tends to be what these creators are called, or those that can create chevaliers) is either killed or pretty much wants nothing to do with them. A simple kiss from Hagi helps Saya remember who and what she is and her mission in life, her goal, her duty, possibly her passion, to rid the world of Diva. Which happens to be Saya's twin sister "born" the same time she was.

George promises an organization by the name of Red Shield, to basically protect Saya until she remembers. This organization typically wishes to rid the world of chiropteran (which happens to be a vampire-like creature) and Diva. Unfortunately they encounter an organization that is your typical movement to cover the world in chiropteran by the name of Cinq Fl├Ęches led by Amshel Goldsmith with others including Solomon Goldsmith, Karl Fei-Ong, James Ironside, and Nathan Mahler all of whom are Diva's chevaliers. Each one unique in their own way. Diva and her other chevaliers are not impressed by the "obsession" Solomon starts to develop towards Saya, but she has other things to worry about at the moment, like ridding the world of Saya. Diva was raised locked in a tower, so, naturally, when she emerged and made her first chevalier, Armshel, she terrorizes the world while she wishes to dress loli-like and is often seen playing with toys and caring very little about a lot of things, other than singing, she loves to sing.

Still worse yet, a group learns of how to create chevaliers without the other typical means, however they aren't as "perfect" and have many flaws, known as The Schiff, living on the blood of humans to survive, if what being forced to live by another is living, encounter Saya and the rest, only to be faced with even more problems, Diva wanting them back or doing her bidding. When they learned it was not Saya but Diva's blood in their veins they devote to helping take down Diva as well.

Over time we also meet David, Lewis, and Julia, all working with Red Shield, led by Joel Goldschmidt VI, a descendant of the original Joel who found Saya and Diva, in the hopes of bringing down Diva and the chiropteran. And still further joined up by Mao and Akihiro Okamura. Mao, once not liking Saya much, becomes curious about her and with her dad having a lot of money she starts to travel and fund things, and Okamura being a somewhat jaded, down-on-his-luck, chain-smoking newspaper reporter, wishing to capture another chiropteran on film like his father did during the Vietnam War. Will he succeed? Will Diva and Saya get the chance to face off in combat to see who is the dominating "Queen" of the chiropteran race, and what will happen to the chevalier and their battles? Worse yet what of the internal conflicts constantly raging on and on in Saya's mind? Watch to find out, if you haven't already.

Rating: 8


The art was outstanding for this anime. It was quite interesting to see the proper blood splatter for this particular anime. I don't believe I have encountered anything like it since. They didn't stress the over usage of blood like some anime have done in the past when it comes to the gore and violence department. Another impressing thing was the lacking of ecchi and fan service, sure there was a tiny bit, but it was done in a tasteful matter and helped along with the plot quite nicely. I was equally impressed with the background, snow blowing, clouds moving, beach waves crashing, they weren't really needed but I felt the creator did a good job and also nice that they bothered to supply us with so much detail that this anime could possibly have been given to us. Although it wasn't real to form about vampire biting, but the detail was supplied elsewhere so that was good enough to carry things along I thought. I equally felt the katana and other sword fighting scenes were done in an excellent array of clashing sword against sword and there wasn't a stress or strain when they were in flight or moving really fast when they "shifted", or on a boat/ship, there were even detail to the ship, plane and other methods of travel. Even the detail to gun, gun battle and play was outstandingly well done I thought.

Rating: 8


Where there was detail to art, there just wasn't the proper detail to sound. Sure the soundtrack was outstanding and I still have most of the songs on my ipod, but rarely did you hear any train noises, there were moments where you couldn't hear the gun as it was being fired and when there was a sound of a gun, it didn't echo, even when shot in the alley it sounded sort of bland. The sound/noises of the helicopter and explosions were possibly the only thing they really focused in on, even the screams were sort of livid and lacked me believing they were real. I felt the anime could have had some more insert background noises/music. Sure the cello that Hagi played for Saya was present, other than that, that was pretty much it on background noises, battle scenes lacked noises/music as well. I do have to admit Hagi is one excellent cellist and he sure does like to play for Saya, as I believe that was probably the angle that the anime wanted to focus more on than anything else.

Rating: 7


This is my sixth review, after recently finishing it up while I found it online, I have a feeling I probably won't be bothering with buying this one. Sure I liked it, but after watching it again, I felt it was slightly boring in places. It was lacking things, the time jumps and time travels of past moments to present was confusing a few times for me. I do have to admit the angle of chiropteran and chevalier was most unique, it was fresh and new for it's time, but I felt the anime was possibly nearly too long, there were episodes that helped the plot along too much and a few fillers that could have been erased because it wasn't really all that important to the plot. I was impressed by the ending and equally disappointed but that's how life is, along with how some anime of dark nature tend to end. The entire anime was nicely done, but overall it just wasn't what I expected the second time watching it would be. The first time was the newness, the second was just sort of bland, I knew what was coming, but I did not bring anything else new from watching it the second time, nor did I let the knowledge from the first time interfere with watching it again. This, to me, is that once a life time watches, it'll linger with you for years to come, but that second time just ruins some of it and tends to shatter some sort of gleam to the anime itself as a whole. Sure I might watch it again, but I believe I'll leave a space of time, so perhaps when the vintage age comes along I might have forgotten some of it and find something new that I did not see at this second viewing.

Rating: 7

Final Verdict

7.50 (good)

Reviewed by angelxxuan, Sep 23, 2011


  1. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2011

    Hmm, I have to say that while I'm not usually a fan of reviews that mostly cover plot in the story section without covering pacing, character development, etc., I liked that you subtly added your feelings in that part and then gave us the full force of your feelings in the presentation section, kind of separating your feelings from the basic plot. I would have liked to read about voice acting and such in the sound section, but other than that, nicely done! :)

    Not sure if I'll end up looking into this series or not; while it sounds interesting I think it might be a bit violent for my tastes, lol.

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 24, 2011

    Another review from Xuan!

    While I do have to agree with Snicker in that aspect, I do like how you took a similar approach that I did with my review. Since, with a series like Blood+, there's a hearty amount of characters and depth behind them that it would rather difficult to write a full review when they story section would stretch on endlessly.

    The problem I had with Blood+, which caused me to lose complete interest, sounds like a similar issue that you had with it. While I enjoyed aspects of it, as I stated in Weskalia's review, I just couldn't get into the show. It just became too tedious for me and there wasn't enough to really keep me coming back.

    Great job, Xuan, and while both you and Weskalia gave it rather high rating, it is nice to see a review that has a bit of a different contrast in opinion.

  3. hitsu-chan Sep 24, 2011

    this serie is so scary... I couldn't stand watching it, I was 7 when I first saw it and even now... somewhat, I can't watch it! lol
    anyway, nice review, it makes me wanna watching this! ;3

  4. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2011

    I agree with you in some parts angel... when I first watched the series I thought it was amazing--- but when I bought the first boxset and re-watched? Not so much. So my Blood+ remains incomplete.

    However, the soundtrack is one of my absolute favs. <3

  5. ndox900 Sep 25, 2011

    i've watch it twice , i think the series is need more fighting scene and... i love her sword :P yup i agree with firefly , the soundtrack is awesome ^^

  6. LightFykki Oct 17, 2011

    Hey, nice review you put here!^^ I enjoyed reading this you know. I liked how you arranged this and especially the end there and they way that you put your own personal views on the series.
    Pretty good, I liked it. :)

  7. angelxxuan Banned Member May 20, 2012

    thanks for stopping by and posting a comment, I might venture into this one some day, since it's streamable and has been so for quite awhile. thank you netflix !

  8. UberDog Mar 08, 2015

    Kicking Review Bunny. As I am not really a fan of vampire genre, you did a great review and was able to present the anime well and I might watch it in the future if I have the time.

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