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Taimanin Asagi game Review

Same universe: Taimanin Asagi, Taimanin Yukikaze, Kangoku Senkan, Koutetsu no Majo Annerose.

Story & Playability

Story Introduction
Asagi is a Anti-Demon Ninja whom... well , takes care of demons.
When she thought she can finally settle down with her boyfriend , however , her lifelong enemy appears and robbed her of her everyday life - subjecting her to inexplicably immoral tortures in an arena...

Character Introduction

Igawa Asagi
A beautiful woman whom is also an Anti-Demon Ninja. ( ADN )
She was considering to stop being an ADN and settle down in life with her boyfriend , but things went... horribly wrong.
She have a fairly firm will to keep her sanity despite the things done to her.

Story Overview
.... Well , how do I put it?
The concept itself is fairly average and the plotline is literally oozing with H-Content.
No , that is an understatement.
H is the very foundation of the plotline - it is it's body , it's fundamentals and it's building blocks.

There's no true plotline , nor is there a distinct concept - it may prove intriuging but mainly because of it's twisted moral ethics.
What can I say? More than half of the plotline is about erotic punishment and sadism - the plot's existence is weak but it is there , revolving around such content.

To be blunt , it's actually pretty interesting to see how one can make something 100% perverted with a fragment of storyline to sustain it to certain extence to make it less... mindless in a way.
At the very least , there is a meaning to the events - but otherwise , it was not elaborated.

Rating: 2


Artwork Review
The artwork is actually pretty good.
Generally speaking , the coloring and lightning effects may not be the most distinct as in itself but the artwork is unique in it's own way.
For one , the heroine herself looks unusually captivating. The artwork , design and general concept of the characters may deviate ever so slightly from typical concepts and yet it is an originality and holds a certain disctinct nature as in itself.
Not to mention the lines are generally smooth , well-placed and neatly drawn.

Animated CGs
Some of the HCGs are animated and they were smooth compared to some of the efforts I had seen in other Visual Novels.
There are still signs of cliches here and there , particularly how stiff the hair is on certain angles but otherwise , the general effect is actually quite impressive and how they had considered the movement of the character as a whole.

Rating: 8


Music Review
Ehm... was there music in this game?
Well , it's either I can not remember or it is too indistinct for me to remember.
No matter , the reason why the score is as it is is because of the voice acting.

Seiyu Review
Should I be impressed or be disturbed?
Whilst the choices of the Seiyu isn't really quite suiting for the characters ( Well , I was expecting Asagi to have a more... mature voice compared to the feminine one she has ) but heck... You can't really deny the effort put in by the Seiyus in the H-Scenarios nor the killing intent in Asagi's voice as she glares at her enemy.
It only happened once , but that "killing intent" felt as though it was "real" , so much so that I myself was actually surprised in that moment.

Rating: 5


This is a Review of Taimanin Asagi
This Visual Novel is... perhaps... more suited for people with a more... sadistic taste for things.
It is morally distasteful and ethically wrong and it is without a doubt any woman would be disturbed more than being angered by such a game. It's disturbing , warped up but it's certainly not the worst there is.
The plotline is almost non-existent as it wraps itself around one H-Scenario after the other , I really doubt there's even a ten minutes gap in between all those H-Scenarios.
If I must say so myself , this game is simply meant for men whom have a liking for more extreme content - but not to the state of which it would numb the mind of average individuals.
For those who can't stomach such things , avoiding it is advised.

Overall : Others

Age Rating : 18+ ( 21+ might be suggested... )

Console : PC

Well , H is pretty much the point of this game.
It holds a series of more extreme events - and generally speaking , almost none of them are consensual.
If I must list it out , it'll contain monstrosities , tentacles , torture and well , the breaking down of the mind and body.
Like I've said , it's not meant for people who can't stomach such things - it's typically meant for people with stronger... desires.
Also , H is pretty much the entirety of the game , there isn't really much major choices to make nor is there much talking once things gets "started".

- There are several side-stories , spin-offs and a sequel based on Taimanin Asagi I believe
- There is a H OVA released for this series

Rating: 5

Final Verdict

4.50 (moderate)

Reviewed by z827, Jul 19, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 19, 2011

    all the elements that they are trying to ban in anime, appears they don't want to ban it in games? slapping on a mature rating sticker really doesn't make it any different. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it's a good seller either :( there are some sick things being created. thanks for the review of this, will definitely be on my not to do list. I can't tolerate these sort of things, just reading the review put my mind into work as to what might be in it. thanks for sharing and doing a review on this. and to be honest you did it quite tasteful, you set an atmosphere stage, what people do from there is entirely up to them. choices make the world go 'round.

  2. Luggernaut Jul 20, 2011

    when it comes to tastes i would deem myself a bit on the pervy side(=])... but this game just made me feel uncomfortable. the cgs are drawn by a good artist (he's done some nice one piece and bleach stuff) but i can't imagine the type of developer who'd think up the scenarios from this game. I can't even begin to think about what a girl would think about this game. yeeesh. good review though, you pretty much summed up what the game is like, appreciate the appropriate age warning. good job=]

  3. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2011

    After reading this review, I've decided if that if I found this game I might burn it. I like your review, and I'm glad that you gave enough detail to let readers know what they're in for without being overly explicit. As someone mentioned above, I like that you give age ratings to let people know what can be expected in terms of objectionable content. Nice voice and overall nice review!

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