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Yosuga no Sora tv Review

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Story & Characters

Warning! The following is not a joke. This really is what this series seems to be about.

Every so often a romantic anime story steps aside from the stock of characters and story elements to produce something special and unusual. Though not well-known, incest is a very common element in eroge, and that's exactly what Yosuga no Sora is: an eroge visual novel in animated-form.

Handsome, kind Kasugano Haruka and his damaged twin sister Sora have recently lost their parents in an accident, so they have decided to return their original home in the countryside. While Haruka attends school, Sora stays home, frustrated by the lack of convenience. At first, Haruka determines to move on but soon attracts the local schoolgirls with his dashing look, things eventually get complicated when Sora has no intention of letting anyone else have her big brother. Will any of these girls be able to win Haruka's heart over someone who already closer and dearer to him?

So the very first episode of this eroge-adapted anime involves the twin moving back to their old home, Haruka reforms the bond with his old friends and new. Towards the end, there's a sudden not-so-surprise scene: Sora takes off her clothes, leaving only undergarment in a form of brother-sister masturbation and full-frontal nudity.

Oh, yeah, it's that kind of series.

This trashy, twelve-episode series will initially be considered another awful fanservice due to its strong emphasis on nudity, sexual interactions, though this one takes it to a more extreme. Tracing its root to an eroge dating game, Yosuga no Sora's tone is not difficult to figure out. The content plays almost entirely seriously and with a mood not common to the typically more outlandish style of ero game adaptations, each girl can be considered a route, and by conquering the girl's heart is the end of its arc. Though the gap between the first two arcs is distracting, it's not very surprise for fans of ero games.

Even by goopy teenage romance standards, this series' male protagonist is another fine example of the typical harem lead. Indecisive, goofy, always needs a push to act, Haruka (sounds like a girl's name) is just tiresome and unexciting; if there's anything he's good at, that is being a hit with the ladies no matter how much of a dunce he is. The set up is fairly common for the type: a rich girl, a girl next door, a miko. While we're at it, let's not forget the prominent star, the selfish and fragile twin sister Sora because incest is the real deal of this stuff. As typical as the stereotype, every girl's story is just a plain problem which will leave Haruka to solve them, rewarding him some free hot scenes in bed. While the main plot focuses on the girls, a bonus sidestory is set for the maid type (because there's always a maid) in chibi form and it is just as ridiculous as the main plot, or even more. Like a complete harem comedy, they're quite the fiasco although Sora's story can be a little interesting. What is it with these small towns that lead all these women to simper over these astonishingly boring young men?

Psychologically, it goes without saying that Sora is very damaged. She just lost her parents, and I assume she's only had her brother for companionship all these years, since she's been sickly. Naturally, she easily gets jealous every time she sees another woman clinging to her brother, that would explain her self-centered behavior. Jealousy is a powerful emotion, it does crazy thing to people. But the way they perform it is just redundant. Incest is not a weak element, just hardly has its place and sometimes it does make things nasty, and when it bothers you, stay well away.

Rating: 3


The artistry is supposed to complement the fanservice as the other feature of the series, but they try so hard to be campy that their merits as designs are severely lacking. Some of the premises are gimmicky in a clever way, such as the image of Sora wearing her finical white Gothic dress and carrying a black rabbit doll would make her look like a noble-class young lady, while others are gimmicky in a stupid way, such as the old-time blushing expression on the girls' faces or the maid who has breasts the size of her face. You know how big they are when you see one, because somehow she found the only maid uniform in the world that fits them. Either way, the designs are stiff in execution, resulting in many of them having less trouble giving sex scenes for free. The amount of sexual interactions in here is astounding; the emphasis on sex is bad enough, but this really pushes it over the top.

Though this is not a top-grade artistic effort, the visuals aren't bad, either. Feel, which has specialized in graphic, harem titles such as Da Capo, makes a concerted effort to give it a strong and fluid animation. The animation actually looks better in the more usual scenes than in the sex scenes (censored or not), save for some silly chibi sequences towards the end.

Rating: 7


Whenever you hear a sad piano piece in anime, you know exactly what kind of show it will become. Set in the rural countryside where there's hardly a paved road. Yosuga no Sora is like that, the good-mixed, gentle piano tunes flawlessly set the tone for each song with pleasant singing. On the downside, they'll soon be disadvantaged by the too hyperactive piece in the sidestory. Voice acting retains the same seiyuu in the original game, with veteran harem male Shimono Hiro played Haruka while some less prominent actresses try to match him. Not only is this a lamentableness of casting, but it also is accompanied by the sound of moaning together.

Rating: 7


With the sloppy writing and showy displays of nudity, don't expect anything great out of Yosuga no Sora. It is ultimately a series strictly for fans of the game and those who seek anything beyond fanservice in their anime offerings. There are two aspects that rise above the level of mediocrity: the animation is strong and fluid, and the two music pieces are quite the gentleness, but with such dull disadvantages, they don't add a lot. Anime like this is what often comes out of the shadow and merely tries to insult or provoke your intelligence. A tedious and horrific mess that at least gives ero gamers what they wants: a guy who looks and acts like a dullard, a bunch of pretty girls, and a set of difficult trials for the guy to achieve his heavenly dream of both nudity and sexuality. Or something.
Story: 3
Characters: 4
Art: 8
Animation: 7
Voice: 5
Music: 8
Overall: 4.5

+Amounts of effort in animation and music; Sora's character is interesting.
+''This is madness!'' ''Madness? THIS IS PORNO!''

Rating: 3

Final Verdict

4.33 (below average)

Reviewed by Weskalia, Jul 16, 2011


  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2011

    I'm not sure what I went into expecting Yosuga no Sora to be, but it certainly wasn't a show that had frontal nudity and sex. I expected there to be some similarities to the game it was based off of, but this is literally almost a complete adaption of VN to anime. While it was nice, in an aspect, that it wasn't complete hentai related and gave us a story, it's just such a shame that it couldn't really take off and do anything interesting.

    Also, on a side note, I completely approve of the language used in this review. This is an accurate review of an extremely mature TV show and I want any readers that come here to understand what exactly this anime is about before stumbling into it.

    Great work, Weskalia!

  2. evelluchia Jul 16, 2011

    very nice review thanks for sharing i wonder do you have any screen shots

  3. angelxxuan Banned Member Jul 17, 2011

    even though I did not approve of what was posted and started skimming it shortly after the first paragraph (personal reasons I am not going to get into) I have to agree thanks for sharing this. I was always curious about what this was, I've seen the artwork and liked those, but ever actually seeing this I do believe I just have and leave it at that. nice review as always.

  4. SnickerdoodleNinja Retired Moderator Jul 18, 2011

    Wow, I'm glad you reviewed this as you did- now I know that I don't want to touch it with a ten foot pole. Also, I think the language used fits because as was stated in an earlier comment, it seems viewers need to know exactly what they're getting into. That said, I also think it wouldn't hurt to add a note with your beginning warning that the review, due to the graphic content of the series being covered, contains terms that might upset more sensitive readers. (I know it says eroge at the top, but it probably doesn't click in the minds of many people). Again, it's not that I disapprove of you telling it like it is, but that might be helpful to some readers. Anyhoo, another great review as usual. I particularly got a kick out of the last phrase:

    +''This is madness!'' ''Madness? THIS IS PORNO!''

    Because you tell it like it is. XD I love it. Again, great job!

  5. MisaSasekage Moderator Jul 18, 2011

    Fanservice is all that came to mind when I heard about this series, and immediately like Snicker said this isn't a series I'd watch with a ten foot pole, actually make that twenty feet. The show screamed porno. Very nice review though.^^

  6. mbeckley Jul 19, 2011

    Very nice review. This series surely screams porno when I heard about its fan service. xD

  7. SolemnSerpent Jul 22, 2011

    Being the worldly entity of knowledge that I am (ha, not quite), I had no idea what the word 'eroge' meant. However, after reading the review, especially the description of the series, I'm staying far, far, away from this series. It's a pity, really; Sora's mentally traumatized character (which does sound intriguing) could've propelled this series towards a more memorable, yet still controversial direction- if it had been handled differently.

    Excellent review; I think you handled the explanation of the mature elements of this series very well, and after reading it, people will have a clear indication about what aspects they'd want to steer clear from. Great work.

    And your line, ''This is madness!'' ''Madness? THIS IS PORNO!''

    Priceless. I like the little tidbits of humor you add to your reviews; it gives them a nice distinguishing quality.

    Though, at this rate, all of this fan-service and porno will blot out the sun, which is why tonight, I've scheduled to dine in hell instead.

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