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Elfen Lied tv Review

The Diclonius, a mutated homo sapien that is said to be selected by God and will eventually become the destruction of mankind, possesses two horns in their heads, and has a "sixth sense" which gives it telekinetic abilities. Due to this dangerous power, they have been captured and isolated in laboratories by the government. Lucy, a young and psychotic Diclonius, manages to break free of her confines and brutally murder most of the guards in the laboratory, only to get shot in the head as she makes her escape. She survives and manages to drift along to a beach, where two teenagers named Kouta and Yuka discovers her. Having lost her memories, she was named after the only thing that she can now say, "Nyuu," and the two allow her to stay at Kouta's home. However, it appears that the evil "Lucy" is not dead just yet...

Story & Characters

Before the visual, we speak about the story itself. Right of the start I have to warn you that the story of this anime is quite complex and many of you may not understand it's inner meaning. This focuses on drama and psychological genre, with many horror elements just to give the better surrounding of the atmosphere there. Shown in metaphorical way, the story and happenings may chill you at some times, and at others it may even give you a small laugh. But this anime wasn't meant to be for that, instead the story is told in the way that we would understand it the best. It also combines retrospect, past and present, to give the better grip of the plot there. Everything builds up until the very end where all the emotions just explode and where the story ends. The beginning and the end are one of the best made in all animes that I have seen. The only downside is that some elements may be too sudden and too confused, because of the lack of details that weren't released in anime, but were in manga. Other than that, this story will still awake your deep emotions.

Rating: 8


First thing as what always comes in terms of visuals is the art, animations and drawings. Here, it has been always praised and for that it deserves a high place. I would say quite unique, but not actually. This is one of classic anime styles. But that just proves completely different of what mostly people would see. Because of that, they managed to master it, making this the art here look quite special in it's own way. Mostly you can see are the backgrounds which stand out, as well as other small details. Then come the characters itself. Their characteristics are special on their own way. Their expression, sadness, happiness, love, sorrow... Everything is shown so well that you can almost feel it. And all that is supported with some fluent and amazing animations. Each way of someone makes a movie, or a new victim get's killed, or even if there is a kiss scene, it is all shown and made in a very specific way, watching all the small details there. And after each event, all the pictures and scenes are shown in spectacular way. Even the effects (like showing the past events and moving through them) that follow behind it, are very well shown and makes the scene look even more dramatic.

Rating: 9


Another part of the overall presentation is the sound, OST, voice acting and the effects that follow them of course. What to say about those? Well first what you will hear it the who anime is the Lilium theme song. It is the opening song of the anime, but actually it is also played in many parts of the anime itself with different versions of it. It is also something like a symbol between the two friends there (I don't want to tell much spoilers, you will see by watching the anime). It is a song sang in Latin and it has a deep meaning for anyone who can understand it and take by the heart. The closing song of the anime is quite opposite, it is more cheerful and more like a love song. Yet, it itself gives a good presentation behind what this anime is really about. The overall OST is not big, but it has many memorable tracks and each which describe the situation that characters or scenes are being held.
Voice acting is another strong part of this. You would think that some animes are that good that they get numerous dubs? Well that's true, this one get's as well. There is as always the original Japanese dub, which is in excellent quality with voices fitting characters just amazingly. And if you are really curious, you can as well try out German dub of the anime. Not much to it, as usual original dubs are better than those from other languages, but these ones are done actually quite good.

Rating: 9


At the end I want to talk about presentation itself. Yeah, this anime has something that mostly don't have. Many animes are emotional, warm, sad, but this one will leave you with a main question after you finish watching it. You will begin to understand some things, to even appreciate life more. To appreciate people around you, those that are different and pushed from the society. You will begin to understand that they are even more special. Much what we don't know is shown in this anime. Many of people bad habits are displayed as well. At first this may look like an anime just meant to be filled with violence, nudity and gore, but actually that's not true. It is meant to be different and to show the true message that it holds. The nudity itself is shown in a non fan-service way, yet more to be a part of the story. This anime also has many other bad society factors, like kid abuses, rapping, torturing, massacring, killing and so on... Be prepared for that, as this anime is not definitely for someone who can't take this stuff and who is young for this. But if you manage to overpass all that, you will understand the true jewel behind this unique and special anime...

Rating: 10

Final Verdict

9.00 (very good)

Reviewed by LightFykki, Jun 29, 2011


  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Jun 29, 2011

    for me this was quite a disturbing anime and took me forever to watch it, personal issues not going to get into. as I strayed and stalled with this anime, too disturbing in some places, I have to agree with your review and final verdict. this is one of those anime which is not meant for the faint of heart or those that can't handle the disturbing pressure of reality. overall nice review, you gave a nice presentation, you left it open and didn't list any threatening spoilers. you could have probably talked about some of the characters in it but not bad for a first review. and welcome to mt by the way :)

  2. MisaSasekage Moderator Jun 30, 2011

    Incredibly disturbing. Watched it one time, don't plan on watching it again. I agree with Bunny, this anime is definitely not for the faint of heart. Nice review!^^

  3. 1dev13 Jun 30, 2011

    Excellent review! :) I watched Elfen Lied a while back, but even with all the blood, gore, and nudity, the anime does have a deeper meaning. I'd love to watch the original, now! :D Thanks for sharing your opinion with us!

  4. ForgetMeNot713 Jul 01, 2011

    I've watched the anime and read the manga and this whole story is one that touches your heart and leave's you wanting nothing more than a happy ending for Nyu/Lucy. It leaves you with tears in your eyes and wondering how much suffering the main character has taken. In the end, it's a very thought out plot with characters you can relate to.

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