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Togainu no Chi

Togainu no Chi tv Review

The anime adaptation Togainu no Chi is based on a boys-love eroge originally released in 2005 by Nitro+' branch Nitro+CHiRAL, about a post-apocalyptic street fighter named Akira.

Story & Characters

It's been a while since I last saw a decent yaoi anime, and when I finally decided to give it a try, Togainu no Chi, from the trailer, it doesn't look that bad then what I found out three months later, FACEPALM.

After a supposedly third World War, Japan was heavily damaged and was divided in two. Toshima (formerly known as Tokyo) has become a lawless zone under control of the syndicate Vischio, where brawl breaks everyday as part of a battle game called Igra. Those who manage to defeat the leader II-re will be the next leader or they will lose their lives in the process. The story takes place several years later, introducing street fighting champion Akira, your typical everyday "cold-blooded bishi." Having been accused of murder, Akira is forced to join the battle to claim his innocence, and thus, he enters the city full of corruption and fights both for survival and to unravel the mystery surrounded him.

Now what do you often call this? A mediocre way to start a mediocre show?

The biggest and most fundamental flaw of this series is painfully obvious: its execution; it affects everything the show can offer: the characters, the enjoyability, and even the plot. Admittedly, the first half was boring, and confusing because things were happening and we had not one clue as to why they were. Its settings are hardly new, making the show even worse than it’s already is: a city of violence and its residence fight only to survive; a guy who was framed of a crime he did not commit and is forced to take part in the game; superpowers being thrown in with absolutely zero foreshadowing. Seriously, instead of having some developments to make it flourished, most of the time, the characters walk aimlessly in the dark alleys and punch someone.

It also features dated and annoying characters that no one would care about: Akira is cold like an icy robot while Keisuke is whiny as Hell. And how Shiki, from a swordman who wanders around the city and slaughters the participants, suddenly reveals as the last boss is pretty petty as well, even the worst antagonist has at least something to make him attractive like a well-constructed background or such.

The second part was the opposite, it was too fast and confusing too with all the events occur spontaneously (multi-tasking?) and it draws an ending with no explanation of what the heck was going on. Characters are now given developments, but at the same time, their appeal fall. Why? Their developments are in the form of numerous flashbacks to the events of, again, very outdated and typical. This type of storytelling is a rush and a failure, it lacks emotion, giving the show nothing to make up for except its eye-candy which often results an utter stupid conclusion. Not good, definitely not good.

Rating: 1


Togainu no Chi is a bishounen and yaoi anime, so it's expected to have plenty of hot guys. Originally a BL visual novel developed by Nitro+, the character designs look nice enough, though Rin is fair too girly, but having a "dude looks like a lady" is a common trait in this genre. And being a yaoi anime, they don't mind taking of their clothes to show off their (sexy) half-naked bodies.

Animation, however, is very fluid. Looks like this facepalm-worthy has at least some nice budget pumped in visual. A-1 Pictures did a pretty good job at this, it's easier to get drawn into whatever the brawlers are doing. There are some nice-looking effects in the atmosphere (a dark city under a red sky) and those geysers of blood, hmm, "tasty." Unfortunately, their performances are also lacking, as much of the action was done while the camera pointed at the ground or sky, especially the final episode. That's pretty poor, isn't it?

In the end, it's a show for look not for plot.

Rating: 7


Much like the violence the show has to offer, the cast is entirely male with the exception of Emma. But even their voices are as gloomy as themselves. While Akira, Shiki and "Dark Keisuke" have a good decent warrior's tone, Rin, in addition for his looks, sounds (I swear) so... GAY, and n has the voice of a boring old man (on drugs).

Music didn't help much either, the series has overall thirteen pieces: one OP, and twelve EDs used for each episode, all of them have a rock beat nature to support the violence and are performed by notorious singers and bands. But for WHAT? What's the point of wasting budget on these fancy edits while the producers could have used it to improve their writing skills.

Rating: 5


Here we go again, if you think Hakuouki is the year's worst bishi then you're not wrong, but now we have another runner-up. Togainu no Chi, in a way, proves to be no different than those "gorgeously poisonous mushrooms;" you tasted it, and you have to do something quick to cleanse your poor stomach. Honestly, if you don't want to waste your time then keep your distance away from this crap, or this genre because nothing's good will come out. A fan of bishi, yaoi with lots of action? There are plenty of those you can find elsewhere. Just stay away, and if you’re only in it because of the bishi, google for wallpapers of them instead.

Unfortunately, Togainu no Chi just isn't nasty enough to work as exploitation, and with its dull cast, piles of dumb cliches and uninvolving action, it ends up being one thing that even exploitation series are never allowed to be: boring.
Story: 1
Characters: 1
Art: 6
Animation: 8
Voice: 4
Music: 5
Overall: 3

Good (GTFO)
+A lame, treehugger conclusion.
+Dated and tired themes.
+Dull dog fights.
+Akira, Keisuke (then Rin too) are to weepy for their cool heroic ones.

Rating: 1

Final Verdict

2.67 (poor)

Reviewed by Weskalia, Apr 10, 2011


  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2011

    Words cannot describe how absolutely terrible that anime sounds. Even if I was a yaoi-fan, starved for anything, I would avoid this series completely. I suppose the good thing is that it looks good while being so terrible.

    Compared to all the reviews we've been getting lately, it's also nice to cover a series that's at the opposite end of the spectrum. Thanks so much once again, Weskalia!

  2. ShinKyo Apr 11, 2011

    Yeah I was also looking forward to this one but it was a total disappointment, I couldn't even bring myself to watch it till the end. It didn't even seem like a yaoi anime + I didn't like Keisuke one bit. And the story was just...borring. It was that bad I couldn't finish watching it even though it looked good ~.~

    nice review btw :D

  3. angelxxuan Banned Member Apr 18, 2011

    I remember playing the game along time ago and I liked it, the anime sounds horrible by this review. have to admit you did an excellent enough of one that I will probably catch this one on the spoiler side. I'm not really all that much of a yaoi fan, it takes a lot of a plot to get me to drift into one, could be the romance I'm not interested in. over all nice review

  4. aozoraskies Apr 20, 2011

    Aww, so the anime's actually that bad? I read the pilot for the manga and I thought that it might have potential - Looks like yet another "maybe, but didn't go there" series. Sigh. Ah well. Maybe I'll search out for scenes just to see the animation XD.

    I like your reviewing style here, it's clear and readable and rather expressive. :3 It really feels like you're talking to the audience here. haha Thanks! I'll be sure to steer clear from the anime. :D

  5. kuryuki Apr 23, 2011

    wow, i only watched the first episode and didn't really like it ): even though i was looking forward to it because i've seen some good art. but after seeing this review I don't think i'll spend my time xD

  6. lupinchan Apr 27, 2011

    hehehehehhehehee boy i dont know what to say ...... everything has already been said so...... nakedly. One thing i'd like to share tho: the anime series, however pretty the art looked... was CRAP!

  7. Dyuu Jun 15, 2011

    Hmm, I personally like the anime. Since I don't really like romance stories. This is a good one for me.

  8. rosu Jul 03, 2011

    hahha. You've said it! apart from the art the story wasnt good and didnt really develop that much ..

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