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Yosuga no Sora tv Review

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Story & Characters

This anime was based on a visual novel developed by Sphere. It contains a short 12 episodes.

I've watched this anime a few months back and if I can recall it is basically about a guy and his twin sister going back to their old town in which they once spent their childhood there. The protagonist is not your average looking guy, he and his sister stands out in the town because he is a pretty boy and his sister is like an angelic doll. They both came from the city and traveled by train. As soon as they arrive at the town he was soon noticed by the girls there and some they knew from way back. His sister Sora has a condition in which prevented her from being Independent and relies on Haruka (the protagonist) to take care of her all the time. Haruka is surrounded by girls who will eventually fall for Haruka as each girl had their own story to tell and is separated by different arcs throughout the series. This is the first anime I know that had the arc separated as most would just merge them into a single story.

Some people might get put off in the series as the characters are viewed from a paralleled universe after a certain episode but you will find it probably worth it to continue towards the end. The best drama is saved to the last. You will find in the first few episodes that Haruka and Sora shows signs of being attracted to each other and that the narrator has certainly left an obvious clue there for you to catch on.

Your main character, Haruka, is a nice, considerate, and extremely kind pretty boy and his sister is very much a cute delicate doll that lies around and does absolutely nothing besides letting her brother take care of her and being extremely lazy and apathetic. She will be her brother’s secret crush and vise versa.

Rating: 6


The animation is smooth and very eye-catching but the other girls beside Sora are blend and plain looking especially Nao. I love the country side landscape and it surely compliments the anime. Surely an anime based on adapting to the visual novel art and graphics are expected to be good. Unfortunately some of the girls deserve some improvement to their appearance in order to not look plain. The image shown after the opening music when both Haruka and Sora are riding together is very appealing and adds a touch of finesse to the anime.

Rating: 8


The opening music is truly magnificent as it gives off an atmosphere of serenity and beauty. Totally compliment the anime. I love the voice of the opening theme music as I think all Japanese voices are amazing and very touching. The voice acting is normal like any other anime but the cheerfulness and fun character of Akira will surely lift you. There is no complaint about the voice acting. The ending theme song is also pretty good.

Opening theme music
Song: "Hiyoku no Hane"
By: "Eufonius"

Rating: 9


“Yosuga no Sora” does not stand out much in the romance and drama genre and can be regarded as boring sometimes but it is nonetheless interesting to watch depending on your taste. When you first watch this series you will get an immediate impression that this might be your Clannad kind of anime with well-polished animation and good story focusing more on the plot instead of fanservice but you be wrong. Although the animation is eye-catching and the two main characters are attractive by comparison to the rest of the cast, it contains incest, some fanservice and sex scenes. Sort of borders on eroge and soft-core hentai. The incest part is a taboo and may lead you to feel disgusted but most people still watches it though because you want to know how it all ends and it will be dramatic.

One thing I find it really stupid in this series is that when Haruka first arrived in town all the girls are attracted to him just by appearance alone and I bet that if he comes around to greet them they might fall over him. The story seems one-sided and two dimensional for me in this regard.

The plot seems somewhat predictable and linear but still good for those who want to watch a decent anime and are interested in the element of the story minus the hentai.

Rating: 6

Final Verdict

6.83 (above average)

Reviewed by shoemaster, Apr 09, 2011


  1. z827 Apr 10, 2011

    Holy smuthers , I've never thought anyone would review this.
    Personally , this series caught my attention because I've heard the company which created it stamped out the fan group who were trying to translate the Visual Novel of this franchise and I've watched it myself but... well , let's just say I'm not fond of it as an Anime but have keen interest in it as a Visual Novel.

    Well , moving on , Artwork and Sound reviews aren't my forte , so I'll leave it at that , but for the storyline , I know that I too , gives a general idea on what an Anime is like in the review but it is also nice to give some personal thoughts on the plot structure and the fortifude it possess , as well as the strength of character and stuff like that in the reviews.

    As for some of the things you said in the Presentation , such as the linearity of the storyline and the dumbness of every girl falling for Haruka , it would do better in the story side of the review.
    The Anime is also just an Ecchi Anime as well , Hentai is in itself something else entire , "soft-core" or not , so it's probably best to get the genre right.

    It is also fairly contradictory to state that the "plot seems somewhat predictable and linear" when you state that it has a good plotline , so it's best if you continue on explaining on that point to prevent confusion in some of the more avid readers.

    Either way , generally speaking , I am rather fond in some of the details you have brought out in the Presentation board and how unrestrained you are in bringing out the more embarassing pointers in the Anime without much hestitation. :3

  2. shoemaster Apr 10, 2011

    Yes you have pointed out some really important point in my review I would like to address that predictable and linear does not always mean a bad storyline. The stories of each of the casts are decent but somewhat predictable. At least it is not outright harem with endless fillers and fanservice to appease the masses. :)

    Presentation is where I give my overall opinion and judgments on the entire series but I see you are right some of it might be better on the story side of the review. xD

    I like this series more as a visual novel than the anime even though I have never played it but I have seen the artwork for the game. I think the game is a lot better and have more depth in its story as the anime is basically a short rehash of the route and story of the game. I don

  3. z827 Apr 10, 2011

    Well , Visual Novel counterparts tend to be better than their Anime counterparts , though I tend to classify Princess Lover as an exception since the Protaginist is much less of a... pervert in the Anime.
    English patching attempts from fan groups for the Visual Novel was also stamped out from official statements T_T ( I was really looking forward to playing this... and ta-dah! Translation is halted due to copyright issues )

    As for the storyline , I'm guessing your trying to say that it's decent , but not good nor is it entirely bad like the other Ecchi Anime?
    Well , I guess that's true since they leave the "oomph" scenes at the back ( Well , color me surprised when I've realised they added Ecchi content of such levels ) .

  4. shoemaster Apr 10, 2011

    lol I always enjoy reading your post.

    Yes the sex scenes are what ruined my experience of the series as it could be alot better without it with more emphasis on the plot rather than adding scenes like that. And yes it does shock me a little to see how ecchi they get especially when they are brother and sister xD

    The story would have flowed more better if they had not separated it into different arcs and have the girls doing it with Haruka. I tend to like the Clannad series because I find it more real and romantic than this stuff.

  5. z827 Apr 10, 2011

    Of course , each Visual Novel company have their own "reputation" to uphold after all.
    Some go for pure romance whilst others... well , you get the idea.
    Incest is also shockingly common in the Visual Novel world as well , blood-related or not.

    The seperation of arcs can also be decent if done well , like in Amagami SS , which features pretty much all the Arcs of all the girls , though restarting the storyline everytime in the progress. But Amagami , unlike Yosuga no Sora , is more about romance.... Though with the occasionally odd licking scenes.

    Similar in structure , but ended up different because of different priorities , the influence a developer plays into the plotline is indeed great :X

  6. shoemaster Apr 10, 2011

    Sorry but you seems to have misunderstood me I meant the anime series of Yosuga no Sora when they try to separate the stories for different girls, like a parallel universe, but yes visual novels are more like hentai porn these days with story added just to make it more interesting but in the end the romance will lead to sex. I've played one visual novel where the guy has to impregnate the girl to keep her sex drive under control I mean how creepy xD

    merged: 04-10-2011 ~ 12:49pm
    The different arcs for the visual novel is needed for the player interaction otherwise you might as well buy a anime story book which will probably cost less anyway. I know a few visual novels sold in somewhere that contains none of H-scene as they are censored in my country.

  7. z827 Apr 10, 2011

    No , no , I know that the storyline is mixed , but I'm just stating an example of another Anime that have a series of different routes set in it's franchise in a very elaborate manner.

    Anyways , I'm not new to Visual Novels , I've played heaps of 'em myself and I know how bad it can get. Slavery , tentacles , ra*e , Netorare , Guro , BDSM... Their literally throwing all the disgusting stuff into one package.
    Innocent VNs are rare... or rather , non-existent.

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