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Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya tv Review

Over 2000 years ago, the Universe was formed from the power of Gods. To protect mankind, the goddess Athena assigned the power of the stars in the bodies of chosen humans called "saints".

In Japan today, a young princess named Saori is proven to be the reincarnation of Athena. She will face her first test against evil when the world suddenly collapses, as it appears that one of her own men has planned a coup d'etat.

In her attempt to fight against the rebel, she calls upon her remaining Saints. One of those who answers is Seiya, the incarnation of Pegasus. With the help of Hyoga, the incarnation of Cygnus, Shiryu, an incarnation of Dragon, the gentle-hearted Shun -- incarnation of Andromeda, and his brother Ikki, the incarnation of Phoenix, the six of them set on a journey to Athens, Greece, to put the world back into order.

Credit: niomea

Saint Seiya character classes: Bronze Saints, Corona Saints, God Warriors, Gold Saints, Greek Gods, Mariners, Silver Saints, Specters, Steel Saints.

Story & Characters

saint seiya it's a rare and a very good anime,the story started in a manga,after that they release the anime on tv.i don't know exactly the year,i saw this anime in mexico in 1992 or 1993,i don't remember, iwas shocked with the story,a group of childen in an orphanatory in greece,training in diferents parts of the world,after fight for the bronze armors,they participate,in a tournament for the gold armor,later was stoled for another saints, they fought,after that they fought more battles,soari a young girl,who was the reincarnation of athena,after the 5 youngers discovery that,they decide fight for her,this involve a lot of battles,with the silver and gold knights,in the south pole,and againts poseidon the god of the seas,and finally,the chapter againts hades was release ,with some new surprises,hades is the ethernal enemy of athena,he revive the knight who died in the past battles to put an end to this war,the battle start in the santuary,later in the underworld,with the dead of the golds saints,the bronze saints have to fight again to protect athena,with 5 movies released each with a diferent story,a few new songs

Rating: 8


the grapics in that time was very good,now looks a little old with this technology,the characters are really great,the colors are good combination,but the most impresive was thecolor gold,in the armors,even in the powers,maybe now with the hades serie they used more the color purple, but return to the old times,the clothes,the backgrounds,evrything was perfect nice drawingnow they use more resolution ,and about the movies the used the same techniquein these years they improve a lot in the art.if you compare the two series you can see the evolution in everything,since physical appearance until backgrounds,it's really amazing

Rating: 8


the sound was very good,even you can remember the songs after a couple of years,songs in battles,in sad moments,when they show something valuable for the people,after alot of years they used the same and memorables song in saint seiya hades ,chapter santuary,the soundtrack it's very recommendable and for collectionyou can heard some relaxing songs ,i saw the anime in spanish and was very good the translation,the voices,i sawthe series in english,was good but the translation change and the music change to and i don't liked that,in spanish version they change the opening and the ending song too,

Rating: 8


it's very very original,i don't remember other anime with the same story ,characters,powers,it's very enjoyable for fans like us sant seiya it's the same even 10 or 20 years later,for the news generations,maybe not too much,but the new series can be impresive,even for the new otakus,it's an action series ,happy moments and sad too,you can learn something for your own life.if you sill didn't watched the serie you can give a try.if you live in latin america maybe you are more familiar with the serie ,in the united states they took too long,it's a shame ,look diferent,and censurade without blood and less violenty,this it's not right because the essential it's that,well after that they release a version on dvd uncensured,but still it's a little late,while we are watching saint seiya hades , the american people it's watching the beginning of the serie, i don't know if they going to release the movies, probably but they goint to take time,about the humor,mm..this series have but not too much like others,but you can enjoyed,you can feel the battles you can feel the sorrow when a good character die.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by kuclo, Dec 17, 2004


  1. kuclo Dec 17, 2004

    in minitokyo,there are asaint seiya fans you can give your opinion too,it's one of my favorites series,just i am waiting the second part of hades :) :) :D

  2. Kleria Dec 25, 2004

    I like it,but hyoga and shun's scream of pain are just so GAY! :)

  3. kamitsukai-san Banned Member Dec 27, 2004

    in minitokyo,there are asaint seiya fans you can give your opinion too,it's one of my favorites series,just i am waiting the second part of hades


  4. SWPIGWANG Dec 29, 2004

    o_0 o_0

    people have different tastes I guess.......

    I currently rates saint seiya at around DBZ levels.....

  5. glassheart Feb 01, 2005

    Quote by KleriaI like it,but hyoga and shun's scream of pain are just so GAY! :)

    haha! Not sure how you made that assumtion, but I do love the anime with it's flaws. I haven't seen it whole, but looking forward to it.

  6. Luthienchan Feb 02, 2005

    *-* I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this anime ! and the wallpaper is awsome !

  7. Artemis-Sama Feb 02, 2005

    wweee.....postenaod como loka pa subur de nivel !!! ^^

  8. kidmangu2001 Feb 15, 2005

    Quote by SWPIGWANG o_0 o_0

    people have different tastes I guess.......

    I currently rates saint seiya at around DBZ levels.....

    and that means what?

  9. Tannaka Mar 01, 2005

    Good review, I like Saint Seiya, but sometimes it's always the same battles who come back. However, it's a great anime (and manga too), Hades part is very good, characters are well designed in it :D

  10. Philyra Banned Member Apr 20, 2005

    i love this anime. actually have two series of it. the gold saints and all the characters are so cool except the bronzies. I hate them guts.

  11. ladyshaka Apr 26, 2005

    I rating this serie 10 !! for me is a great serie y love the gold saints this is the first serie i have seen here in mexico.

  12. Rayito16 Sep 05, 2005

    when you say you first watched this anime i think i was 2 or 3 but hey saint seiya or as we like to call em in mexico (caballeros del zodiaco)
    has entertained fans of every generation cuz i know my parents watched and my little nephew is crazy about them so tahnks for the review kucloyou brought grand memories of my childhood back from the abyss that my mind has become with anime, violence, sex, and drugs

  13. vorstagalf Oct 01, 2005

    Hay que postear bastante para subir de nivel no???

    me gusta saint seiya, muy buena trama... aunque al principio estaba algo descordinada xD

  14. akika Nov 02, 2005

    I'm not liking the fact that people post in foreign languages >_<
    I never thought there'd be so many Saint Seiya fans actually...back in Melbourne, none of my friends have seen it...well, apart from some people from China, because it was aired sooo many times there when I was a kid. It's the first anime that I've ever seen so yes, I think I hold a biased opinion of it ^____^
    There are lots of flaws in this anime of course, considering it was made very early. But for an early anime, I think it was still very well done.

    I think you need to watch the punctuation and capital letters for the review though, that will make the review a lot easier to read and less informal. ^^ but well done on the rest.

  15. cisnehyoga Nov 28, 2005

    saint seiya is one of the best anime series of all time period.

  16. ClassicSuperman Feb 07, 2006

    Sorry for saying that, but your review has too many grammar errors, and some informations you said at the "story and characters" part are wrong, or too confusing to understand. Try to write a better organized review next time, okay? :)

    About the anime itself, Saint Seiya was my first anime. Today i prefer animes of another type, but SS will be in my heart for a long time. And the OSTs are magnificent!

  17. ikki333 Jun 26, 2006

    The best! excellent!
    Phoenix no Ikki!

  18. Cinderalla Dec 14, 2006

    This anime is simply unforgetable.It's a reflection about the relationship between"gods"and us.Saint Seiya is the most loved anime in Brazil.We've already seen Hades Sanctuary Chapter and Tenkai-hen Joso dubbed in Portuguese!It's great because of design,plot and...yaoi tendences...

  19. rukasu44 Nov 12, 2010

    One of the bests animes I watched. The art is not so good, but it has a really good story

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