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The World God Only Knows

The World God Only Knows tv Review

Story & Characters

= Story Introduction =
Katsuragi Keima , also known to the online world as the "Capturing God" due to his Godly abilities to complete Dating SIMs , receives a mail to capture girls.
Feeling that this is a challenge , he hastily accepted the offer , only to find a demon girl by the name Elsie appearing before him , telling him that he have signed a contract to capture real-life girls.
Reluctant as he is , but with his life and Elsie's neck on the line , he partnered up with Elsie in order to free spirits from the emptiness in girls' hearts with...well , love.

= Character Sypnosis =

= Katsuragi Keima =
Known as the Capturing God and a complete Otaku , top to bottom.
He is hardly seen without his "PFP" ( Obviously , it's the PSP ) and he makes regular posts about his "captures" online.
But now , he have to capture real-life girls , a feat he had not done before...other than in games.

= Personality =
Keima is...well , he can be shockingly charismatic when his attempting a capture , but on other times , he is just ridiculous.
He is completely absorbed into the "gaming world" and the heroines found in games.

= Elucia de Lute Ima =
She is the partner of Keima and under the false identity of being his half-sister since she needs to stay in the human world in order to fulfill the contract.
She is more commonly known as "Elsie"

= Personality =
For a demon , she is incredibly air-headed , but she is extremely concerned about Keima's well-being and even calls him by the name "Kami-sama" ( God ) .
She also tries her best so she can make Keima happy.

= Story Overview =
Essentially , the plot goes on in miniature "arc" forms.
In other words , there is a different story per few episodes.

Each "route" or "arc" features a unique heroine. Or rather , the heroines you can compare to in Visual Novels and each of them are equally interesting and unique.
Despite the uniqueness of each arc , however , the general storyline hardly budged throughout the entire season and is in fact , sort of neglected.

The Arcs themselves aren't exactly story-oriented , but their concept is interesting , unique and I would probably say unseen in most Anime standards and is in fact , quite loyal to the Manga.

Still , there isn't much to say for the storyline unless I want to start giving out spoilers. But expect much epic-ness from Keima.

Rating: 7


= Artwork Review =
It's safe to say that the artwork shares an uncanny resemblance to the originals in the Manga so those who HAD read the Manga won't be thoroughly thrown off by the differences in concept.

Like most of the recent Anime releases , the coloring scheme is rich , but the more prominent feature is perhaps the physics of the characters and you can probably tell that there are some effort involved in trying to make some of the scenes as beautiful as possible , particularly the "Capture scenes".

The artwork spreads evenly throughout the environment so there aren't really much of a mishap in terms of the environmental artwork though I suppose the only problem is Keima himself.
For one , when his standing at certain angles , his posture looks fairly awkward compared to the other characters.

In terms of special effects , I daresay I'm impressed.
For one thing , I kinda liked how they interwined and allowed the "circuit-like structure" to move and flow without making it look horrible.

Generally speaking , the more prominent features is the physics ( Like the finger movements , hand co-ordination and other minor movements , which is actually done to the finest perception ) and the special effects shown in the Anime , which is actually rarely used truth be told.
Though I must say that the Chibi artwork is fairly disorienting at times.

Rating: 8


= Music Review =
I won't say that the music is actually perfect.
Sure , the Opening sounds extremely... Godly XD ... but there are occasions when there are scenes where the music doesn't seem to fit in too well.
For example , playing the choir at one of the "softer scenes" doesn't really fit into the mood and it kinda causes an unneccessary friction to the mood.
However , I must commend their efforts to fit musical content into most of the scenes. Many developers wouldn't bother adding music to their scenes.

Rating: 8


= This is a Review of The World God Only Knows =

Despite it's heavy resemblance to the Manga , it is actually really entertaining even if it's watching the same thing again since the developers have actually done a lot to emphasise on the artwork and music of the Anime.
Though not particularly story-oriented , this Anime features unique and captivating ( Well , probably too strong of a word , but no matter :P ) short stories which ends with a beautiful conclusion.

Naturally , this Anime is further supported by the presence of humor relief which further lightens the mood of the viewers.
Or rather , I'd probably label the humor genre as one of the main genres of this Anime XD

= Overall ( Others ) =

= Age Recommendation : 13+ =

= Genre : Humor / Romance ( Mild ) =

= Humor =
Believe it or not , I'm laughing at the same jokes as in the Manga. :o
Well , to be honest , the humor content doesn't really cause you to laugh your guts out for almost the entire season.
Only the last episodes would cause you to get some stomach cramps if your eating and watching this Anime at the same time :P
As for the humor content itself , it tends to feature something.... cute if it involves Elsie and ridiculous if it involves Keima.
Seems like our hero and heroine have their comedic roles.

= Romance =
Just don't expect the usual "soft" or "devotion" kind of romance in this.
Or rather , don't expect this Anime to share the same standard of romance as others.
Truth be told , I'm not even sure whether to label it as romance , but it is good to know that he managed to heal the hearts of the "heroines" he encountered by giving them the encouragement they need after...well , knowing more about them.
Though the depressing side of things is , all the girls he had ever "captured" will forget about him , though the emotions remain.

= Trivia! =
o The World God Only Knows Anime is based off a Manga of the same name... A long-running Manga in fact.
o There are Light Novels published for it
o Season II is coming up , some sites have confirmed it but relating the ban... I'm not so sure anymore.

= Reviewer's Comment =
Probably my shortest review , but I can't really think of anything to say since I gave most of my opinions in the Manga review.
Well , I guess I'd be clearing more Anime in mah' list. :3

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.00 (good)

Reviewed by z827, Jan 08, 2011


  1. raku-amatsu Restricted Member Jan 08, 2011

    I definitely suggest watching especially if you like the manga, but the one thing I am glad of is that they do follow the manga, nothing worse when they change the story completely from the manga and ruins the anime completely for example Rosario + Vampire ( great manga, very poor anime)

  2. rukasu44 Jan 09, 2011

    It's really good story and characters
    Very funny

  3. Warpten29 Feb 07, 2011

    Well if you ask me i think its better towatch it if you haven't read the manga yet so to those who are about to read it or are on the way stop reading and get downloading. And i second what is said in the review about eating or drinking while watching this anime. Trust me! In my case i was drinking "coke". Have you ever experience it? Drinking something then suddenly laughing. With water it already hurts what more if it is water. And about the romance , i guess ther is no total devotion but to me it felt like keima is slowly being effected by it especialy in the last parts of ever arc.

  4. SchRita Mar 20, 2011

    I always read the manga first, if possible.

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