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Devil May Cry tv Review

Story & Characters

You are no expert gamer if you haven't heard the name of Devil May Cry, and you haven't watched enough anime if you didn't know it was made an anime series. I, however, haven't played the games, but have read the plot summary, have watched the anime and now reviewing it.

Expert demon hunter Dante runs his devil-hunting business, Devil May Cry, while struggling under constant financial debts. Living a laid-back life, Dante would like nothing more than to spend his days gambling and throwing back beer and strawberry sundaes even if he has a dangerous job once in a while. Life seems perfect for him until he is hired to be a bodyguard for bratty orphan Patty Lowell. While initially skeptical of his personality, Patty eventually grows attached to the demon hunter and often serves as Dante's feminine influence, much to his horror. Even though the show is set in sometime between "Devil May Cry" and "Devil May Cry 4," it's more of a side story, strictly follows "monster of the week" formula, and doesn't adapt an overarching plot until a forced climactic revelation in its last two episodes.

Time to review the characters, since I don't play Devil May Cry, I guess they were mostly game-based. Dante's characters are interesting even in the anime, it's no surprise why his reception are high. On the surface, he's a badass, while in reality, he enjoys stuffing his face with pizzas, ice-creams and has no luck with money and women. Trish and Lady are dangerous femme fatale, and at the same time, shopaholics who leaves Dante to deal with their bills. Patty, on the other hand, is a lonely girl with a brash exterior by story's end who was used to have a brother-sister relationship with Dante. It's pretty nice to see these two have a touching moment together that is actually enhanced by gushing blood, but since she became attached to him, the producers could have at least put her in later games.

Only one character I'm not satisfied with is the villain. Normally, the main antagonist has to be a cunning, charismatic - and most critical - dangerous figure. Now they decided to throw a weak, uninteresting, power-hungry coward. Eventually, he grows really big and spits energy beams willy-nilly. The silly goose. Doesn't he know that size doesn't matter?

From the bad execution to the enormous stack of hack-and-slash cliche, "lame and uncreative" are really the best words to describe this anime. Every episode is just a lame "mixture" of a monster-exterminating mission, a predictable demon revelation and battle, and concludes with a scene of Dante relaxing in his office. Some character developments MAY surmount this, but even regulars like Trish and Lady have less appearances than newcomer Patty, who's barely there to show Dante's soft side. Stubbornly episodic, the plot seriously goes nowhere and falls downright the path of absurdity, which leaves the series with nothing to make up but its action. Nothing happens here, the anime was just temporized for the new game to come out.

Rating: 3


One thing makes the anime live up to the franchise canon is the artistry. The folks at MADHOUSE sure know how to turn this nonsense worth watching. You can tell Dante is bad because he wears lots of red leather, totes big demon-busting guns, and has a sword with a skull for a hilt. Trish and Lady look hot in anime arts. The demon designs are good as well with some even have "godly" looks. The characters are high gloss and meticulously detailed, MADHOUSE did a great job on this part.

Devil May Cry's art, particularly the backgrounds and CG works, is certainly the series' greatest strength. Richly detailed, densely lit, and oozing all the atmosphere of the original games, it's easier to get drawn into than whatever the monster of the week is doing. Plenty of footages of flashing swords, blazing guns and random geysers of blood, and it provides a gloomy environment expected from a notorious survival horror series. Unfortunately, it's such a big waste of talent that these fancy editing are the only thing good about this anime.

Rating: 8


I think the music score are high. The OP composed with highly rock beat sounds with dynamic action scenes, a good reminiscent of the games, while the ED sounds fairly monotonous, mostly variations on the same theme with a piano with a lonely Dante drinking in his office.

The voices were faithfully inherited from the games although the performances themselves are slightly different in two cases. Trish and Lady's voices sound catty and a bit charming. The two main leads, however, are good. Patty, most of the times, seems feisty, but Fukuen Misato's softer, wispier tone make her sound cute. In the original English-dubbed game, Dante sounds like a boastful, gruffish, funny character, Morikawa Toshiyuki's usual high-pitched, hoarse rendition makes him more likable than if he had been played straight bored badass.

Rating: 7


"The anime won't be as good as the game," that was my first thought long before watching. How? Because I have experienced and know that most video game-adapted works often end up bad. Devil May Cry the anime, in a way, proves to be not much different than a "for the fans" show as most of its audience were gamers. It's IS because these types were adapted from video games (and hardcore action nonetheless), they usually don't have much of a great plot and depend too heavily on overused genre elements. Unless you're a real Devil May Cry fan, you may see otherwise.

In the end, Devil May Cry isn't a terrible show, just sad and plain boring. But even at that, it won't ruin the reputation of the franchise and can still be considered a good entertainment after a few hours of demon-slashing.
Story: 2
Characters: 5
Art: 8
Animation: 8
Voice: 6
Music: 7
Overall: 4

+Cool main lead.
+Succeeds in term of artistry.
+Ridiculousnesses repeat one another and only improve a little bit in the last moments.
+Mediocre action for its own genre.
+Thumbs-downed villain.

Rating: 2

Final Verdict

4.17 (below average)

Reviewed by Weskalia, Dec 29, 2010


  1. rukasu44 Dec 30, 2010

    This anime was not so good, i hoped Dante could enter his Devil mode ;P

  2. Ak1r0 Dec 30, 2010

    you dont know of anime,if you badmouth this one...
    i'm truly sorry for you,truly...
    only non-fans of dante and devil may cry
    could have writen this here...

  3. Weskalia Dec 30, 2010

    Nah, it's cool, but don't racism the board. It's true that's not all people have the same taste, but DMC the anime is BAD. Whether you like it or not, still the lowest rated of the franchise (proven by the publics). I admit that Dante and the cast are cool though. Sad for the storyline. Don't like it, your problem.

    And yeah, I know anime since I came from Japan and have MORE years of experience than you.

  4. Ak1r0 Dec 31, 2010

    maybe not that good as a storyline...ok
    but still that bad of rating isnt ok with me...
    years of experience...
    dont worry i know of anime,i didnt need someone like you to tell me...
    miss snob glasses...tsss...

  5. Weskalia Dec 31, 2010

    This time, I take it as an insult, and I don't approve of vulgar language here.

    I was expecting assaults from haters like you before writing. Even if the anime ended up bad, I still managed to enjoy it, the characters, the arts and the music, all good to me. I wrote what I think about it, just my opinions. No need to get mad, long time fans.

    And what makes you think you have the right to insult me and my work? What makes you think you're more superior than others? What makes you think I didn't research before writing? What do you know about me? More importantly, can you even write a review? CAN YOU? If you don't, you're in no position to complain. All I'm seeing is that you're being rude because I gave it a 4.

    Anyway, we don't want to start a new year with an argument over trivial thing.

  6. NightfallSV Dec 31, 2010

    O_O 4.17...; as a person that got into devil may cry AFTER watching it , i actually rank it really good. The only thing that was a bother is that Dante just slaughtered everyone pretty much x]. Well opinions are opinions.

  7. Ak1r0 Dec 31, 2010

    you know,i was waiting you to react in a really mad way,which you didn't...
    it wasn't only you who actually enjoyed this anime,me and pretty everyone i think did so
    i'm not a long term fan of dante or something like this,i haven't even played the games.
    still i believe that this anime worths a better rating than this 4 you gave it.

    superior than others? that's my line pal...you were the one that started this argument
    "i have more experiece" or whatever,with which you wanted to show superiority.
    just because life was good to you and you were born or traveled in Japan idk which of the 2
    you dont have to be braging about it,anyway,i'll leave this matter with no comment...

    yes,some hours only for the year to change and i dont like to be mad with somebody
    at this time of the year,so whatever,happy new year n' stuff...

  8. Weskalia Dec 31, 2010

    Well, I'm still not convinced with what you said/wrote, seems to me you don't mean even half of it. If you think this anime is good/bad, then you're blessed, I've seen tons of show worse than this. DMC wasn't that much of a bad show, I would actually give it a favorable score if it wasn't because of the plot.

    Still, wasn't it YOU who started this mess? Calling my review sh*t or something, just because your favorite anime got bad reviews, does that mean you have to badmouth the reviewers no matter how right they are. Then you just move on and badmouth them more while even I was trying to be polite, now blame everything on them.

    And don't criticize my life since I'm a born Nihonjin.
    This is getting more and more personal, so don't take it out on this board anymore because this is where people write their own views, not badmouthing. Happy new year!

  9. Ak1r0 Dec 31, 2010

    thank the new year eve for your luck...
    if it wasn't for it,i would have started counterattacking for the stuff you are writing above...
    you are not convinsed with what? you're writing some seriously misunderstandable things there...
    i'll leave it here,wasting my breath with you is like giving my soul to hades...
    and no,hell no i dont care from where you are.
    still,you're trying to mock me with the last sentence you are writing there...
    so i wont comment it,but if you do reply with a stupidly sarcastic way,it means you want war...
    now as you said,lets leave people comment your review...

  10. Weskalia Jan 01, 2011

    Mocking you. Look who's talking? It's because of your arrogant and ruffianish attitude that keeps getting on my nerve make me starting to lose my patience. And even if I mocked you, those aren't as hard as yours, and it seems to me you still haven't one bit. But yeah, let's leave it at that, leave what from last year to last year since I don't want anymore argument.

  11. lenaelric Jan 02, 2011

    I've not watch it yet. But I don't think it must be so bad. People have to consider it as an anime. It wasn't made to be like the game.. o.0

    merged: 01-02-2011 ~ 01:11am
    Ak1r0, be a man

  12. Ak1r0 Jan 02, 2011

    i decided not to commet here again but i was given no other option...
    just wanna say one thing here...aside from the fight me and weskalia had
    lets just focus on the rating of the anime...
    rating=4 - 4? is that even a rating? its like a hater's rating not a reviewers!
    and what weskalia didnt get at all is what you said lenaelric.
    its supposed to be rated as an anime,not a game's sequel or something like that.
    am i still wrong at this point>? someone,anyone,answer me this!

  13. Weskalia Jan 02, 2011

    Geez, why are you so persistent? You sound like you were forced to comment. You're still wrong, and you get into a very serious misunderstanding here. What makes you think this is a review of the game, did you even read it straight? I haven't played the game so I don't know what to write about it. More importantly, what makes you think THIS isn't a review?

    Everyone has their own opinions, so what gives you the right to badmouth them just because they rated your favorite shows badly? I even gave this show some fair comments here. There're many worst-rated shows than this, even the big shots. You don't like it, JUST LIVE WITH IT or prove why this is worth-watching.

    But whatever, I take lenaelric's advice unless you stop behaving like a scoundrel (no offense). And for your information, I haven't used any vulgar language since you started this mess, not once even the word "stupid." Couldn't you at least show some good manners?

  14. Ak1r0 Jan 02, 2011

    i dont care a bit what you say about me...
    i'm not a person affected by words,unlike you...

    yes i'm persistent cause it worthed much more better rating than a 4.
    no i didnt said it has to be rated as a game,you said that!
    its some lines above here! it has to be arated as an anime...
    neither have i played the games,thats what i'm telling
    still you sound like you dont understand what i'm writing there at all...

    you want an apologise? there you have it,i apologise...
    still i wont back down from this,this anime can be rated better,much better...

    yes,it is worth watching...
    has a cool character protagonist Dante...
    has sweet action,really good
    + i wasnt bored even a bit watching it,which happens in most anime...
    if that isnt enough for somebody,i suppose ends up writing a negative review like yours...

  15. Sakura-Dust Jan 02, 2011

    There's just one issue here:
    Story: 2
    Characters: 7
    Art: 8
    Animation: 8
    Voice: 6
    Music: 7
    Overall: 4

    Overall would be, 6.33.

    I personally loved the anime, but it was ruined, like too many are, by the ending. It begs for a season 2, I really don't understand why anime are left unfinished like that, it's a pity.

  16. Weskalia Jan 02, 2011

    Well, it's true that the overall are odd, consider it like I scored it according to the final verdict MT gave.

  17. crafos Jan 03, 2011

    I buy the blu ray I think is a cool serie the design of characters the story line 4 my was ok

  18. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    This anime rocks!

    merged: 01-14-2011 ~ 09:44pm
    Thanks for the unique review!

  19. DarkGSSJBeast Jan 29, 2011

    Haahaha! I don't know why.. but I can't stop laughing here with your conv guys.. xDDDD
    Wesk I agree with you at some points of the review but.. Well in my opinion DMC The Anime was
    pretty enjoyable.. Of course its story is boring compared to the games.. but it was supposed
    to be just a fun short series for the cool guy we all loved from the games.. The soundtrack were
    pretty cool and nice made together with the scenes.. The voices were more than enough in my opinion..
    (Japanese Edition) The story was ok but I wouldn't consider it to that low level.. Like I said the Anime
    was like a boost promotion of the DMC series.. Just fun.. :)

  20. xAl-san Feb 12, 2011

    AK1ro: Dude I don't know if you're reading this.. but being arrogant or douchey does not make you cool. I mean, Dante is a straight up smartass to his enemies in the DMC games but it makes him cool cuz of the situation. And cuz he is Dante..
    But on the internet? Prepared to be trolled back at.

    Anyway, this anime was good.. it wasn't like the games (which were better), but it was acceptable. Dante's voice is good in the anime, but I preferred his voice, attitude, and fighting style in the games.

  21. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Feb 15, 2011

    I was really disappointed with this series. Considered that Madhouse was doing work on it, and the series had already been out in video game format for some time now, I expected a bit of a better structured series. I have to applaud you, because I could only make it 8 episodes in before I had to stop watching. It's such a shame, because the animation and sound are absolutely wonderful. It's just a lack of an interesting story that really hurts the series.

    Yet another fantastic review, Weskalia!

  22. DarkGSSJBeast Feb 15, 2011

    Hey Ak1 relax a bit my friend.. Everyone has her/his opinion even if that means the exact different opinion.. To xoume suzhthsei re file.. :o
    Be nice everyone~

  23. Ak1r0 Feb 16, 2011

    ok beast my friend you're right...
    well i cant undo what i have written up there...
    i just wanna say i love this series...
    happy time making reviews everyone...

  24. NiikuraSama Feb 20, 2011

    Why are you reviewing a game that you haven't played?
    I know everyone's opinions are important, but if this is an official review for the series, then I don't think you would make an appropriate reviewer. The site should have someone with a more professional perspective on the game.

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