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Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood tv,manga Review

Trinity Blood (トリニティ・ブラッド) was originally a light novel series written by Sunao Yoshida and illustrated by Shibamoto Thores.
It was soon adapted to a manga series illustrated by Kiyo Kyujou and an anime.

Credit: KazablanKa

Story & Playability

In comparison to the Anime, which was severely lacking in several aspects, the Manga far surpasses the animated version. It has more depth, more background and even allows the characters more depth. The story itself is fairly amazing, with odd little twists and turns that allow for people to keep guessing, however in a good portion, there is a lot of predictable circumstances, despite that, it is worth reading. The story really drives itself and it is a good read. However, the animated version was nothing like the Manga (which actually closely follows the Novel, the Anime is the one that takes a turn for the general worse):

The Anime leaves much more to be wanting, the characters are less believable and it does not cover a lot of plot. It leaves much to be desired, which can easily be cured by reading the Manga. In addition, they leave out a multitude of plotlines and at the same time rush the entire thing, leaving for many openings for fans to create different scenarios, of course, but also for us to go crazy over what it was about. Overall, it was pretty disappointing if you're really curious or want Anime's to be detailed. However, if you just want to watch the Anime to hear the characters and see the design, or just for the designs, it is worth it and hopefully after people will give reading the Manga or Novel a chance.

Rating: 6


The artwork is amazing, as normal. The characters are all very beautiful for the most part however, they also match their personalities and the genre - the darkness and the complexity. The very concept of it, which includes vampires and a complex system way into the future suits it perfectly with the details meticulously penciled in and the features of all of the characters. I believe that the designs of the characters suit them perfectly, each other carefully considered to display their innocence, darkness and every other aspect about them that make each character undoubtedly unique.

The background is also very detailed, the clothing and the trees, everything from small plants to the details in buildings are very well-thought out and made to match the entire atmosphere of the Manga.

The Anime simplifies the details greatly, so if you want to see really gorgeous artwork, do not just take the Anime as the best out there. The Manga easily puts it to shame. The Anime's designs are really rough, it leaves out a lot of detail and the characters are even changed somewhat from their original designs, made to look less innocent or more rough or less rough, whatever the case, it does not live up to the Manga or Novel.

Rating: 9


The music as a whole is very good, it gives a lot of feeling, the beginning of the Anime's song is very tense and exciting, reflecting the fast-paced and dangerous tone of the Anime itself. Whilst the ending theme is sorrowful, matching with the recurring theme in the Anime. The music for both was clearly thought-out whilst the music during the Anime was also well-chosen and well done. They perfectly matched each respective scenes to emphasize tones of anger, sorrow, distress and allows the emotions to set into a person very well, it was an excellent show of music choice whilst it could always be improved (as often most music can), it was one of the better shows of musical display I have seen.

The character voicing was on par with what was expected. The Japanese voice actors carried out getting across the characters tone of voice and overall personality very well. There were a few characters with whom their voices sounded awkward, but for the most part it was not anything particularly horrific to make note of - the Japanese version far surpassed the English. Whilst still doing an excellent job, the English version gave Abel an awkward sounding voice most of the time that I found a bit odd, personally, but it wasn't as grating as one might expect. Overall the English version, whilst not on par with the Japanese, certainly pulled off the characters well enough. It did not always match the tone of the scene, however, which bothered me slightly but it did managed it well-enough without being distracting.

Rating: 7


The show in itself as an Anime is very well-executed. It is enjoyable, certainly captures attention if you can ignore the multiple changes in personality and such and it is worth watching. By far, the Manga is much more better in this aspect, as it provides much more to be enjoyed (and distraught about, in some cases) and it provides much more to be wanted and less to be guessed at. It keeps the audience more at the edge of their seat than the Anime had managed and may just appeal to more people with its various moments of extra added in humor that whilst the Anime does pull off its moments, cannot say to do the humorous aspects quite as well as the Manga had.

The concept of the whole series in the Anime is well-put, the battles between Good vs. Evil and the very core of people needing to get along despite their differences. It very clearly displays concepts in and of itself and manages to get the gist of the Manga and Novel in without sacrificing too much. The Manga, by far, does a much better job of pulling it off and also adds in the many struggles between characters, the necessity to do whatever possible to bring about peace and all the other concepts that the Anime barely covered. Overall, between the two, they were good, I believe.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.33 (above average)

Reviewed by Corvyie, Dec 21, 2010


  1. rukasu44 Dec 23, 2010

    I haven't watched this anime yet, but I think I'm gonna watch ;D

    merged: 12-23-2010 ~ 03:17am
    About story, is this anime like this? I think its story was a bit more nice '-'
    Well, I haven't watched yet, so thanks

  2. SchRita Dec 23, 2010

    I agree, I may watch it as well.

  3. nikita08 Dec 24, 2010

    o love that anime everything is amazing and rare
    and the story too

  4. lenalee87 Dec 25, 2010

    i just watch the anime.....and i love this series so much~~
    the artwork really awesome!
    i love the music too.... especially the op song ^o^

  5. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    The anime looks, good enough.

    merged: 01-14-2011 ~ 09:44pm
    Thanks for the unique review!

  6. CoDLia Feb 22, 2011

    I love the ed song, Broken Wings and the piano version as well...

  7. lupinchan Apr 27, 2011

    the end theme had such beautiful visuals!

  8. Baraka-Senpai Jul 05, 2011

    thanks for this! ;*

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