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Bamboo Blade Bamboo Blade Screenshot Can't possbily deny that Tama-chan is very kawaii and kicks ass. Bamboo Blade Screenshot Meet the kendo club of Muroe High. Bamboo Blade Screenshot One of the most clownish kendo teacher ever, Kojirou. Bamboo Blade Screenshot Fafeful encounter.

Bamboo Blade tv Review

Story & Characters

Ishida Toraji (often called Kojirou by his friends) is a clumsy, hot-headed high school kendo instructor and a teacher of politics and economics who has bad luck with money and is always hungry. Having failed in an attempt to stop a convenience store robbery, Kojirou's life began to decline since until one day, he gets an opportunity of a lifetime. His old mentor and fellow kendo instructor offers him a year's supply of free sushi if his female kendo team can beat his senpai's team in a tournament practice. The only problem: his kendo club currently only has one girl member. Thus, to fulfill his own selfish goals, he sets out on a recruitment drive. First - and most critical - is the shy and quiet kendo prodigy Kawazoe Tamaki. With Tamaki in their team, three other girls (and two guys) eventually join the club. Seeing how his kendo club has progressed, Kojirou decides that they should aim higher, even to win the national championship.

For a series this class, it is crucial to make the characters appealing. First, start with the three main male characters. For a kendo instructor, Kojirou's personalities resemble a bit of a clownish, selfish loser who doesn't use strict methods but still able to discipline others occasionally. Eiga "Dan" Danjuurou, I don't know what to say about him, a guy who is seemingly perfect at everything contrasts his childish appearance, "whatever" he is, he can still support comic relief. The only major supporting character who fails to make an impression is Yuuji, a colorless "nice guy" who as often as not seems like an afterthought.

But the real charm of the series comes from the girl themselves. Probably, Tamaki is the most appealing of them all, a girl who rarely interacts also a tokusatsu otaku, encouraged by the genre, she became the "ally of justice;" it's a great treat to see how she eventually comes out of her shell, the way she blushes when complimented or appreciated also makes her irresistibly adorable (but don't take her lightly because she's not the typical damsel in distress). Kirino is the cheerful and energetic one, acts as the team leader, she stills embodies a convincingly cuteness. Two-faced Miyazaki "Miya-Miya" Miyako seems to be one of the biggest delight, her "nice and cute girl" personality covers her violent temper is just plain funny, seeing how she breaks down time to time really don't disappoint. Sayako is unstable the craziest member of the team, while Satori, having been shown earlier, it was not nearly the end of the first half, she is introduced, looks like a klutz and comes across many difficult circumstances due to her bad grades, she can offer a more serious-mind. Even if Bamboo Blade has a somewhat silly start, these five girls a enough to save everything.

The rest of the cast was decent, every supporting character has a nice entrance: sadistic Andou Yuuri with her wryneck and spooky smile, the stalker Remi is just plain creepy, etc. Overall, everyone can make you laugh.

Of course, don't forget the comedy. It seems like everything about this anime is quite hilarious, not only the characters but even the previews for the next episode or the half-time shows. Some of them may be silly, but they CAN make you laugh unlike those shallow, dumb series whose humor is built on ridiculous overreactions. These factors help to keep the viewers from getting bored and make the subject matter very approachable.

Rating: 8


First off, I like the art, very cartoony, yet realistic in a sense that it helps to really bring out each character's quirks and personality. The designs for the characters are unique despite its schools and slice of life theme. Some of the backgrounds during the kendo battles were especially colorful. And speaking of colors, I love how they tried to vary the school uniforms; it's a great way to show time actually progressing, as opposed to a lot of anime that stay around the same time frame. The artistry is much more meticulous about detailing the clothing and gear used in kendo, especially the shinai and the way gears are worn.

Like I said, the real charms are the girls, they may look like moe characters, although they are hardly needs to be protected. Even the chibi versions are good as well, there are times that the faces are a little misshapen and look kind of weird, like eyes being different sizes from each other, that's a good thing though. Everything just felt real clean from the outlines, to colors, to still frames. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Rating: 9


Move on to the music, ah well, doesn't have a problem. It matches the mood of the series.

The opening "BAMBOO BEAT" and ending "STAR RISE" are highly standard, both sung by choruses of seiyuus, who voiced the heroines and are great J-Pop singers. Not to mention, its appropriate music and perfect timing played during the funny moments can keep the anime going.

Casting does an acceptably good job of choosing the right performers for the right roles, with particular emphasis on Hirohashi Ryou. Hah! I have been a fan of Hirohashi-san since Kaleido Star, and her performance as the shy, timid Tamaki is admirable; even some of her soft-spoken tone resemble Alice from the Aria franchise. The rest of the cast wasn't too bad, Kuwashima Houko gives perhaps the second best performance as the two-faced Miyako, Konishi Katsuyuki as the selfish teacher should also quickly grow on you in a nice complement. Even if the voices are a bit off sometimes, the characters' battle cries don't give any complains. Seriously, after hearing Tama-chan's attack shouts, I would like to hold a shinai and bash someone in the face.

Rating: 8


Like the name suggests, the series can essentially be thought of as a sports anime, but it's not entirely about kendo, just about five high schoolgirls who have fun with the sport while facing various slice of life ordeals. Kendo does play a large role here with the plot never leaves the kendo field. Overall, Bamboo Blade is not only about hilariousness, but it's also about team membership, friendship and sportsmanship. It shows the significance of kendo, which could be forgotten, this may, in fact, be one of the series' greatest strengths: for some, kendo is a means to exercise violence in an acceptable manner, while for others the attraction is the fulfillment of mastering a precision discipline or appreciating true talent in action.

Despite its shaky start, Bamboo Blade was a success. It may have some weak points where it gets too silly, but those can be overcame quickly due to its highly likable cast. The ending is a bit off though, hopefully, a sequel will be made in the future. Bamboo Blade is a funny anime to watch, one that people can watch over and over without getting bored.
Story: 8
Characters: 9
Art: 9
Animation: 8
Voice: 8
Music: 8
Overall: 8.75

+Likable and endearingly girls.
+Mildy fun, maybe too much funs.
+Appropriate kendo battles, show the signficance of the sport.
+Sometimes the funs descend to extreme silliness.

Rating: 9

Final Verdict

8.50 (very good)

Reviewed by Weskalia, Dec 08, 2010


  1. rukasu44 Dec 23, 2010

    I totally agree with you xD

  2. SchRita Dec 23, 2010

    I haven't heard of it, is it really this good? BTW I like the idea of the kendo instructor.

  3. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    The anime looks, good enough.

    merged: 01-14-2011 ~ 09:45pm
    Thanks for the unique review!

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