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Kimi Kiss tv Review

Story & Characters

“The course of true love never did run smoothly.” -William Shakespeare

Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge is the coming of age story dealing with a handful of high school students at Kibina High School. The story begins when the male lead of the story, Sanada Kouichi, gets a knock on the door from his childhood friend, Mizusawa Mao, who moved away to France 2 years prior. Shortly after, another knock on the door reveals a third childhood friend, Aihara Kazuki, who turns the unexpected arrival into a welcome reunion. After then group is settled, they sit down and discuss what brings her back to the homeland. She tells them that She’s returned to Japan in order to attend a Japanese high school and Kouichi’s mother allowed her to stay at their residence, even booting poor Kouichi out of his room.

After a short time passes, the three start their first day at the school, Kouichi and Kazuki as second years and Mao as a third year. As the day continues, the characters begin to make acquaintances with their classmates, some friendly, some strange, and some quiet. But as time passes on, the three go on a charming adventure of adolescent love and realization of what it means to have ones heart broken.

The story starts off slow, it takes a few episodes of character development to get the show going but after you muscle your way through the light humor and awkward situations, you get your bearings. From that point on the relationships between all the characters take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. As the story came closer and closer to it’s climax, I felt very close to the characters as if I knew them. Plot twist after plot twist, the true nature of the story became overwhelming at times, and while I wasn’t fighting back emotions, I couldn’t help but clap at some scenes and exclaim expletives at others.

The ending was just and fair to reality. Some people get the happy endings while others are left to keep chasing after theirs. It doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth but it makes to a little disappointed that you don’t to get to see how some of the characters develop in the distant future.

All in all, it was a very charming and heartwarming show for having a very cliché story line set up. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, obviously it was targeted at a younger female audience, but any true fans of love stories would enjoy this to the last drop. Otherwise it would be ill advised for you to give it a shot.

Rating: 7


The art in the show is simplistic but it works. Backgrounds were done in some cases with little to no regard to art value. But when it came down to the important parts, they were tastefully done, a lot of the time capturing the emotions running high in the atmosphere.

Character design was flawless, every character had their own style of clothing that I felt captured their personality. They also gave off the heavy shojo manga look as far as how their eyes and hair were animated. It was very easy to see that the show was more about the players on stage and not the scenery unless it actually played into the story at that time.

Emotions with the characters came very naturally and were beautifully illustrated. Throughout the shows course, I found that when a character was beginning to well up, I too felt a churning in my heart to get worked up. They seemed so lifelike and were almost jumping off my screen .

Rating: 7


The Opening song was cute and captured the “girly” nature of the program. It was very evident that I was about to partake in a romantic comedy of sorts. The first ending song didn’t really do it for me though. Once or twice it hit me as an emotional chord to end the show on but that was it. The second ending song was more appropriate and left me wanting. I couldn’t stop watching each time an episode would end afterwards, it kept me deeply attached.

As for background music, very good and well composed for the show. Again, it easily complimented what was happening for the characters at any given time. Happy and bubbly when it was something funny and deep and thoughtful when someone was about to profess their love or get their heart broken. A well organized soundtrack can make or break a show, and this one got it right!

Rating: 6


Kimi Kiss isn’t one you would just jump for joy to see. You have to be the type or very much into the genre to watch and enjoy. There is no way you could just ask someone who doesn’t care for that type of show to just sit and enjoy. That being said, if you can find this sort of thing amazing in it’s own right, then you’re going to enjoy this. Not only that, it’s going to suck you right in if you’re not careful.

It was a little difficult to begin with the characters establishing where they stand in the anime but once you get past that, it’s one heck of a ride, and a good one at that. Just like waiting in line at an amusement park and then getting that rush you wanted, it will keep you invested until you can fight the urge to turn off the TV.

The characters will blow you away as well, it makes you think a lot about what it was like when you first fell in love and lost (if you’re older like me) or what is just around the corner for those who are yet to experience their first encounter with romance. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel for the characters, and you’ll learn something you never looked at before, I know I never once asked why people love? I still don’t know an answer but I know it’s a cause I’ll live for. And with that, I give this show two thumbs up.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

7.17 (above average)

Reviewed by Damanex, Oct 18, 2010


  1. MaoMao Oct 19, 2010

    Kimikiss is the best anime for shoujo anime. This don't is one easy story.....
    Mao is my best girl of this anime.
    For me your's rating don't is correct.
    The total of my vate for Animeclick with my review is 9.

    merged: 10-19-2010 ~ 07:03pm
    Sorry for double post, but don't edit, opera show me error.

    .....kimi kiss 7 and Romeo x Juliet 9? LOL

    Kimikiss 9 and Romeo x Juliet 6.

  2. rukasu44 Oct 19, 2010

    It seems to be pretty nice, I'll watch it.

  3. SchRita Nov 09, 2010

    I like it as well, I may try it.

  4. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    Good summarization!

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