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07-Ghost tv,manga Review

Barsburg Empire's Military Academy has always been known for training the elite with potential to become superb soldiers who won't bring shame to the name of the empire. The students of the special program freely utilize an ability called "zaiphon" to fight... Everyone's capabilities are different, and in many cases, reflect their nature.

However, not everything is what it seems, and nothing will be the same for Teito Klein after passing the last exam...

By: kahoko

Story & Playability

The story is brilliant, taking place in a very surreal alternate universe inspired by both imperialism and religion. What's more is that though such a theme is a very common trend now, 07-GHOST isn't the typical Demons vs. Angels or Good vs. Bad plot. It's a story of deep friendship and grudges, vengeance and atonement and faith amidst wars of both military might and politics by humans between archangels, among gods and against Death, itself.

Correction. The wars are not even explicitly shown. Not really. The story's actual setting is around ten years later. At best, it is mentioned, but really, what is most captivating is that it shows the effects after the war, particularly to that of a boy who became a war slave turned soldier of the same military that ruined his homeland.

It's a pilgrimage -- basically centering on the growth of its lead character: Teito Klein, with good things among the bad and ill omens in happy memories. In my opinion, this series is not only very original with its take on biblical mythology, but it has a way of capturing humanity in inhuman beings -- what with the very embodiment of Death having very warm moments, divine protection through the Eyes of Michael and Raphael and the angels' loyalty to their masters, and so on and so forth. And while it is deep and heart-wrenching, it is also a story filled with humor and light-heartedness which both shape the characters' development.

Rating: 10


There are times that the art may seem rather off, like out of placed expressions and strange proportions, but I have to say that this series is beautifully drawn. I admit taking a bit of favoritism towards the anime in this category, because the battle scenes are awesome and exciting, and the architectural aspect of the setting is just breathtaking. It toes the line of being overdone, but the aesthetics of the art pales in comparison to how it captures the emotion and events of the story, be it terrifying, humorous or tragic.

The manga is also very beautiful, and as an ongoing series, the artists' styles of drawing are improving and improving. They are beautifully simple -- or simply beautiful. Whichever is fine and more than well-suiting, because the loads of fanservice aside, there's just something endearing about the way the story's events were drawn.

Rating: 9


I really want to give this category a score higher than 10.

07-GHOST's soundtrack is a 3 disc collection with more or less 75 tracks, and all of them are wonderful to listen to. It has this orchestral touch almost similar to the soundtrack of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but there's something simpler about it. The melodies match both the art and the events, especially the emotions and words left behind by the story. During the tragic moments in the series, while the art alone is painful, the added soundtrack just makes it heart-wrenching. Humorous events are made funnier, and there's something ominous about the tracks when those dark creatures appear.

tl;dr The soundtrack is utterly beautiful and very fitting for this show.

Rating: 10


In the anime, the presentation was adequate -- fitting for the story and it was very enjoyable. It keeps intact the characters' personalities and the feel of the events, eventually being a very good blend of sound, art and story. My only problem with this anime is how they prolonged the inevitable, and there were many changes in certain scenes. Filler episodes were a bane for the first few, but in their own aspect, they are still fun to watch.

Manga-wise, the portrayal of the characters and the settings are also very good, and the flow of the story is both amusing and concise. However, it is also a bit speed-tracked, being quick to explain things, or having too many elements in a single chapter. It becomes confusing, and it may require a second time of reading, but as it is still very much enjoyable and intriguing, reading the same chapters repeatedly never get tiresome.

Rating: 8

Final Verdict

9.17 (very good)

Reviewed by assiah, Jun 19, 2010


  1. Kyouu Jun 20, 2010

    ME encuentro viendo esta serie
    y me encanta

  2. catanime01 Jun 21, 2010

    interesante :3

  3. rukasu04 Mute Member Aug 12, 2010

    Nice review :P

  4. Damanex Aug 15, 2010

    Well played, this is something I will look into, thank you for the well writen review!

  5. shaxinhere Aug 19, 2010

    tv series seems not to be ended

  6. SchRita Aug 27, 2010

    It is interesting, I like this kind of graphics and such.

  7. patriz0 Oct 05, 2010

    bishounen eh..

  8. Warpten29 Jan 11, 2011

    This great, thanks for the anime's review it inspires me!

  9. CoDLia Jul 07, 2011

    I love this series! Hope that there will be second season..

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